Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 03

Chapter 3: Graduation party of conviction: Part 1

Before the venue where the graduation party will be held, Tiararose stands in a dignified attitude.

When this door is opened, the conviction event will start. Hartnight is waiting with Akari, and the other capture targets are also nearby to support Hartnight.

――With the situation in front of my eyes the body starts trembling.


「I am fine, Firine. Well then, time to go」

「……Yes. See you then. If you call I will be at your side immediately」

Firine, being a maid enters the venue from another door, so it is here that we will part ways. Of course, she can join in the venue, but maids typically are suppose to be in stand by.

Breathe deeply and calm the mind.

I signaled the knight that protects the doors to open them, and Tiararose slowly walks gracefully inside.

The sons and daughters of other nobles that were already inside the venue opened their eyes wide when they saw Tiararose entering alone. And after confirming that Hartnight was already in the venue, everyone in the room held their breath.

The venue that was visible from the wide open doors was very gorgeous. A lot of flowers that were used extensively made it even seem like a dreamlike world. You can see that the arranged dishes and drinks are top notch from a glance.

……but they quickly disappear from the sight of Tiararose.

―― It begins.

In the center of the venue, Hartnight and Akari are standing side by side. Alongside them are the capture targets in this game. It is strange to stay there even though there is not any contact with any of the capture targets other than Hartnight. Is it a game correction?

When Tiararose was thinking such thoughts, the voice of Hartnight resonates around the venue.

「Tiararose. I am here, now――to announce the annulment of my engagement with you」

At that moment.

Noises occur in the venue when she was quiet.

Hartnight, the first prince of this country, has confronted the engagement annulment to the princess of the Marquis Lapis.

Whispers arise from everywhere around in the hall, 「That’s not possible 「Who is the one beside your Highness」「What does this mean?」 「Why Tiararose-sama?」

However, for the future king of this country to declare it so loudly. The line of sight is directed towards Tiararose.

While keeping a slow pace, Tiararose goes before Hartnight and bows elegantly.

「……would you please let me know the reason?」

And slowly asks Hartnight for the reason.

Tiararose did not do anything particularly bad. I firmly remembered the contents of the conviction event and made the simulation at night.

「Why? Tiararose why do you not ask your own heart. Don’t tell me that you could not possibly know?」

「I do not know」


I immediately deny the words of Hartnight. As if saying nothing bad, Tiararose looks forward with dignified eyes.

But it may be because that I said it with such conviction――my father and his majesty entered my sight.

It seems that he was already at the party venue sitting at the upper seating, and he was watching Tiararose’s expression.

In the game, they were at the venue but did not intervene at all. For that reason, Tiararose did not think much about it……there was a face expecting that no one would intervene, let alone her father, Marquis Clementide.

As if not seeing anything, Tiararose keeps on speaking.

「I did not do anything to be ashamed of. But, if Hartnight-sama says that he believes the words of another instead of mine, should we do a firm investigation?」

「It is disrespectful to talk back to the royal family Tiara!」

At the same time Hartnight declares that the firm claim of Tiararose as disrespectful, father advances one step.

――There was no intrusion event of Marquis Clementide in the game!

Tiararose hurriedly turned her eyes towards her father and shook her head. I intended to tell him it was all right, but…was it transmitted?

Whether that feeling was communicated, father takes a step back. Relief was felt for a fleeting moment and then the voice of Hartnight immediately responds to the venue.

「It seems that Miss Akari came from a rural area and you said many things to her. ……Akari, were you scared?」

「……Yes. However, Hartnight-sama was there, so it was okay」

「Is that so」

Without mentioning specific reasons, Hartnight advances the talk.

Akari, who cuddled closely with Hartnight, caressed the cheeks while tears flowed.

People who cannot swallow the situation at all cannot help see this love affair with a dumbfounded face.

In the first place, Tiararose never said anything about a rural area, even if you use it as a reason. Also, because there weren’t just the two of them there, basically other people were present. Tiararose would become uneasy if such an accusation was made, but it can be recognized immediately whether it was true or not from the firm conviction.

In the game, there was no evidence submission, but will it still progress just as smoothly like in the game now that it is reality?

If that is so, Hartnight is quite foolish.

Tiararose sighed and questioned again.

「Your Highness, Hartnight. In that case, I do not understand 」

「You are still saying that? To Akari you said she must kneel to me and cannot dance with me…I heard you say that」

Finally, concrete contents came out, but it was too childish.

「Because “Your Highness, Hartnight” represents the royal family of our kingdom, it is proper courtesy to kneel to you. Although there is no problem with these parties, is not it natural to do so when greeting you for the first time……」

「I see. However, is it not too tyrannic to say she cannot dance with me. I am also dancing with other girls, but why only say such things to Akari」

「It’s because Akari-sama is dancing more than once with Hartnight. No doubt, Your Highness……you do know the meaning to that, do you not?」


It is common knowledge that the first greeting to the royal family is that you always have to kneel. After that there is no problem with the etiquette of the lady in tea parties or ball parties.

Tiararose took notice because Akari did not do that. 「Greeting the royal family is the most common and proper etiquette」

In addition, it means it is your fiance if you dance with the same opposite sex more than two times. Only when you are married, are you allowed to dance more than three times for the first time.

In this country ‘s aristocracy, there are few people who do not know that. Even so, Akari has proposed to dance with Hartnight and danced twice.

Do you not understand how humiliating it was for Tiararose? To favor Akari more than Tiararose, and show that attitude towards her to the surroundings.

「Was there a problem somewhere?」

「H-however….! Akari was always told badly. Normally, you always use cold words」

In response to Tiararose, Hartnight still continues on with his words. Do you not notice it becoming incoherent anymore?

Tiararose, who is the proud daughter of the Marquis, never speaks easily.

「Does Your Highness Hartnight think that I am such a person?」

「I think nothing, it is the truth」

「……I have never met Akari-sama with just the two of us. I was always there together with others…… Did you not know?」

――It seems like this, I guess you have not checked.

I strongly endure to want to sigh again and try to look puzzled as having been troubled.

Hartnight urgently asked Akari 「Were there any others?」

「E-, e~eto…. Well, Tiara-sama’s henchmen came. I think that Flurluane-sama and Marietta-sama were there also」


What Akari called “henchmen” are other noble ladies like Tiararose.


Who would say such words? From the meeting place which fell silent, the voices of the ladies rose.

Next to Akari, Hartnight was in a panic.

In this country, no, in this game 《The Ring of Lapis Lazuli》 there is no expression called “henchmen”. