Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Chapter 1 Part 2

Translator: LP
Editor: Oracle

Chapter One: Let’s Just Skip The Prologue (2)

If I had continued on like this I don’t know what I would have said, I’m saved! Thank you!

I need to change the subject.

“Hey, by the way who is that present for?”

“Mm, Kazari.”

“Ah, Kazari-chan, is it her birthday?”

“No, this is the winning prize for the competition——the winning prize for the Monster Rancher Competition.”

“Why bother adding that to the explanation……”

So that’s why that rabbit looked so familiar…….

Anyhow, Rikka and Kazari-chan really does like video games. They seem to particularly like the classics and they’re quite good at them too.

It’s not Monster Hunter but Monster Rancher. Or rather Monster Rancher Competition though it wouldn’t really be considered a competition.

How sad……..

“If I had won then I would be in control of Kazari’s life…….what a shame.”

“Why is Kazari-chan betting her life!?”

“It’s alright!It’s an equal exchange!”

“That line may sound really cool but aren’t you taking Kazari-chan’s life too lightly!?

“Kazari was the one who proposed it…….she probably was confident that she could beat me.”

“No, no, although it’s actually like that…….”

“Speaking of which this turned out so well, I would be really happy if Kazari also likes it.”

Rikka exclaimed with a joyous look as she looked over the doll again.

Maintaining this type of atmosphere, Rikka and I continued on our way to school while talking happily until finally we arrived at school.

Then suddenly a voice called out from behind.

No, accurately speaking a shout came from behind.

“Wait a minute!”

The sudden outburst startled me and Rikka and at the same time when we turned towards the sound of the voice.

A girl with a very cheerful smile stood there in an upright pose. Then she shouted out with an even louder voice than before.

“Hehehe, I finally caught you!”


This, who is she…….?

I think I’ve seen her somewhere before but I might be wrong.

The reason I thought that was because she is wearing our school uniform.

But the color of the uniform’s bow tie is different so she’s probably an upperclassmen.

Well……aside from the color of the uniform’s bow tie there are also many other different places…….just the color alone.

“…… Hm……?”

Because of various sorts of reasons I ended up freezing.

One reason was it just happened too suddenly, the other was because of all the strange areas all over her body and being told to “Wait a minute!” by a total stranger also left me rather speechless.

But Rikka’s reaction was completely different.

“You have come…….!”

“Hehe, I came! Takanashi Rikka-chan!”


Rikka is usually shy of strangers so she won’t respond to anyone she hasn’t met before but judging from Rikka’s response to the weird stranger was it perhaps someone she knew?

It seems that after Rikka began playing with Kazari her relations have expanded.

“Oh!?…….Why have you come to impede upon us?…….By the way, Yuuta, the word「impede」is very cool!”

“Don’t suddenly start talking to me.”

Looking over here with such sparkling eyes left me powerless to retort.

But……the word is indeed very cool!

“Hahaha, as expected it seems I was not mistaken. Yep, not bad there is a very strong power within the ladies’ body.”

“What!? Why do you about my powers!?”

“I can instantly tell if a person has special powers.”

“Oh, how incredible!”

“That’s right, it’s very incredible”

The girl nodded her head in satisfaction while she said that.

As for Rikka because the other party had said “special powers” so of course she was also satisfied.

Hm, it feels like I am the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on.

Even so I wasn’t able to join in on their conversation so I could only watch in silence as they continued back and forth.

“How’s that? Do you want to become one of my minions?”

“Never! I have already formed a contract with Yuuta!”

“Curses…….rejected! And so fast!”

“Of course, the Tyrant’s eye is the strongest!”

“Is that right, so it would seem. …… have left me no choice. There is only one method left………”

……..For some reason I feel like those lines have appeared before in fighting manga.

It’s probably just me.

Standing here by myself is a bit boring, just as I was beginning to think that the girl suddenly looked over here with sharp eyes and asked.

“The ordinary-kun over there is your boyfriend right?”

Her stare was incredibly intense——as if containing an “ora ora ora” kind of pressure that made me unconsciously step back in surprise.

However, the question of whether you are or aren’t someone’s boyfriend must be answered no matter the circumstances.

“Yes, I am her boyfriend.”

I said it with utmost clarity.

The girl’s expression turned serious after hearing my words——

“Please hand over your lover to me!”

She said so while kneeling on the ground.

“…………………… Huh?”

No, that, this……..

The situation was gradually heading towards a rather tragic direction.
It seems I have encountered the greatest crisis of my life.
After I entered high school I have faced countless amounts of life threatening situations but this may be perhaps the greatest one thus far.

I completely forgot that we were holding this conversation right outside the school gates. When I came to I found out that I was already locked on by the cold stares of the surrounding people.
Not only that but more and more people had began to gather.

It seems the situation was gradually deteriorating with each passing moment.

If I were to briefly describe the current situation, it would be that a girl had suddenly bowed down in front of me, furthermore right in front of my girlfriend——and under these simple circumstances my mind went blank.

Such a clear situation yet I don’t understand the meaning.

However, going from the perspectives of the surrounding people it should be——a scumbag made a girl bow down to him in front of the school gates and that so-called scumbag is me.

I completely didn’t understand how it ended up like this, but I do know if this continues my school life will be over.
No matter what I have to destroy this current status quo!
I made up my mind, I then called out to the girl bowing down in front of me.

“T-That…….anyhow can you lift your head up first……..? If you can please also stop kneeling…….”

I was finally able to speak up, but it seemed the girl completely missed my point and suddenly raised her head saying.

“Until I can borrow your lover, I will never stand up!”

After she declared that loudly she then once again bowed her head deeply.
Even planting her forehead into the ground.

It was like trying to obtain permission for marriage from a stubborn father-in-law and displaying forth proper etiquette, just that…….

“L-Let’s change to a proper location…….I, that, I will definitely listen to what you have to say.”

“There is no need to change, right here is fine! Isn’t talking in a place like a cafe way too normal!?

“No, no, no! Bowing down in such a place will just make other people think you’re really strange!”

Of course that also applies to me.

“That makes me really happy!”

“Why does that make you happy!?”

……This is completely already more than I can bear.

Anyways, even if it’s just for a second I have to leave this place as soon as possible.
Compared to previously I think another layer of strange gazes has been added and the amount of spectators has increased even more.
And Rikka has also completely froze.

……This is getting really out of hand.

“Rikka, let’s escape.”


I gave a wink and mindfully took hold of Rikka’s hand then ran full-speed towards the school.

Using a strength that was not too light or strong I pulled Rikka along with me as we ran together.
Completely disregarding the surrounding voices of “What happened?” “What’s going on?” “Is that person perhaps…….”

Just like that we ran through the school and headed straight into the empty gym before finally stopping.

“……Ha, Ha, whew…so tired……”

Being an indoor type of guy I essentially never ran with all my might before so I was completely out of breath, but Rikka didn’t show any signs of tiredness.

Curses……the indoor type is really weak…….


Just when I had started to calm down and began thinking.

I hear sounds of breathing next to me——the girl gave a “Whew” and then took a deep breath.

She caught up so easily,

we completely didn’t escape!

After the girl regained her breath she then began fixing her messed up hair while staring straight at me.

“Hah, there was no need to purposely run into an area with no people.”

At this point she then deliberately ended the conversation and after a moment she gave a defiant smile.

“It’s completely fine though, well then, once again I beg you——please hand over your lover to me!”

After that.

For the second time today.
Just like the etiquette in tea or flower arranging ceremonies she then bowed down elegantly.

It looks like the tragic series of events is still far from over.

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