I Decided to Not Compete and Quietly Create Dolls Instead 24

Chapter 24

After finishing re-tailoring the clothes Kajero disappeared off to somewhere, which made me wonder.

――Just that with his demeanor and small figure, it’s quite difficult to believe my own predictions.

I wonder if that was his real intention.

I reflected upon my own anxiety.
…… It’s hard to guess from his normal behavior.
Rather, he may have asked the question deliberately.

Recently I have been leaving everything up to the dolls and almost never give any instructions. I was hoping they would take charge themselves.
……Though their main consciousness was missing.
Kajero may have been trying to remind me of that.

As I left the room thinking about such things, the female owner「The lady accompanying you is quite amazing」murmured while smiling bitterly.

What does she mean?
I look towards Feria-san, who was back in her original traveling clothes.

Mr. Hial’s figure……was nowhere to be seen.

「I was happy to be fawned over, but I can’t accept a marriage proposal from someone I just met. Moreover, in such a public area. Well, I am grateful he thinks of me that way but I still want to walk down the path of the sword. So I can’t respond to his love, and he seems to have a 5 year old daughter. I also can’t afford to raise a child, so in other words, using the common sense of Margaroid, I don’t want to take on something I cannot handle……Anyways that’s why I declined him and sent him on his way」

H-How realistic.

For a young merchant who spends his time at sea to actually get the urge to court someone, and for the conversation to jump directly to marriage, it’s rather sympathizing than exciting.
Even so you’re still able to remain so calm……

But that was similar to me.
When I think of situations as being part of an Otome game, the future troublesome matters will just pass through my mind and go away.

「In that case, etto, w-what’s up with that?」

Feria-san’s interest in Mr. Hial seems to have already disappeared.
Her eyes stared directly at the clothes in my hand.

「I re-tailored it, so wear this and go out with me today」

It would be troublesome if she were to be reluctant, so I gave the clothes to her and immediately pushed her into the fitting room.

「Now, hurry up and get changed, otherwise I will have the dolls assist you」

「Sheesh, you sure are pushy 」but she still seems rather happy. 「You are exactly how Deje-kun describes you」

Because an unexpected name came out, I unconsciously said「Heh!?」with a raised voice unbecoming of a Duke’s daughter.

That person is Christoph Dugenne――The Wandering Earl. He is now attending the Imperial Knight Training School under the name Chris Deje.

「I was surprised, I became acquainted with him when I visited the Imperial capital.
He is quite the swordsman. I never met someone who could use the old empire’s swordsmanship before」

「The world is quite small…… so what did he say about me?」

「That you were the combination of cuteness and resolution, just like the reincarnation of Princess Rustilla……something like that. Anyways, he was complimenting you.
Haha, he is a strong rival in love for my elder brother」

Feria-san continued talking causally, but as for me I had a slight headache.
Although he is different than his original age his eyes are still somewhat the same, so in truth I did wonder how Phillka-san sees me. If I think about it calmly, maybe he was conscious of me as an opposite gender. I should reconsider how I should associate with him in the future.

Along with the Earl’s misunderstanding, the people trapped in ice are also ambiguous. Let’s clarify it as soon as possible. In the worst case it will be another challenge, but yes, the chance of winning is far higher compared to two years ago.

Well, it’s fine.
There is no other choice but to solve them all one at a time.

* *

A red checkered salopette skirt.
Along with a knit cape of the same color.

I didn’t just adjust the size.
Whether it be called a remake, or refining or retaking, Since the point was that it was for sale, I unleashed my hobby which I had been suppressing and did a complete rework.

As a result.
A “first version of Will Ridel” who Lermit Rasilez is an enthusiast of, ended up with a crazy finish.
Not only was it cute. Even though hardly any skin is exposed, there was still a strange sense of charm to it.
Fitting closely with the feeling of a fairy tale type of clothing, the height also brought along a certain sort of complex.
It could even be said to be the best masterpiece in all the works we have done so far.

「Well, let’s go Feria-san」

We stepped out of the store. In the seventh day after the founding festival, and the town was becoming more busy than usual.


「What’s wrong? You look rather surprised」

「I have played with girls a couple of times during my trip, but I was always the one leading. Somehow this feels fresh. I said I would escort you yesterday, but I wonder if it’s alright to leave it to you」

「Of course」

I nodded strongly. To avoid getting lost, I asked Kajero to handle navigating with my thoughts.

「Feria-san, it’s fine, you don’t actually need to escort me. You don’t have to withhold yourself. I already know since the beginning what you want to do, so there’s no point in hiding it. Please give up and leave it all to me. I am “The Mystic-eyed Doll Princess” after all correct?」

As she blinked in surprise I gave a wink back in response.

I wonder if it’s because of the dress? Please forgive me.
Because the clothes suited Feria-san more than I imagined, I might’ve gone a little overboard.

「It seems people refer to you as that for a reason, I’m convinced……apparently your mystic eye not only has foresight abilities but also has mesmerizing effects. If I was male I would have pushed my elder brother and Deje-kun aside to obtain you」

「Thank you very much, If you ever find it difficult to live in Malgaroid please do come to the Wisp territory. At that time let’s go out with various clothes」

「That sounds nice. Rather, I would like to also come with you when you return home」

「That is also fine, you are very welcomed」

「Well, I will do that then. I will go to the Empire with you. It’s a promise」

「Understood, I will make the preparations……ah, that’s right. May I have your little finger on my right?」

「Hm? Like this?」

「Yes, just like that」

I extended my little finger in the same way
and took Feria-san’s little finger in mine.

「――Pinky-swear, if you lie, you have to swallow a thousand needlesー It’s a way of promising in a country far away. It will be bad if you break it alright?」

「A thousand needles? That’s very scary, I’ll be careful not to forget it」

Feria-san jokingly said and began laughing.
I was tempted and also began laughing.
It was a peaceful time.

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