Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Volume 4 Exchange Diary: To Rikka

I recently got around to watching Take on Me. I enjoyed it, but I couldn’t help but think that it was what season 2 should have been.

Also, someone please explain to me why Sentai still uses yellow subs.

Exchange Diary: To Rikka


Saturday, 4th June.

I finally got the chance to write, and so I’m writing in a great hurry!

Sorry in advance if my handwriting’s illegible!

It’s already been six months!

It’s gone by fast, hasn’t it? I too feel that these six months had gone by in a blink of an eye. Instaneous – was how it felt.

It goes without saying that after having met you, I have had all sorts of experiences in this half-year for sure.

As for me, they were all good experiences.

Well… some of them have also been a bit bitter as well.

Hideri-senpai’s the same as ever, with her hair coloured like a rainbow, right? Regarding her, I too always think, “The heck was she saying, this person?” Ah, but please keep that a secret.

It’s a secret that’s just between the two of us, okay?

Also, since I’m extremely concerned about it, the details of “something not normal”: please tell me all about it!

As for why I call Hideri-senpai Hideri-senpai… It’s because I was told by Hideri-senpai, “We’re fed up with being called Amaniji-senpai. With special feeling behind it, call us Hideri-senpai.”

She’s so unreasonable only to me, isn’t she? I mean, I can’t just suddenly gush up with special feeling, can I?

Kumin-senpai too is the same as ever, isn’t she?

For some reason, Kumin-senpai had been extremely sorrowful about not being invited to throw the first ceremonial pitch. She kept pestering me with, “Why do you think I wasn’t invited? Why?” leading me to respond with, “It’s obvious why!”

It was obvious why she wasn’t invited!

Regarding the cooking battle, I’m fine with teaching you anything you like. However, in terms of cooking, it’s completely possible that I too cannot win against Shichimiya…

My cooking was largely self-taught, while Shichimiya has her grandmother as her master: she’s skilled!

However, I too have gotten better as a result of having undergone “training” with your older sister. Let’s improve at cooking together at my house again!

No, Dekomori and I, I believe that the two of us already get along with each other well.

Since Dekomori’s the only underclassman that I have, I did intend on looking after her very affectionately, but…

For some reason, Dekomori calls me Rag-kun, and it appeared that she treated me as if I was a person deserving of such a nickname…

But yeah, I guess I’ll do my best to get along with her.

No, it’s my intention to be on good terms with her, but…

Enchanting your nails… That’s the thing called “doing your nails”, right…?

I’m surprised. Or to be more precise, I’m surprised since I would have expected for Kazari-chan to be the one to do your nails.

Then again, I guess something like this was Nibutani and her friends’ forte, wasn’t it?

Please show them to me next time.

But more importantly!

Congrats! You finally won again Kazari-chan!

Kazari-chan’s quite strong, isn’t she? I’ve already abandoned all hope of ever beating her. I’m already unable to keep up with the battle of different dimensions that you and Kazari-chan are engaged in…!

Ah, me, I haven’t awakened to a new ability.

I’m sorry.

But when I do awaken to one, I’ll be sure to tell you.

I too enjoy doing this exchange diary!

It’s definitely not annoying to me at all!

I feel like my diary entries have been nothing but replies though… Still, it’s fun listening to Rikka tell me about all sorts of things.

Also, the things that I think are not dark.

Thank you for coming over today to celebrate Yumeha’s birthday!

Yumeha was very happy that you came over too.

Please come over and play with her again.

I too will love you forever, Rikka!

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