Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Volume 4 Exchange Diary: To Yuuta

Honestly, I probably could have got this done a lot earlier if I weren’t so lazy…

The prologue clocks in about 26 pages, so I guess it’ll be a month or two earliest before the next update.

Exchange Diary: To Yuuta


Friday, 3rd June.

Today is exactly half a year since I first started this exchange diary with Yuuta…!

Although half a year is generally considered a long period of time, for me half a year feels like an instant!

But that instant – all sorts of things had happened in this half-year.

I myself have had a lot of experiences this past half-year.

That too was thanks to the help of “everyone”.

Right, I hadn’t informed Yuuta yet, but just the other day I had gone to play with Arc-san. It was the first time that it was just the two of us playing together.

“It seems with the exception of us, DevTru Rikka-chan goes and plays with everyone quite often. Although a neglect play also feels special, surely the two of us will play together, just the two of us, soon!”

Said Arc-san as she threatened me.

The heck was she saying, this person… Despite thinking that, when we played together I had fun.  The horrifying results of needing to adhere to “Let’s do something not normal!” – the rest is a bit confidential.

By the way, it’s completely unrelated, but Yuuta, what’s with you calling Arc-san “Hideri-senpai” all of a sudden?

As for Siesta-senpai, she frequently sorties into Makyous[1].     

Although Siesta-senpai always uses her powers to sleep whenever there is the chance, Makyous cause her to cry out “Godlike~![2]” every single time.

She doesn’t sleep at all… Amazing!

As ever with Sofia – we keep exchanging victories and defeats!

Since losing to her that one time in a “cooking battle”, I’ve challenged her many times over with the cuisine passed down to me by Yuuta, but to this very day I’ve still yet to win a cooking battle… Instruct me again…!

While that was happening, my contract with Dekomori had become stronger – there is no barrier that cannot be crossed!

Still, Yuuta should try to be a bit friendlier with Dekomori. Both of you are fellow comrades in terms of having exchanged contracts with the Devilish Truth Stare. That might be why there is conflict between the two of you though… Since I don’t think that conflict between you two is a good thing, I wish for Yuuta to also obtain a suitable contract with Dekomori.

Speaking of things that happened a little while ago: I was not able to show Yuuta, but Mori-sama and her people had enchanted my nails.  

Although Mori-sama got mad at me and said, “No, don’t call it something like enchanting your nails!”…  It was clearly an enchantment – among other things I had a cross added! Since it was the first time I had have my nails enchanted, I had a great experience! Next time, if I get my nails enchanted again, I’ll make sure to also show Yuuta!

Also, I have an important notice; or rather, an important report.

Finally. Finally – my first win in a game against Kazari!

…But, she got her revenge immediately after…

With the above feelings in mind, it made me think that “everyone” contributed greatly to the variety of experiences that I have had.

But, the person I owe the most for this half-year is Yuuta!

Since it’s so fun being with Yuuta, it feels like time passes before I know it. “Perhaps this is Yuuta’s new ability!?” is something I think quite often. I think quite often of it so often, it would not be an exaggeration to say that I think of it all the time!

If Yuuta truly has awakened such an ability, please report about it to me.

Also, it’s really fun writing this exchange diary!

The things I didn’t get the chance to say in the day, or things I wasn’t able to say, I can write all about it here.

It makes me feel that Yuuta is by my side at all times. Not only can I report various things to Yuuta, but it’s also super fun being able to read Yuuta’s diary entries!

Although Yuuta’s entries are serious, when I read them I often think “Ah, how amazingly Yuuta-like!”. As expected of the Dark Flame Master, the things you think about give off a dark feeling.

What about Yuuta?

I know it’s a bit late, but this exchange diary that had began as a result of my request, it isn’t an annoyance to Yuuta, is it?

To be honest, my heart pounds at the thought of being told the words “Let’s stop”…

Thank you for not saying those words.

Thank you for going out with me.

I’m extremely blessed!

From this half-year mark, I hope that I’m able to continue having all sorts of different experiences. To tell the truth, experiencing anything for the first time is good with Yuuta. From here on out too, I want to experience a lot of different things together with Yuuta!


Yuuta, I’ll forever love you!

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[1] Makyou (魔境) is a term in Zen Buddhism which refers to the hallucations that may arise during intensive meditation which lead the meditator away from enlightenment.

[2] The word 神ってる, loosely translated here as “Godlike”, is a buzzword that was the winner of the 2016 U-Can Shingo Ryukogo Taisho (or U-Can New Words and Buzzwords Awards). This phase gained its fame after the team manager of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, Ogata Koichi, described the performance of one of his players, Suzuki Seiya, with said phase after his game winning performance which involved hitting a walk-off home run for the second straight day.

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  1. Thank you for this. I know it’s not an easy thing, but please, keep up the hard work. Again, really appreciate it; thank you!


  2. Thanks a lot for the translation, i came here to read the novels after finishing the anime and you do a great job. Keep up with the hard work please. Again, thank you.


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