Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Volume 3 Chapter 1 Part 1

Translator: LP
Editor: Oracle

Chapter One: Let’s Just Skip The Prologue

“Um, Rikka-san, though saying this now is a bit late, that is rather heavy so let me carry it.”

“It’s alright, also don’t call me Rikka-san call me Rikka!”

Takanashi Rikka-san’s – I mean, Rikka’s – happy smile turned into a pout. As usual, her face changes when I call her that.

September 1rst.

The last remnants of summer vacation ended yesterday——and today was the opening ceremony of a new semester.

Because Rikka said she wanted to walk to school together today we went together.

This was also the first time since the confession, that we walked to school together without the premise of being late. By the way, to do this I have to cross by the school once, because no matter what in order get from my house to Rikka’s house I have to go by the school.

When I think about it, to head to school first then purposely go and pick her seems rather stupid, but after some consideration since it was our first time I ended up agreeing.

But then again, I have been looking forward to walking to school together for a long time!

After finishing my internal struggles, I then decided to ask Rikka.

“By the way, what is that?”

Rikka’s pouting face then instantly reverted back to the previous happy expression.

“It’s a present!”

She replied back happily while looking at the item she was holding.

The item Rikka was currently carefully holding was a large rabbit doll.

It seems to be a familiar looking blue rabbit. However, the doll seems like it was handmade by Rikka.

“Yuuta is the first to see it, what do you think?”

“Rikka made it right? Yep, very cute.”


“Hmm? Cute, what’s wrong?”

“………This is the first time Yuuta called me cute.”


That was truly an unexpected response!

But then again up till now I did always praise her with words like “The strongest” or “So cool”.

Though actually I did also call her cute when we went on a date for the first time, but at time I wasn’t able to say it clearly……..

Wait a minute, I was obviously talking about the doll!?

But to be able to praise the doll like that yet still be unable to praise Rikka, am I that useless!?

“Eh, ah——………that, wait. Just wait a minute, indeed the doll is really cute… the doll is really cute……..but Rikka is even cuter!

Going all out so early in the morning.

“Ah!? Y-Yuuta, what’s with you all of a sudden?”

“N-Nothing! I just felt that if I didn’t praise Rikka but still said things like the doll is cute it would be rather strange right!?”

“Owu……..! N-No it’s fine! This doll is fused with my soul so it’s essentially talking about me!”

“I-I see! So it was Rikka to begin with! That’s amazing!”

“Owu…….Tyrant’s Eye · Sealed——activation completed!”

As she said that it seems like she was unable to endure any longer,  Rikka then hid her red face behind the huge doll effectively ending the conversation.

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16 thoughts on “Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Volume 3 Chapter 1 Part 1”

      1. Oooh.
        Lol to be honest, when i saw the first chapter, “Let’s skip the prologue”
        I thought you, Kitakami Ooi group, took it upon yourselves to skip the prologue which was the entire first 2 volumes.


  1. Firstly is this done or is there more chapters, and secondly if it is done is there a pdf cos for some reason the text comes up in html on tablet


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