Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Volume 4 Prologue

This prologue is too long!

Prologue: Moved on from Chuunibyou!?

Let me make one last confession.

I, Togashi Yuuta, am moving on from chuunibyou. I am definitely moving on from it. To tell the truth, it was only recently that I realised that I was moving on from chuunibyou so definitively.

Back when I enrolled into high school too, I had thought, “I have already moved on from chuunibyou!” Or more precisely, I believe I had made a confession along those lines.

Getting a fresh start, making my high school debut – I hadn’t planned on doing such things at all, but since I, for some reason, became excessively embarrassed about my behaviour up until then, the me of back then made changes to how I was. Or I guess I should say that I established a new me.

I changed the way I referred to myself from “boku” to “ore” (although when I was in chuuni-mode, I used “ore”) and made my hair colour a little lighter. I discarded thoughts like black is supreme. There were lots of other changes like that, but since they were so numerous I’ll omit listing them all. And so, like that, the “new Togashi Yuuta” organically completed.

With no history, a pastless Togashi Yuuta.

And with that, I had moved on – or so I thought, but it seems that was wrong.

Thinking back on it now.

While on the surface it had appeared that I had moved on, on the inside, I hadn’t been able to move on mentally at all. I had merely made a “new self” and did no more than keep my “past self” at a distance. I was simply trying to forget how I was in the past. Who I was back then – I wasn’t able to accept it.

That – being unable to accept who I was – was undoubtedly “chuunibyou”.

Nonetheless, it was because I hadn’t been able to move on that I was able to meet Rikka, reunite with Shichimiya, and get along with my upperclassmen. As such, I was glad that I hadn’t been able to move on.

As a result, I was able to meet everyone, allowing me to become able to move on from chuunibyou.

Although it’s a little off-topic, these days I’ve gradually realised that “to accept my chuunibyou self” is what moving on from chuunibyou means. My encounter with Amaniji Hideri-senpai played a large part in me realising this.

Thoughout heaven and earth, I alone am worthy of honour[1] – now that I mention it, it could very well be interpreted as something bad when it’s described like that, but even so, when I see Hideri-senpai’s unique human nature, oh wow, it puts my narrow concept of the self into perspective. Hideri-senpai has had an extremely varied past: the accquistion of her unique human nature was due to said past. Although it definitely is strange for me to be comparing the two, but the past I carried could not compare to hers at all.

The past I had was nothing more than “longing, envy, and imitation”.

However, as for Hideri-senpai’s “must be special” past, not only was her past much harsher than mine, but her past was also heavily influenced by the complex environment she had been raised in. As such, it was only natural that I couldn’t compare her resulting “chuunibyou” with mine.

But, that past: Hideri-senpai was not bitter about it.

To be neither be ashamed of it in the past, nor be ashamed of it now: that style of dealing with the past.

To be honest, it astounded me.

Predictably, it wasn’t something on that should be aspiring to do, and yet those things that I was unable to do, Hideri-senpai’s deeds – now that I mention it, while it does once again sound like it’s referring to something bad (why is it that “bad” is the first thing that comes to mind?), calling it her deeds was indeed the best way to describe it.

Well, since it was impossible to say that the way Hideri-senpai deals with her past wasn’t astonishing, there probably wasn’t anyone who viewed Hideri-senpai as a person worthy of admiration. And yet I admired her.

As for why?

When Hideri-senpai talked to me about herself, I had been able to reflect on my own past a little.

The me of back then, it was just adolescence: it was no more than just wanting to be like the people before my eyes. For me to be ashamed of that –impossible. That is what I have come to think.

After having come to think of things in that way, I became able to view my past self with respect.

It was thanks to my past self that my present self existed, after all.

That’s why, it was only recently that the “newly created Togashi Yuuta” felt like the proper Togashi Yuuta.

To accept the chuunuibyou self.

In that sense, it would mean that the person that I admired a long time ago had moved on from chuunibyou, and so I asked her honestly about it.

