Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 04


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Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 04

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56 thoughts on “Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 04”

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       ( ´・ω・) ∫ Thanks!
       //\ ̄ ̄旦\  Nepu!!
      // ※\___\
      \\  ※  ※ ※ ヽ
      Thanks for the donation!!!

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  1. Thanks for chapter.
    Good for Tiara because she confessed by good Prince.
    As expected heroine is Reincarnated, she was trash even Tiara did not do anything bad she was badmouthed by heroine.
    She not heroine but geroine(gero is puke in japaness), she even plan to keep Tiara from another Prince and her happiness.

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      1. A harem route with only princes. I guess, the male MC is the main capture target of the second part of the game, and she has the option of capturing him while she is the queen and actually to control 2 kingdoms “Hohoho~”? Poor fiances and wifes. T^T

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  2. Seriously? I think a 5 year old is playing Akari…

    Thank you for the chapter! Just… I was seriously bothered by the name of the other prince wwww but I agree with the comment above, Aquasteed Marineforest seems about right. (Oh my goodness author-sama ^^;)


  3. You wouldn’t let an idiot such as Hartnights be king of a country, right?!? He’s plunge the country right into destruction!
    And can I hope for death penalty for Akari? Pretty please~?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Death penalty seems pretty harsh. She’s a conceited Japanese girl who thinks the game world is meant for her. Is she a selfish slug? Yeah but that’s not the worst thing she could be. At least she’s not a spy actively trying to ruin a country like in Duke’s Daughter.

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      1. Actively or non-actively, she would ruin the country as its queen. And she wanted Tiararose’s exile. I’m sure if other people died because of her ways she wouldn’t bat an eye and still think she did nothing wrong.


  4. My feelings for Akari: Jail that bitch! (Chants)Jail her! Jail her! Jail her!

    My feelings for the prince: You you’re an idiot. Why is this idiot, who got fooled by lies without evidence, the heir to this country? Can’t we, you know, strip him of royalty before his idiocy gets the country in trouble?

    My feelings for Aquasteed: *states heating rock cover of “Here he comes to save the day!”

    My feelings for Tiara: I am not writing that weird name. But Mostly you go girl. Don’t let a pair of idiots ruin your life and step all over your friends. And Also Squee! Your embarrassed face is so cute!

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  5. Hahahaha
    1º prince, you just became the laughing stock~
    Such dark history you have now~
    It probably will make people think again if it would really be alright for you to be the next king after such a gaffe.
    Good for the following princes and quite the bright example of what not to do even if you fall in love, and that love is blind.

    Well, with this, even if that idiotic prince still wants to marry that Akari (which I doubt, since she just literally threw herself at another man -more powerful than him-, which demonstrate that she is just a gold digger) I doubt that the king will let they be together, rather, by the looks of it he is probably going to kill or strip her noble rights (maybe even her family’s)…… and to marry off that idiotic prince will be difficult…… without saying about the harem members, which only makes Akari more of a seductress witch and how stupid the prince was….

    But nice going foreign prince! ;D

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    1. The King is still young (can make more heirs) and not a fool. Even to make his son happy he will not allow her to be Queen. At most a concubine. Queen? Never. Also he (King) can have more children that guy can be replaced.

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  6. Cool! *thumbs up* Akua-sama (can’t remember his name)

    It would be the downfall of the kingdom if Akari does become the queen…

    Thank you for the chapter (@.@)/ hop! hop!


  7. if a noble can be exiled for talking down to a commoner…..why didnt the commoner get executed for disrespecting a prince from a powerful country…sighs looks like she’ll be reappearing too


    (_( ・ω<)_() ≡≡≡❤ ◎
     / つノ
    ..し―J This might be good story but the naming sucks ○| ̄|_
    I guess its good for japanese people


  9. I hope both their families disown them. They can be happy together for sure, in some dump.

    Our MC and Prince can live together happily ever after! lol sif, what kind of musical chairs I mean fiances is this kind of story?


  10. I love all the stories here~ i keep going back to check everything out. Thank you so much for the wonderful story. And has the heroine changed into an idiot or a villain? What kind of heroine is that … and stupid prince the kingdom will be ruined with him as the king.


  11. Ok let me do something controversial and let me stand up for the idiot, the Prince fell in love with a girl that understood him better then anyone else due to her knowledge of the game and used that to manipulate him in to doing her biding leading him to blindly believe in her to the point of not thinking straight, I think that he has the ability to grow from that he just need some time to process what has happened so that he can learn from it but that only would happen if the author actually bothers to add deep to his character witch is dought full.


    1. As someone who is to be king he really should have thought of the political ramifications of holding what is essentially a public trail of your fiance and daughter of a powerful ally. It makes him look weak/foolish to not only his subjects but to foreigners who no doubt are looking for weaknesses in the kingdom to take advantage of. While one can generally forgive a young man for being pussy whipped by his first love(growing pains and all that) a king-to-be must be held to a higher standard. 🙂
      P.S. Janice from accounting don’t give a f#ck. 🙂


      1. There have unfortunately been too many good kings that just couldn’t disinherit their loser sons.


  12. Aquasteed Marineforest? Lapiz Lazuli Kingdom… Tiararose… Such wordy names -__-;;;
    Thanks for this story! It’s great!


  13. If the king doesn’t have anymore sons then he needs to get busy. Hartnight just isn’t king material and don’t even get me started on Akari.


  14. I think that the heroine might be also the same, meaning she also has the memories about the game, just the way she was acting… she probably think that the world she was in is a game and not really a reality lolol


  15. I thought Tiararose was too much, but now Akuasutido? That’s just ugly! What is the author thinking? I’d expect that from a parody…


  16. Lol, this kind of character that steal other fiancee and show rude behavior to the nobels and royalty… how the heck are they even become the heroine of otome game?
    The developers who even come out with the idea of stealing fiancee for otome game are actually idiots. It is like saying that “~in love cheating is ok~desuyo~”


  17. I don’t see the pages the only thing that I can see are the comments😫😫
    Can someone tell me what to do?


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