Beyond Another Darkness V1C1 Part 1

Story 1

Hearing a sound similar to a person collapsing to the ground.
At that moment, I stopped my raised hand. and lifted my head looking towards the blue sky. Behind multiple rows of buildings everything was surrounded by thick shadows. Among all this only the sky remained ever so blue.
I felt like I just heard something.
But I probably misheard.
There’s no one but me here after all.

I then resumed moving my hand and placed a silver coin into a vending machine. But the coin was then immediately returned to me from the coin return slot. My body was covered in sweat and my throat cracked from the dryness. Why was I so thirsty? I felt like a fish that had been tossed onto land. I bent down and picked up the 100-yen coin. But in that instant, I heard the sound of dripping. Turning back, I saw a red-black lump of some sort dropping onto the steaming asphalt road.
Similar to a color appearing within a black and white portrait, a sudden bright red color entered my eyes. It looked just like the body of a crushed cat.

Ah———it’s a uterus

Looking at the mangled bloody piece of flesh, this sudden conviction entered my head. The scorching pavement began roasting the human organ and exuded an utterly putrid odor. My throat became even more parched as I watched this scene unravel before me.

But suddenly I felt an unexpected gaze upon me. Once again looking up towards the sky. I saw the figure of a person standing on top of an abandoned building, but due to the reflection of the glaring sun I was unable to make out who the person was. Feeling an urge of wanting the person to notice me, I began waving both my hands. But no matter how hard I tried conveying the fact that I was here, the person did not respond. I tried shouting but couldn’t raise my voice due to my parched throat. So I turned back towards the vending machine hoping to buy a drink.

But the 100-yen coin…….


I use to harbor deep feelings for my sister. I loved her more than anyone else. So I decided to kill my sister. It was my duty. Therefore, I had no choice but to kill her. Why are you saying such words? That’s because…….I love her.

I shook my head trying to dispel the voice that emerged within my mind. Sweating profusely, a tightness gripped my dry throat. Looking up towards the sky, the blazing sun boiled away. I pulled my tie loosening the collar of my shirt. I walked along while holding my coat in one hand as the sound of noise entered my ears.

The buildings in this area were all abandoned due to the financial collapse of their head company. But now the usually desolate area was full of people. On the other side of the crowd, one could see a police car and news reporter vans. On the side roped off by the “Police Line Do Not Cross” the police officers were preoccupied with something.
That aside, why are people even trying to take pictures?
It would be great if their phones would explode from the bloodlust the instant they even try to take a picture.
I continued forth while silently cursing them in my mind. Choosing to hang around a crime scene like that is just plain malicious.

The frustration in my heart had reached it’s highest point. Just as I forced my trudging feet forward, a hint of red entered my view. A child wearing gothic lolita style clothing stood there with a red paper umbrella in hand.
Many laces decorated the black dress giving it a completely unrealistic dream-like feel. She was eating a bar of chocolate and her face was beautiful to the point where one would doubt whether she was even from this world. The spectating crowds of people also cast numerous glances towards her.

Hah, I really want to become someone who’s completely unrelated to her.

“I kept you waiting, Mayuzumi-sama.”

“Oh, your late by 5 minutes and 20 seconds, that’s rather rare for you. Occasionally eating some chocolate can do you wonders, want some?”

The beautiful girl——Mayuzumi said this while offering me a bar of chocolate. It’s as if she were trying to pick a fight with me, the chocolate bar had neatly bitten teeth marks on it. It’s like no one ever bothered teaching her not to hand her leftovers to others. Never mind, like this girl would ever go learn compulsory manners.

“No, it’s fine I don’t want any.”

“The convenience store over there sells chocolate bars, but whether it be expensive or cheap the satisfaction level doesn’t change, it has nothing to do with the amount of polyphenols yet that nutritional benefit has become a focus among humans. Perhaps the medicinal properties of chocolate are more attractive to humans?”

Mayuzumi gave a radical sort of statement before taking another bite of chocolate. The dark brown contents are then smeared between her lips.

“It appears to be a uterus this time, it’s becoming quite interesting isn’t it?”

The dark brown color around her lips are like the color of dried blood. A rather disturbing image flashed through my head and I quickly shook my head. Yes, for example, people’s organs……

“The placenta? Does it look like one, or maybe not?”


“Oh, perhaps it’s a fetus?”The blood from a menstrual period? Of course not, this is just chocolate.”

“…….Just stop talking and finish eating already.”

“I will do that then.”

She licked her lips and began asking what should’ve been asked a while ago.

“By the way, why were you late?”

“I do say, Mayuzumi-sama, aren’t you the one who suddenly changed the meeting place? I even had to bear the heat wearing the suit you ordered me to wear and walk all the way here from the bus station……”

“Alright the reason for your lateness doesn’t matter anymore, have you found out anything regarding the uterus dropping down, Odagiri-kun?”

I knew you would try to brush aside your previous words.
And yes, I didn’t actually say that out loud. I suddenly have an urge to smoke. However, not only did my superior in front of me dislike smoking but I was also only 19 so smoking would be against the law. I don’t really have the courage to start smoking right next to an area full of police.

“Odagiri-kun, stop worrying over whether there are people next to you or not and just quit smoking for your own good. It’s not like the smell of tobacco is that alluring.”

“Mayuzumi-sama, please stop reading my mind, and also please mind your own business.”

The whole reason I even became addicted to smoking is due to the stress I accumulated from being around you.
I instinctively swallowed down those words and Mayuzumi gave a smile.
Her smile had a dangerous feeling behind it.

“Back to what we were talking about, Odagiri-kun. A uterus was dropped down so that means the victim is a female. Since it’s impossible for a male to have that organ, with this, the claims have further credibility.”

I gave a sigh when I heard this.
I didn’t know whether to consider that good or bad.
Mayuzumi then drew her paper umbrella out and walked forth. The people passing by unconsciously made way for her after seeing her elegant movements.
In contrast, people jostled up against me.

“Anyways, how were your results?”

“Nothing major, just that it seems she’s mentally unbalanced. Her mind was just filled with thoughts about killing her sister. I don’t recommend taking this case and recommend referring the person to a mental hospital instead.”

“Hmm~ I see, that might be the correct course, however, Odagiri-kun.”

Inadvertently, Mayuzumi lifted her paper umbrella up. I also unconsciously looked up.
And noticed a person standing on top the roof of a tall building.
But the figure was covered by a glaring light and gradually became blurrier. Surprisingly when I looked back down, I realized that Mayuzumi was standing next to a vending machine. And for some reason looking for something in the coin return slot. Sensing my gaze, she gave a slight smile and continued talking as if nothing had happened.

“Odagiri-kun, it would seem even now there are still organs being dropped.”

A heart of unknown origin dropped onto the ground between the buildings.
The strange occurrence continued on.

I had met the woman who knew the truth……but the words she spoke were completely incomprehensible.

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