The result,

“What an idiotic question. An idiotic question among idiotic questions, more idiotic than the question that was asked back when Hero and I continued where we left off after a long time, an extremely idiotic question. To move on does not mean to end – it merely means to proceed. That’s why, a person moving on from something – completely contrary to what Hero is saying, it does not mean things are ending. It means to proceed and to advance to the next phase – let’s try saying it in a more charming manner. That’s why, Hero, it should be thought of as an “evolution”. Yeah, it’s like how I had changed from being the Demon Duchess to being the Magical Demon Duchess☆. In Hero’s case, I guess that you’d be the Hero King next?”

Accompanied by a “nyahaha”, she smiled as she responded to me in that manner.

As usual, the person that I admired was super cool.


I don’t think I could become the Hero King though.

And so, with feelings like this in mind I moved on – although what that person called “evolution” did appeal to me.

Me, I’m really moving on.

That’s why, the thing that I’m currently doing is not related to chuunibyou at all. It’s completely unrelated!

“Now that I’ve been awakened by a wave of murderous intent, no one can stop me! Haa!”

In order for me to unleash that power, although there was no real purpose behind it, I opened up the chest area of my outfit. And then, likewise without having any real purpose for doing so, I laughed “hahaha”. Because I thought that it’d be cool.

As for the enemies in front of me, in response to my sudden act of barbarity they suddenly groaned ,“You…!”

Heh heh heh… No mistaking it, they are feeling overwhelmed by my powers of darkness… Now to attack.

“Sever the skies – eat this!”

Raising “Shizetsuken(First Absolute Sword) – Rein(Sound of Water’s Path)”, I literally slashed at the sky. Needless to say, it was an aimless swing. Naturally, I had taken safety into account as I swung my sword. It was a bit of a strange thing to say, however, that I was taking into account the safety of my enemies.

But, it was effective. Effective to my enemies – to Rikka and Yumeha.

“Urgaaaaaah!” the two of them yelled, as if they would die at any moment.

It was tremendously effective.

Having received some mysterious damage, Rikka and Yumeha panted “Ha, ha” heavily. Then, as if they were in pain, the two of them raised their eyes to look up at my face. Although they weren’t sisters, the two of them were in sync as if they were sisters.

“As expected of Yuuta…”

“As expected of Onii-chan…”

I was praised by the two of them.

Although this was, in various ways, not a praise-worthy situation, as Yumeha had stopped praising me recently, as an older brother this was a happy miscalculation. And there was still Rikka praising me too to consider.

Praise me more!

Since I had nailed looking cool, I was getting swept up by the mood.

“Hmph. Are you going to surrender now?”

“And if I don’t surrender…?”

Was what Rikka replied with to my query.

She answered as if to protect my sister, who was still on her knees due to that mysterious damage. It was also cool that she had nailed inverting what I had just said back to me. I then continued on with my catchphrase.

“Be engulfed in the flames of darkness!”

“…Damn, if this goes on – Yumeha…!”

Plopping her hand on Yumeha’s head, it appeared that somehow or other, Rikka was transferring over her energy. However, just because it appears that way doesn’t mean that was actually the case!

Still, it would be troubling to me if I let her do as she pleased and allowed her to do stuff like share her energy. In a situation like this, Rikka’s stock with Yumeha would go up, wouldn’t it? I do want for Yumeha to be praising me some more, after all.

“Know your place!”

I once again slashed Rikka with “Shizetsuken – Rein” (I didn’t actually cut her. I’m against violence!).


Once again receiving mysterious damage, Rikka collapsed on the spot.

With Rikka in such a state, Yumeha anxiously approached Rikka, seemingly in a panic.

“Ri-Rikka-chan!? O-Onii-chan…! Onii-chan!”

My sister looked at me with eyes full of contempt.

Her eyes of contempt made me take heavy damage in unexpected places. I thought that she would switch sides and praise me with something like, “You were able to do something like that even to Rikka-chan. Onii-chan’s the best after all! I love you!”

