I’m Sorry, Onii-sama! V2 Side Chapter

Side Chapter: War Report on Nameless Person

Kingdom of Esmeralda, Emerald Dynasty, Year 262.
Secretary [–––] Reporting on the current war situation.

The Sidelis Allied Forces have invaded our territory in the northwest leading to war.
The defensive line has been temporarily breached through interruption of the supply routes, causing the number of isolated soldiers to increase.
Three days prior to the operation to recapture the fort, destruction of 40% of platoons has been confirmed.
The quick discovery and suppression of supply bases is incomprehensible. Existence of a traitor is suspected, but details are unknown.

Fort Sardo to the northwest fell two days after the invasion.
Along with this, the fort commander, magician Edris Vile Harvester, was killed in action.
Due to disturbances in the chain of command, lower rank soldiers have defected from the main army.

The Eighth Knight Order newly established under His Majesty’s decree, has been sent to the battlefield.
The knight order has successfully recaptured Fort Sardo with the use of guerrilla tactics.
Through the collapse of the mountain roads, the enemy’s route of advance was cut-off.
Also, in this operation there was a confirmed successful destruction of a magic seal by a knight.
(Additional investigation is required for this matter)

On the same day, in the forest located north of Fort Sardo, the destruction of magician unit led by Origa Emelda Ruijil has been confirmed.
Later, that same magician….


The name of the person who made this report is unknown.
Furthermore, the following information was burned away.

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