Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 02

Chapter 2: The visit by the heroine and fiancé


Tiararose regained the memories of previous life, one day.

Today is the day of the graduation party in the ending of the game. I complete my preparations at home and go to school without an escort. Today, I am tea drinking in the guest room, soothing my mind.

「Tiararose-sama ……how about letting your father escort you after all?」

「It’s fine, Firine. Father works, so it will be inconvenient」

「But still……」

Firine, a maid, worries about Tiararose and calls out to her. But it is stop with a “It’s fine” from a smiling Tiararose.

Usually, the fiancé would be the escort, but if there is no one who will escort it is common for relatives…… Even at this graduation party, the lady who does not have an escort usually asks their father or their brother as escort.

However, Tiararose’s father is a very important man of the country, and has work at today’s graduation party. His Majesty, the King will be involved, so my father has an important role to assist him.

Father dotes on his daughter. It is obvious he would abandon the king in order to escort Tiararose. Therefore, Tiararose dared not to tell her father anything.

「But…. that is true, if father saw me entering alone……」

「If he sees…?」

「…………he would be furious. Did I perhaps make a mistake in judgment?」


Firine’s voice is filled with worry, however, Tiararose thinks.

In the end even if father is furious, the villainess conviction event will be held as it is. Either way, my father’s consciousness will be there, so the escort matter will not be such a big deal. Of course, other students and invited guests, too. In the corner of my heart I think Tiararose should be fine.

「I am still worried about Tiararose-sama. If you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to tell Firine.

「E… Thank you, Firine. It’s enough that you are by my side」

Two people who grew together like sisters ever since Tiararose was small. Even if she is a maid, any command from her master Tiararose she would absolutely――……no matter what, swear her absolute willingness.

Hearing Firine’s words, Tiararose feels calmer. In less than an hour, the conviction event named “graduation party” begins.

Now that she thinks about it, it was nice to know that Firine would be staying by her side. Otherwise, I might not be able to do my best to develop in the future.

「That’s right. Tiararose-sama, I prepared sweet cookies」

「Sweets! oh my, thank you Firine」

「Yes, I will also prepare tea」

Wishing that the feelings of her master Tiararose could be eased even if by just a little. Firine prepares the tea and cookies.

At the very least, I want her to stay with a smile until she headed to the graduation party alone.

The more she thinks about it, the more Hartnight’s evaluation goes down for Firine.

Why will you not escort Tiararose-sama yourself?

I guess there is a good reason, but I still think I cannot forgive it with a smile.

At that time, a knocking sound from the door resounds around the room.


「Yes, Please wait a moment」

The two looked at each other with puzzled expressions. Even though the graduation party is about to take place, who would be visiting at this time?

It might be a message from a teacher or something, Tiararose reached out to the prepared cookie without worrying about it. Tiararose who loved tasty sweets, including in her previous life. Because commoners cannot really indulge in luxury, the status of the Marquis has made a great success in this one point.

「Mm, tasty……」

Ho ~u…….

Eating cookies made from the finest flour and eggs while making a smile as sweet as the cookies. All the snacks that Tiararose eats are first grade items.

I was trying to extend my hand to a single cookie, but my hand stopped when a voice called.

「Tiara-sama, is your body alright?」

「Akari-sama, it is troublesome if you suddenly enter like that!!」

「…… !!」

To the sudden voice of the heroine, Tiararose flinches a little.

Firine strongly called “Akari-sama” again, but the heroine – Akari was entering the room without appearance of minding such things.

I think that it is unfortunate to see this, I cannot deal with that kind of situation. While Tiararose is sitting on the seat, she looks at the Akari and deliberately makes a surprised face.

「Ma~a, Akari-sama, gokigen’yō. Thank you for your concern」

「Gokigen’yō, Tiara-sama」

The heroine of this otome game “The Ring of Lapis Lazuli” smiles and returns the greeting.

Straight black hair, and jet black eyes. Putting on an innocent smile, though I cannot feel that the atmosphere is very calm.

Also —-……by all odds it is a Japanese.

The heroine I saw after seeing Tiararose’s memories when I remembered my previous life was a model of a Japanese without a doubt.

Anyhow……. I never thought that she would enter the room like this. Frustrating thoughts entered my mind, but Tiararose would respond with a smile.