Nonetheless, it was bearable… After all, I’ve already experienced my sister gazing at me with eyes full of contempt many times before in the past!

“Are you okay Rikka-chan!?”

So that she could check the fallen Rikka’s current status, Yumeha shook Rikka’s body. She shook Rikka with an excessive amount of force.

Yumeha’s childlike lack of restraint in shaking Rikka made me worried.

Are you actually okay…? Rikka…?

“I-I’m fine…! Steady yourself, Yumeha…! If we lose, the earth – no, the universe will end!”


It was a grandiose story.

I didn’t have any plans to do something like ruling over the universe, however. Rather, I just wanted for my little sister who hadn’t been praising me at all recently to praise me a little. To me, that was more important than ruling the universe.

“B-but…” Yumeha whimpered.

However, Rikka commanded Yumeha with the continuation of her words.

“Now it is time to activate the legendary power.”

“L-legendary power?”

“That’s right. The power that I’ve also entrusted to Yumeha – the golden light.”

“The legendary power – the golden light.”

“If it’s Yumeha and I, if it’s us two, we should be able to activate the legendary power.”

“If it’s Yumeha and Rikka-chan…”

“That’s right. That’s why… The two of us are going to defeat Yuuta.”


Since it appeared that the two of them had forgotten my existence and gone off into their own little world, there hadn’t been a way for me to jump into the conversation at all. Now, however, it appeared that I was finally able to join in.

“Mwahaha… If that’s true, then that legendary power – show it to me.”

I delivered that really cool villian-like line without a hitch.

My past experiences had come into good use.

“Yuuta – it looks like you cannot suppress the rampaging darkness. But, it’ll be fine. We’ll free you,” said Rikka as she grasped Yumeha’s hand.

In return, Yumeha also grasped Rikka’s hand and said, “Onii-chan. Yumeha’s going to save you.”

Is that so – me, be saved? That, is my long-cherished dream.

“Yumeha! Active the legendary power. With our powers combined we’ll attack in unison!”

“Mm! Understand! With the powers of the two of us combined – shine!”

“The Devilish Truth Stare of Miracles’ power!”

And with those lines, the two of them pointed the hands they had grasped together in my direction.

““Dual Birthday Beam!!!””

The hands that the two of them had pointed at me glowed (seriously, that’s what I saw) and fired off a special move that without a doubt was the legendary power (seriously, that’s what I thought).

That attack purified me.

That was clear. I could feel it.

I wonder if this was what being saved from the darkness feels like – surely, many enemy characters had felt this before, this sensation that I didn’t really need to know, this pleasant sensation that I had just experienced for the first time.

And thus, I said my my final line.

Naturally, it was a cool line.

“This isssssss – the power of legenddddddddd… ahhh…”

This time, it was my turn to collapse on the spot.

And speaking of things that went in accordance with what was expected, in accordance with what was expected – things happened as per convention.

Thus, the peace of the earth – no, the peace of universe was protected.

“Yay! It’s Onii-chan’s loss! What a small fry!”

In a first-year elementary school student way, Yumeha, who was cackling as she smiled in joy and delight, had calmly used disparaging words to describe her older brother.

While it did make me feel that I had to pay close attention to Yumeha’s choice of words, as I convinced myself that children these days use all sorts of words and will, at times, use words that are trendy as they grow up, I put up with that mischief of hers.

It seemed that the word “small fry” had also became popular in Yumeha’s surroundings. If that’s the case, then I guess it couldn’t be helped that she’d say those words.

Then again.

As long as Yumeha had fun, it was whatever.

Besides, Rikka had also enjoyed herself.

“That’s right. Today’s Yuuta was a small fry. A small fry character.”

“So a small fry character was planning on ruling the universe, huh…?”

What a detestable enemy character.

I wished that my character could be a little more grand already. Maybe that was why my youngest sister doesn’t praise me. And I don’t seem to recall hearing much from the mouth of my other little sister, Kuzuha, much at all recently either.

I wonder if it was because she was going through puberty that Kuzuha didn’t come to me for anything…

In this world, the little sister that you see in anime that is amazingly sweet to and soft on her older brother doesn’t exist.

“Mm! Yumeha’s a little weary! Yumeha’s going to go drink some juice!”

Out of the blue, Yumeha suddenly sprang up and began talking. And, without giving me the time to say something like, “Ah, could you also get some for Rikka and I –”, she quickly dashed out of my room.

My sister as freewheeling as usual.

At the same time that it had become just the two of us in my room, my eyes met perfectly with Rikka’s.


My voice got strangely jammed.

The mysterious phenomenon, where for some reason it becomes awkward when it suddenly becomes just two people, was here.

In such an atmosphere,

“Yuuta, what I said just a little while ago was a lie. Rest assured, True Yuuta is next in terms of power to the Devilish Truth Stare.”

Rikka suddenly gave me a thumb up and shattered said atmosphere.

Although it was a mysterious follow-up, I’m extremely grateful for that kindness of hers that not only was properly accommodating of Yumeha, but also earnestly considerate of me – in short, it was the “Why I love Rikka!” parts of her.

For her to have also shrewdly positioned herself as the strongest: it truly was the usual Rikka.

“By the way, why doesn’t Yuuta become the Dark Flame Master? If you did, I don’t think that Yumeha will treat you as a small fry, so why…?”

As she said that, Rikka tilted her head cutely.


I became a little troubled – now that she mentions it, when Yumeha asks me to play make-believe with her I do seal away the Dark Flame Master. Well, it was a bit of a half-baked seal, however, since my catchphrase had remained unchanged.

Sometimes I had used the setting that I had been awakened thanks to a wave of murderous intent, other times I used the setting that I had embraced the darkness – anyway, the point is that I must not have used the Dark Flame Master setting yet.


I hadn’t been particularly conscious of it, but I’m guessing this was probably why I didn’t use the Dark Flame Master setting.

“The Dark Flame Master is currently sealed. Besides, the Dark Flame Master is a hero – I think?”

“Ah. I see.”

Rikka appeared to be extremely convinced.

Since it wasn’t something that I myself had been aware of when I chose not to use the Dark Flame Master setting, I had no confidence in my response, but if it convinced Rikka, then I guess it was likely to be correct.

Among the Yuutas, the Dark Flame Master is the “hero me”.

Yep. That is why it cannot be used when I am playing the villain.

Since Rikka had asked me something, I’ll also ask her about something that has been on my mind for a while.

“You know, I also have something that I’m curious about: you’ve recently taken a liking to combination attacks, haven’t you?”


These days, whenever Rikka comes over and plays something like this with Yumeha (to tell the truth, this make-believe scenario is done quite often. Recently, when we play house, it ends up being something like this), it generally ends with a combination attack.

Previously, combination attacks never happened: it either ended with Yumeha killing me with her favourite special move that she picked up from an anime, or Rikka using a new skill of the Devilish Truth Stare to seal me away.

Now, however, it ends with a unique combination attack.

Regardless, I still end up dead…

“The combination skill with Yumeha is proof of our deepened bond. Moreover, cooperation is powerful!”

Rikka replied immediately. An earnest, immediate reply.

I nodded in understanding.

“That certainly is the case, isn’t it? Working together is indeed a surefire method of attaining victory.”

“Does Yuuta want to become one with me too?”

“Er, ah –”

I was, for an instant, completely stumped, and hesitated in my answer.

Hm? The combination skill with me, what it would be, that was what I was pondering – at that moment.

“No! Rikka-chan can only become one with Yumeha!”

Had she been listening in to our conversation partway through? Either way, Yumeha opened my door to my room with an earth-shattering force and forced her way into the conversation.

That’s my freewheeling sister. She was completely different from how she was a few minutes ago – she was seriously fuming mad.

“Now, now,” I said to Yumeha in an attempt to pacify her.

However, as Yumeha refused to calm down, it seemed that there was no choice but to accede to her demand.

“Ahaha, so it was no good after all.”

“Seems that way,” agreed Rikka with a small nod.

I got the feeling that she had only said a little of what she wanted to say, however. I’m guessing that she stayed silent since Yumeha was nearby. As Rikka was also the youngest child in her family, it may have been the case that she understood how Yumeha was feeling.

“You can’t, Onii-chan! Yumeha has the Devilish Truth Stare Another Type! Onii-chan doesn’t have that, right?”

“…Yes, I do not have it.”

“That’s why you can’t! UNDERSTAND?”


My sister told me off.

…Still, to experience Yumeha’s growth as a person! That’s right, to experience my younger sister telling me off is to experience her growth as a person, isn’t it! If that’s the case, then I’m fine with her scolding me more!

“Onii-chan, why do you look so happy? Well whatever! Rikka-chan Rikka-chan! Rikka-chan too has her birthday coming up soon right? Yumeha has something good for your present!”

Ignoring my desire for her to fervently reprimand me (which made me really sad), Yumeha frolicked with Rikka.

She truly acted as she pleased.

Incidentally, since she was holding something in her hand, it appeared that she had, for some reason, gone to the living room just now.

On that note, regarding that thing about Rikka-chan “too”: as a matter of fact, it was Yumeha’s birthday yesterday. She was now 7-years-old. The realisation that she was now an elementary school first grader – regrettably, she did not have that yet. It’s a bit late for me to be commenting on it now, but this was likely why their combination skill was “Dual Birthday Beam”.

Rikka’s birthday was also coming up soon.

Today was the day we celebrated Yumeha’s birthday, and so along with Rikka, the three of us played together – then again, since the three of us playing together was an everyday occurance, I guess you could also say that it was just the usual scene. What was different from usual, however, was that Rikka had appeared to have given some mysterious present to Yumeha before we had started to play.

…Even though that too was also something that occurred quite frequently.

And like that, Yumeha, who could be called the star of today’s birthday party, acted in a way befitting of the star of a birthday party and did as she pleased. It appeared that she frolicked with Rikka by drawing something on her.

Looking at it closely – she drew this rather dubious image on Rikka’s arm. With a permanent marker. A thick one.

Rather, Rikka: are you fine with this!?

It looked like it was something that wouldn’t disappear for quite some time, but… Judging from her lack of resistance to being drawn on, it seemed that she didn’t have a problem with it.

“Proof of contract! This is the contract with Yumeha contract! With this Rikka-chan too, Yumeha’s power, she can use it.”

Apparently, it seemed that she was trying to imitate the proof of contract that had used to be drawn on the back of my hand.

According to Rikka, “By now the coat of arms has already entered Yuuta’s body. If Yuuta wills it, it is possible for it to resurface,” and so I did not have the proof of our contract currently drawn on my hand. Still, it felt somewhat nostalgic.

Knowing that Yumeha was also envious of it made me quite pleased.

As I got caught up by strong emotions like that by myself, all of a sudden Yumeha called out to me.

“Hey, does Onii-chan want to draw a proof of contract too? Onii-chan is also Rikka-chan’s contractee, right?”


No no, that’s a bit, you know…

As expected, it’s a bit awkward to scrawl something on a girl’s arm. Not to mention that it’ll be done with a permanent marker. And a thick one at that.

I peeped at Rikka’s face to see what I should do – “Go for it!” was the sort of face she made.


Since Yumeha also seemed like she wouldn’t take no for an answer… Guess I have no choice.

“I guess…”

With that reasoning in mind, I was given the pen from Yumeha and nervously drew an Ⓤ on Rikka’s arm as a poor excuse as the “proof”. If it was just this, then I guess it was okay. Compared to Yumeha’s very thick enigmatic coat of arms, mine probably was not that big of a deal.

I get the impression that something like that wasn’t what the troubling part about all this was, however.

