I Decided to Not Compete and Quietly Create Dolls Instead 26

Chapter 26

Continuation from chapter 24

The cross-dressing Feria-san had quite the devastating power, the passing men and even the women all looked over here with fascinated expressions.

Fufufu, they are not looking at me but it feels good.


Feria-san groaned with a bright red face and trembled as she grasped her skirt.
Just a moment ago she was still talking to me without any problems, but as soon as she became aware of her surroundings she regressed.

「A-As expected I should just switch back to my traveling clothes. I am fine with attracting attention as a male, b-but this is the first time people have stared at me like that when I’m wearing female clothing……」

Her clear black eyes are full of shame.
A dignified woman 7 years older than me is currently on the verge of collapsing.
Somehow, I feel a bit thrilled.

「Feria-san, I have somewhere I would like to go」

「W-Where? Anywhere is fine as long as we can leave here」

「Understood, in that case――」

At that time I am sure I had on a very sinister looking smile.
My mouth was likely twisted in a very excited manner.

「Let’s go to the Wido Plaza, it’s the most crowded place in the capital Margareta after all」

In other words, we will attract more attention over there than here.
Upon realizing that fact, Feria-san looked as if she were about ready to cry.

Of course I would’ve stopped if she was really against it.

But I knew her true feelings.
Feria-san’s heart felt the complete opposite, in reality she was delighted.

She wanted to be seen by more people.
She wanted to be recognized.
Her true feelings were beginning to show in bit and parts of her manners.

「G-Guess it can’t be helped, it’s repayment for the clothes so I will follow」

She is not honest at all.

The way to Wido Plaza was chaotic and bustling with many people. Merchants, sailors, priests, travelers――it’s likely they all gathered here at the kingdom for the upcoming founding festival. As expected, among them are some aggressive and rather annoying type of people.

「Hey-hey, do you know the location of the adventurer’s guild? I just arrived at the capital so I do not knowー」

「This guy has no sense of direction, You two are from here? Do you mind showing us around then?」

A party of two adventurers.
One had short red hair that stood up on end. He had a dagger on his waist and was wearing thin leather armor.
The other one had long brown hair and was wearing a robe that gave off the impression of a magician.
But what they have in common would be the cheap atmosphere floating around them.

「Ahー, but I am a little hungryー I am actually on an very difficult quest and I haven’t eaten anything yetー」

「We are actually hunting griffons, I was told not to say anything regarding this quest but because you two are so cute I will make an exception. How about going somewhere together? I have many heroic stories to tell so you will not be bored. To tell you the truth I am a B+ rank adventurer」

……I want to retort so badly.

Griffons are considered very dangerous in this world. Just the appearance of one is capable of destroying a town.
The information would naturally be controlled to avoid social chaos and panic.
But I can hardly imagine these two actually winning against one.
Even if they are self-proclaimed B+ rank adventurers…….it’s still impossible.
Although I only heard this my former adventurer father, even a group of A rank adventurers can barely fight one.

In the first place if something like a griffon really did appear, Kajero will detect it before the guild even moves and Walf will drive it away.

「Iyaー, you two really are very beautifulー Are you two sisters? I really like imouto-sanー」

The redhead reached out towards my head with a grin.
Hiii, lolicon!
I quickly stepped aside. While avoiding his hand I grabbed the redhead’s waist and swept his feet. It’s a good thing I took a bit of Judo back during my high school days. The spirits who reside in my one piece also lent me their powers. The redhead made a full flip in the air and fell hard onto the stone pavement.

After that–

「Meowー」「Piー」「Quackー」Incoherent cries sounded out from all directions at once as cats, chickens, and ducks swarmed the redhead. It was tragedy in an instant. Fangs, claws, and beaks turned the self-proclaimed B+ rank adventurer into the messy figure of a fallen warrior.

(…….It’s because he tried to place his hand on ojo-sama)

When I looked towards the shade the figure of Kajero could be seen. He was keeping watch over me today from the shadows.
Even so, I did hear that aside from the animals at the Louivas House the animals in the capital were also subordinates, but still I never thought that ducks and chickens would come.

The remaining brown hair magician was motionless with his mouth hanging half-opened.

Let’s see.



After calling out to her I then grabbed her hand as she was flustered.

「Let’s run away right now」

I pulled a little and started running.
In such cases if this were a drama or something we would end up getting lost from running around aimlessly like this, but fortunately I have Kajero.

(Indeed it would be quite cruel to play around with Miss Feria any longer, I will guide you to a less crowded area)

We proceeded along the path regulated through telepathy. Soon we arrived at the place where I am living at right now which is also Feria-san’s home, so in other words the Louivas household.

「It’s far from the center of the city so it’s true it would be quieter over here. No, but well…」

Feria-san is standing reluctantly in front of the gate. She even went out of her way to stay at an inn in the town yesterday, I wonder what she is hesitant about.

「Ahー」「Ehー」as she was groaning and at a standstill the entrance gates suddenly opened by themselves.

Correction, a person had opened it from the inside to go outside.

The person standing there was a woman with long black hair and a delicate pale skin.
The mother of Phillka-san and Feria-san who gave birth to them in her early teens――Eska Louivas.

I heard someone gasp but who was it?
Silence engulfs the scene.
Eventually, Feria-san’s mother whispers something to her servants.

The gates are slammed shut.

* *

I suppose that was an unexpected meeting for the both of them.
Even so, Eska-san didn’t even call out to her own daughter.
It’s as if she were acting like she didn’t even see Feria-san.

……As expected, this is worrisome.
I wonder what happened between Feria-san and her family.

After writing 25 chapters I am wondering if the title 『I Decided to Quit Being a Rival Character and Class Change to Last Boss Instead』would be more appropriate.

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