Beyond Another Darkness V1C1 Part 2

My sister had committed suicide a month ago.

She was having trouble regarding workplace relations.

I didn’t know anything about it so at the time I was really surprised… sister had jumped off the roof of an abandoned building as if she were diving headfirst into a pool. Just what was she thinking as she fell down? Did she feel regret as she plummeted through the air? Or did she feel fear? The feeling she felt when she met the ground…….

Ah, I’m sorry. My sister had committed suicide a month ago. Although she was still alive when in the ambulance she didn’t have any hopes of surviving. But it didn’t matter what happened at that point.

The problem was my sister had suddenly disappeared. No one had gone to visit her and yet my practically dead sister had just vanished. It’s obviously impossible for her to just walk out but she was gone. A while after my sister’s disappearance, an incident occurred at the building she jumped off of.

An organ suddenly dropped down from the top of the building. Yes, a still warm organ had just magically fell from the sky. I instantly understood. The organ belonged to my sister. The various organs inside my sister also wanted to commit suicide.

My sister’s body had escaped from the hospital and was committing suicide piece-by-piece. I use to love my sister. I loved her more than anyone else. So I decided to kill my sister. Why was I saying such words? That’s because…….

I love her.

I turned off the tape recorder and re-winded the tape. Compared to the outside the cool apartment was essentially heaven. Mayuzumi was sitting on the sofa. For some reason she was wearing a large white coat over her gothic lolita clothes. There was even a name tag on the front.

‘Mayuzumi Azaka’

“What do you think, Mayuzumi-sama? Also isn’t it about time we buy an IC Recorder? Who in the world still uses a tape recorder nowadays? Furthermore isn’t it a bit too much to force me to use my own money to buy the tape?”

“Not really, but judging from the tone, and contents, the person is truly crazy.”

She completely ignored me, pretending not to notice my bitter expression, Mayuzumi picked up her teacup. She then drank the hot chocolate inside and poured herself another cup. The air became filled with a strong aroma.

“……Mayuzumi-sama, please stop drinking that. And is this really appropriate for a case? I think her words contain quite the delusions.”

“Delusions? Well, I suppose you could call them delusions. But it’s still quite different from delusions since the issue lies in the contents.”

After saying this, Mayuzumi finished her drink and began pouring a third cup. The sweet aroma continued wafting about.

“Regarding personal interests, the easiest way of causing dissonance with others is through food, Odagiri-kun.” Having different values regarding food can easily create cracks in a relationship. Since you really hate sweets, it’s understandable why you want me to stop. But if I don’t have my chocolate I will die, therefore be a good person and put up with it.”

Unfortunately, I’m actually one of humankind’s worst!

Right, I wanted to shout that out, but in the end I could only swallow down those words. So instead of shouting out my complaints I ended up obediently saying.

“Understood, so what’s this about the contents?”

“There are several, but since I can’t tell you now, just keep that in mind”

“Understood, I knew you would say that. Anyways, your intending to accept the case then?

“Hm, I don’t know whether I can. You’re very talented Odagiri-kun, so it would be very helpful if you could work hard like you usually do. But just one issue, your ignorance towards the benefits of captivity is a problem.”

I don’t really want to understand that sort of thing. I gave a sigh and stood up. Shortly thereafter, Mayuzumi turns on the tape recorder. A girl’s sweet voice began playing.

I love her. So I decided to kill my sister…..

Mayuzumi smiled upon hearing these murderous words.

“Longing for someone is a nice thing, the difficulty will make this interesting.”

The smile was a very warped one.

“Sadness or boredom? Which is worse I wonder?”

Mayuzumi was no longer paying attention to me and turned away in her over-sized white coat. I looked back towards her and murmured.

“I prefer boredom.”

And then left the room. Upon exiting the apartment, the warm summer sunlight enveloped me from head to toe.

Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya.

In this city of over two million people, there was a certain apartment complex. It was located in a high-class residential area, but aside from a certain room the building was essentially empty. On the fifth floor of the building, hanging on the door of the lone inhabited room.

《Mayuzumi Psychic Detective Agency》

If it wasn’t for the fact that I worked here, I definitely would’ve pointed and laughed upon seeing that sign.

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