My only saving grace was that Rikka didn’t seem to mind it at all.

“Ooh. The proof from Yuuta. I’m glad!”

In fact, she looked rather pleased by it.

Thank goodness… right…?

“Eh!? What about Yumeha’s!?”

“Of course, Yumeha’s also made me happy. Thank you, Yumeha. With this, my contract with Yumeha has also become even stronger!”

“Ooh! Yay! Yumeha will, for sure, become even stronger than Rikka-chan!”

“Mm. Yumeha will without a doubt become even stronger than me. That’s why I also have a gift for you.”

Saying that, Rikka received a superfine pen from Yumeha (if you had it on you all along, then I wished that you could have given me that to me as well instead of the thick pen) and drew a superb complex coat of arms on the back of Yumeha’s hand.

As expected of someone of her abilities, I guess you could say. Since she was so skilled at it, she completed the coat of arms in a blink of an eye.

“Wow! Amazing amazing! It’s great isn’t it, Onii-chan!”

“…Hah, you know, my coat of arms has already been taken into my body. Yumeha, it seems that your coat of arms is still visible.”

“Eh!? That’s unfair! Fine! Yumeha will have double the amount of coat of arms! Rikka-chan, draw it here as well!”

“D’accord. Intent is understood.”

Rikka seemed happy to comply with the Yumeha’s wishes. Coat of arms that were even more complex than the one that was drawn just some time ago were steadily getting drawn. I too couldn’t take my eyes off it. Amazing, Rikka.

While we did things like that together, before I knew it it was almost 6 p.m.

Our enjoyable time together passed in a blink of an eye. To tell the truth, I had a “woah, since when!?” sort of feeling.

It was almost time for me to start preparations for dinner.

Since Rikka was such a big help today, it also doubled as thanks,

“It’s about time for me to start prepartions for dinner. Rikka, would you like to eat dinner together with us?”

inviting her to dinner.

We had a deserter today (Kuzuha) so the amount of food that I would have needed to make would be the same as usual. And since, as per usual, our father and mother were late in returning home, I judged that it would be a bit lonesome if it were just me and Yumeha eating.

“Eh? Is that okay?”

Pausing her work for a moment, Rikka thoroughly stared in my direction as she responded in a lively voice.

It was a mystery as towhy she stared at me so thoroughly, but yes, of course it is.

In fact, I warmly welcome you.

Someone needed to eat the portion of the person who decided not to eat my food and instead go out to eat together with her friends (in other words, Kuzuha). Or rather, it would be rather difficult to invite you if Kazuha was here.

For some reason, Kuzuha openly sulks when Rikka is here.

A sister going through puberty was difficult to deal with.

“Yumeha’s stomach is empty too! Rikka-chan, these days, Onii-chan’s become amazing as a result of his ‘training’!”

Heh heh, commented Yumeha as she, for some reason, puffed her chest out in pride – still, as far as I was concerned, those words of hers made me happy. Yumeha, keep boasting please! And, praise your brother some more!

Well, all jokes aside.

It was as Yumeha says.

Even I felt that my cooking ability had improved by a bit.

The result of my training – I used last year’s winter vacation and this year’s spring break to work part-time for the first time of my life.

And, as to where I worked part-time – it was at a shop owned by Rikka’s older sister. It was roughly half a year ago that I became accquinated with her: it was thanks to that connection that she managed to rope me in to working at her shop. And, it was at that time, that I was taught the secrets of cooking.

“I’ll kill you if you make an unsavoury dish.” As Rikka’s sister worked me to the bone using fear, it could be said that it was natural that I had levelled up.

Although there were several times where I had almost been killed by cooking utensils (she was a frightening person who, for some incomprehensible reason, carried around cooking utensils to use for the sake of discipline!), by now it had become a lovely memory. Thank goodness that I was able to return home alive!

…Seriously though, she was a really nice person. I was very indebted to her. Even now we were on good terms: we still get in touch from time to time. Although it could also be said that she was simply monitoring me.

