Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Volume 4 Exchange Diary: To Yuuta

I did say it wouldn’t take as long.

The next chapter’s not as long as chapter 6, but it’s also not as short as this diary entry either. Either way, like always, the next update’s out when it’s out.

Oh, and like usual, please correct any tense/spelling errors when you see them by pointing them out in the comments.

Exchange Diary: To Yuuta

Monday, 6th June (today is the devil’s day).

Did you know? The 6th of June is known as the devil’s day.

I probably didn’t need to ask. I’m sure you knew that already, Yuuta. I was just thinking, could it be possible for the disappearance of the Devilish Truth Stare to be related to the devil’s day?

Isn’t the Devilish Truth Stare disappearing on the devil’s day too much of a coincidence!?

Like the devil’s day, perhaps the 6th of June is a day where the Devilish Truth Stare vanishes?

Nah, something like that probably wasn’t the case.

On a completely unrelated topic, Sofia has told me that she was born on the 6th of July at 6:06. Although Sofia herself says, “I’m the demon of July. That is why I am Sofia Ring SP Saturn the 7th. I am burdened by a fateful birthday☆.”, I’m little envious of her birthday.

It was soo cool!

While it is my birthday soon too, I just wish that, like Sofia’s, there could be some significance behind its date or something. Yuuta’s birthday, the 7th of July, is on a date with a lot of meaning behind it too, which makes me jealous!

Ehehe, I accidentally went off on a tangent there.


And I’m really sorry for worrying everyone today.

I didn’t think that I would worry everyone so much.

And, I think I did something especially bad to Dekomori.

When I called her Sanae-chan, I intended for it to be just a small joke: I didn’t think that she would burst into tears like that…

I’m so terribly sorry for today…

However, today also made very happy.

I never knew that everyone could be so worried about me.

To tell the truth, before you, Dekomori, and Sofia arrived, Arc-san and Siesta-senpai came to the clubroom. They were both worried about me. At first, I was a little surprised as nobody else was in the clubroom.

Did you know?

The two of them have finally awakened to their abilities.

Arc-san’s ability, “7th VII(Seventh Seven)”, was an ability that perfectly encapsulates Arc-san herself. It was an amazing special ability.

You need to be careful as well, Yuuta. Arc-san’s ability is a truly scary ability.

I might have still lost to her even with the Devilish Truth Stare…

Also, there seemed to be something like a shadow attached to her words when she spoke with me today. Was that too an ability?

As for Siesta-senpai, I honestly think that her “ability to sleep” was way more amazing than the ability she had awakened.

I envy the fact that she could sleep anywhere, anytime.

However, thanks to it brining me great fortune, Siesta-senpai’s God-Kumin mode does seem worthy of being called godlike. This time, I received some rare goods from her. I’m overjoyed!

Still, Siesta-senpai mentioned that she had received her ability from “that person”. I wonder who that was?

Did you know who it was, Yuuta?

Was “that person” Sofia after all?

Ah, there was that too. Something amazing happened today. Can you promise that you won’t be mad?

Well! Arc-san, she kissed me!

She really isn’t normal!

This probably was not be a thing that I should be telling you Yuuta, but I’ll give you a full report of it anyway. Surprisingly, her lips were softer than yours! Although, I may have thought that it was softer simply because of how unexpected the kiss was…

I had said something like “Was this meant to be shock therapy, Arc-san?” to her after the kiss.

Like how startling someone cures them of their hiccups, was kissing me meant to shock me into having my powers back?

Well, but in the end, my powers didn’t come back…

And you too, Yuuta – thank you for being so worried about me.

I found the Super Dark Flame Master super super cool!

I mentioned this today already, but perhaps the reason why the Devilish Truth Stare lost its power was so it could make way for something like Yuuta’s resurrection as the Super Dark Flame Master.

I had told you this on our way home as well, but I spent all day today thinking about what I should do if the Devilish Truth Stare did not return.

Since the Devilish Truth Stare was something that I had originally inherited – did that mean when the time came, its power would run out and be no more?

Could that time have been today? Was this the reason why the Devilish Truth Stare disappeared?

I’m not sure of the answer yet.

However, I do believe that it will be properly back someday… That’s why, like how everyone did for me today – I too will think about this a lot.

It is about me after all.

I’m sorry for worrying you.

However, I am fine.

I’m full of energy!

Especially since Yuuta has replenished my magic.

Anyway, for the time being, I’ll wait and see what happens tomorrow.



















This was written after I had woken up the next morning.

The Devilish Truth Stare hasn’t returned yet.

However, there’s no need to worry.

I’m full of energy!

I’m fine!

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  1. Muchas gracias por seguir traduciendo, de verdad crei que este proyecto ya no continuaría, espero el proximo capitulo con ansias mi estimado traductor


    1. I’m doing okay. Just haven’t been working on Chuu2 due to being busy with life/playing games instead. Don’t really have an ETA on when the next part will be out.


    1. I’ll be honest: I haven’t been working on Chuu2 much (or really, at all). Back when updates were more regular, I used to do about a page every day or two. Now, however, I generally work on it whenever I feel like it… which isn’t all that often at the moment. It’ll be done when it’s done: I honestly have no idea how long it’ll take.

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      1. Thank you for all that you’ve done so far regardless!! Please enjoy yourself and we’ll be patiently waiting for the next chapter whenever that will be 🙂


      2. Well, if you want to translate it for me, that’ll be the best way 😛

        Joking aside, there’s probably not much you can do in terms of helping me (well, aside from reading what’s already up on the website and making sure it’s grammatically correct/no awkward phrasing). I’ll naturally go back to working on Chuu2 once I have the time.

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      3. Translate it? Sure, why not?

        Thanks for the translations I had been looking for volume 4 for a long time, you really have my support, I hope your next updates will be soon, if there is something to do just tell me and with pleasure I would like to help the project ;D


      4. The support is unconditional among the community, we will wait and if we can we will help you, I look forward to the next update. good luck Jonhons


  2. Muchas Gracias por su esplendido trabajo! Realmente estoy muy agradecido, aunque sinceramente siento que estaré un poco preocupado con el tiempo que sacarán un nuevo capitulo. Tal vez no sea ahora pero tendré miedo de que este proyecto sea cancelado u olvidado… Pero no me preocuparé!

    Repito Muchas Gracias por traerme o mejor dicho traernos la traducción de esta bella novela! Se los agradezco un Montón! Besos y Abrazos!

    Pdta: Cuantos capítulos son?


    1. Sorry, I forgot that this translation is originally in English.

      My translated comment:

      Thank you very much for your splendid work! I am really very grateful, although I honestly feel that I will be a little worried about the time that they will release a new chapter. It may not be now but I will be afraid that this project will be canceled or forgotten… But I will not worry!

      I repeat Thank you very much for bringing me or rather bring us the translation of this beautiful novel! Thank you a LOT! Hugs and kisses!

      Pdta: How many chapters are there?


  3. Thank you very much for bringing us the translation to those of us who don’t know the language, really .. I personally love this series and I was sad that I couldn’t find the complete translation, I hope to read your next post soon ..

    I die of intrigue jsjsjsjsj


  4. Hey bro, i just wanna say thanks for translate this wonderful story, I have waited for the end of this story a lot. I hope you have time to finish it soon, I think it would make a lot of people very happy, thanks one more time for your work, you’re the best 🍀


  5. Great job and thank you on translating this novel. I somewhat envy you for knowing japanise because you probably know how it ends rather then puling your hair out. Keep up with the good work and ofc have a nice day!


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