Even though the other party is a child, I will not take a similar attitude. I am the daughter of a marquis, Akari is the daughter of a count. Of course it is rude, but Tiararose thinks it’s too much trouble.

Because, I will be convicted soon and exiled from the country.

「You suddenly collapsed in the classroom yesterday, so I was worried. Hartnight-sama carried Tiara-sama to the medical office. Even so, Hartnight-sama is very gentle to have worried about it」

「E-e, I see」

Hartnight is the fiancée of Tiararose, so it is natural that he should worry. And to say that Hartnight is gentle, how much do you want to insult Tiararose?

It is a heroine that I cannot come to like. As Tiararose thought that, Firine came back with Hartnight.

「Gokigen’yō. your Highness」

Tiararose changes her attitude from the time with Akari, and quickly rises for a proper greeting.

I did not think that Hartnight would also come.

Even though he said he cannot escort me, he is still able to visit me with another woman near the beginning of the graduation party.

What kind of humiliation is this?

Firine is standing behind with a wry smile. With a bitter smile she is definitely angry, but I instruct the preparation of tea.

「Āa. Akari was worried about Tiara suddenly fainting. Your physical condition……are you fine for today’s graduation party? 」

「Yes, I rested well overnight, so there is no problem」

–I see.

Have you come to confirm whether I will attend the graduation party properly? Even though you are so busy, I see there are times of leisure as well. I want to say with a sarcastic voice.

Akari sits across the sofa where Tiararose sits, and that is where Hartnight is sitting. Such an act cannot be tolerated beside the fiancée Tiararose……but Hartnight does not remonstrate her.

「I feel relieved that Tiara-sama seems to be fine. Ne~~, Hartnight-sama」

「That’s right」


Laughing innocently, Akari takes the arm of Hartnight. Are you two a couple! I held down my retort, hurry up and leave already.

There is no special reason but I can make as many reasons as you want.

「Firine, we should finish up soon otherwise we will not make it in time」

I send a glance to the clock to convey my thoughts to Firine.

「I agree. We may not be in time for the opening of the graduation party if we do not start soon」

「E ~e~! Tiara, have you not finished preparing yet?」

「Is that so, it seems I have come at a busy time. It will be troublesome if you are not in time for the party, so we will leave it at this」

「Yes, I am sorry that I could not take too much time」

If I said that we might not be in time for the graduation party, they would leave sooner.

That’s right, if you do not make it in time, the schedule for the conviction event will not fit. The inner thoughts of Hartnight is plainly obvious.

Firine confirms that the two have left the room, and immediately opens her mouth to release her anger.

「What’s with those two!? Your Highness is the prince, but Akari-sama was completely rude! She should refer to you as Tiararose-sama or Tiara-sama……. It was completely rude and disrespectful!!」

「……That’s right. There was a few things I was aware of, but it seems that Akari-sama forgotten over time」

「Ma~a…… It’s terrible, it’s a rather disappointing head isn’t it」

It seems that rudeness towards her master could not be forgiven, and Firine continues to speak.

「Why does His Highness not remonstrate Akari too….? What she did, was awfully disrespect towards the royal family. I cannot think of letting such a man marry my precious Tiararose-sama. How about canceling your engagement? If you are my fiancée, I will agree with a smile!」

「It’s fine, I already have Firine. Isn’t it disrespectful if I say that in front of His Highness?」

「Of course, we should do it right now!」

With a smile, “Nobody hears it even if I say anything,” Firine fully supports Tiararose.
If it is usual, Tiararose will chide Firine to not say such things, but I think even more to say about this time.

――Thinking like this, surely memories of the previous life has returned.

「…..But, Firine’s feelings make me very happy. Thank you」


These are not the usual words that remonstrate her, and on the contrary Firine is surprised that she is thanked. I knew it, I am convinced that my master does not want this marriage, this engagement.

Firine considers how Tiararose can find happiness, but it does not come to mind immediately.

Speaking of what she can do is to summarize Hartnight’s bad attitude towards Tiararose and report it to the Marquis, the father of Tiararose.

「All right. I will do my best for Tiararose-sama!」

「Firine? E-, do not push yourself too hard, alright?」

Tiararose smiled though looking puzzled because of Firine’s sudden motivation.

While wondering how she will do her best…..

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