“I see. In that case, I’ll be taking advantage of your kind offer.”

“Alright, then I’ll be making something that you’ve previously stated to be one of your favourites, torilla!”

“Ooh! I’m looking forward to it!”

Rikka looked very happy as she smiled.

Of course, I too was happy.

I was happy to the point where it made me wish that this time of ours together could last forever.

After we had finished dinner and rested for a bit, Yumeha, who appeared to have not had her fill of playing around yet, made a fuss by saying, “No, no! Rikka-chan’s staying!” and threw a tantrum (she says this every time). To appease her, Rikka told Yumeha, “Yumeha, we have a Celestial Connection in this world. Don’t worry, I’ll come again soon,” (Rikka also plays along every time). With Yumeha placated, Rikka and I left my house.

Since the day was coming to an end, I had to see Rikka off properly.

Since this neighbourhood was more or less an urbanised area, there were a lot of street lights, and so it wasn’t that dark. Still, as there were a lot of scary incidents as of late, I absolutely had to walk her home. While Rikka’s apartment wasn’t that far away from my house, in today’s society there was no knowing what dangers could be lurking around at night.

Seriously, be careful, everyone.


Although it would just be for a short while, I really love taking leisurely walks with someone else.

Oh, and I’ve stopped the practice of having two people on the same bike. It’s against the law, so stop riding together, everyone! Challenging the power of the state – given that I’ve moved on from that sort of thing, I don’t do things like that anymore.

“Today too, you had to play with Yumeha. It’s all you’ve been doing when you come over these days: you’re not annoyed by it, are you?”

“Mm. It’s not a problem. I also find it fun playing together with Yumeha. It’s like I’ve gotten a younger sister.”

“I see. To hear you say that makes me quite glad as well.”

“…It’s just…”


“Since Yuuta had been training this whole time… Um… once in a while… maybe it would be good if it could be just the two of us… or something…”


I never would have expected for Rikka to be thinking of something like that. It dumbfounded me.

Well, of course I too agree with the sentiment of “wanting for a lot of ‘just the two of us’ time”, but this seemed to be the first time that I’ve heard Rikka say something to that effect.

Rikka’s unexpected remark made my heart pound a little.

“R-right! I think so too! Um, well – ah, then how about tomorrow, we…?”

“Umm… Tomorrow’s the Black Committee, so it’s a bit…”


The Black Committee, huh.

I was pretty curious as to what it is that this Black Committee does, but I’m guessing it involved playing around with either Dekomori or Shichimiya. It would be unrefined of me to inquire about it.

“Oh, I see; my bad, sorry. It is pretty sudden, isn’t it? But, yeah! We’ll have some time to ourselves where it’s just the two of us soon. I promise.”

“D’accord, or in other words, understood! Hehe.”

Rikka smiled happily as she said all that.

She then continued,

“If you break your promise, you must tell Yumeha that secret.”

and added that.

“Hm, I guess it has to be that secret after all?”

“Eh, wait! There’s something related to me that needed to be kept a secret!?”

“Hm. Well, I’ll wait ten seconds then. You can take that time to reflect. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, ten.”

“Did the number nine vanish or something!?”

“Heh heh, it’s because a number like nine isn’t necessary.”


I’m pretty sure it is necessary!?

No, I mean, seriously, wait, wait.

What secret was she talking about…? Could it be that, that one time where Rikka had stayed over in my room overnight!?

On the day that gets revealed to Yumeha, they’ll be a family meeting or something the day after for sure.

Or could it be that, that time where I accidently ate the maboroshi no ume[2] that Yumeha had been saving!?

No wait… Let’s be calm. It’ll all be fine as long as I keep my promise.

“We-well. Me, I’m a man who doesn’t break his promises.”

“Mm. That certainly is true. That’s why everything will be fine!”

This time, Rikka smiled impishly.

…It seemed that Rikka had been messing with me.

As we carried out such an exchange, before long we arrived in front of Rikka’s apartment. Although it was short, this time that we had spent together was, as expected, quite enjoyable.

It made me keenly feel Rikka’s words, “It would be good if it could just be the two of us.”

This sensation, I’ll need to make sure that I won’t forget it.

“Right. Well, I’ll be seeing you on Monday. I’ll be coming over then to pick you up.”

“D’accord. Err, Yuuta, um…”


“The area over there is a surveillance zone. Come here.”

As she said that, from the front of Rikka’s apartment – I got pulled into the entranceway.

I mean… since it is an area that’s monitored, it certainly is possible to say that it is a surveillance zone, that area in front of Rikka’s apartment. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Demon King was watching.

“Yuuta, please hug me.”

Rikka, with upturned eyes, gazed at me motionlessly as she whispered that.

“Eh, now?”

Since she had brought it up so suddenly, I once again became dumbfounded.

Up till now, nothing that was particularly out of the ordinary had happened. However, whether it was because of the mood, or because of the flow of events, Rikka had ended up begging for a hug. It was quite the unusual sight.


“No, no, of course not.”

“…I mean, Yuuta, you don’t embrace me very much. I – I may be wishing for Yuuta to replenish my magic more.”

“Sorry, sorry. I haven’t been hugging you at all.”

It may have been the case that today’s Rikka was Beg-san.

Of course, I too also had the desire to hug her lots, but I was a bit embarrassed or something. Was it the lack of experience, the timing, or something else?

Still, I was delighted to hear Rikka say something like that.

For Rikka to beg me for something – it was impossible for me to not fulfil her request!

And so, I hugged her.

I placed my hands around Rikka’s small back and held her tightly.

“Mm. Yuuta, it’s fine if you put more strength in it.”

“Uh… No, it feels like you’d break if I did.”

I noticed it when she brought it up.

While I certainly did originally intend on embracing Rikka tightly, I may end up not embracing her tightly after all. Since she was so small.

“…I see, Yuuta’s really affectionate.”

“No, well, um, ha, alright. Hug~.”

I did as I was told and hugged Rikka tighter than I did before.

I hugged for so tightly to the point that I had never hugged anyone so strongly ever before in my life.

“Mmm. It’s warm. Yuuta. As expected. Is big.”

“Ah, sorry. It didn’t hurt, did it?”

“Don’t worry, it was fine. Mm, magic replenishment complete. Thank you, Yuuta.”

“Yeah. Feel free to just say it if you need to replenish your magic.”

As I said that, I gently placed my lips over Rikka’s.

“My magic replenishment is complete as well.”

No matter how much time passes, I could never get used to saying such an embarrassing line, and so my voice quivered and came out high-pitched as I delivered said line.

Even so,

“I’m glad.”

said Rikka,

“My magic is also at its maximum.”

she continued shyly.

If our relationship could continue forever – although I always have that thought on my mind, today I felt that thought of mine particularly strongly. Regretably, however, we had to part, as I needed to return home soon – oh, but before that.

“Well, I need to return home soon. But before I do, here.”

I took out a notebook from my shoulder bag and handed it over to Rikka.


Rikka accepted the notebook with a smile.

This too was something that had continued non-stop for a long time, a custom of ours when it was time for me to leave. After having also sighted Rikka’s smile, I said to Rikka, “See you,” and parted from Rikka from the front of Rikka’s apartment.

I returned home alone.

The trip back home was a bit lonely.

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[1] While this phase (天上天下唯我独尊) could also be loosely translated to something more common in English like “I’m the centre of the universe”, doing so misses out on the fact that the Buddist origin behind the phase: it is said when Buddha was born, he had said those words. Keeping with the grandiose nature of chuunibyou, I’ve decided to keep the phrase as is.

[2] Maboroshi no ume (幻の梅, lit. phantom plum) is one of the best selling umeboshi (commonly translated as Japanese salt plums) sold by the store Okahata Nouen, which had received a gold Monde Selection reward in 2013.


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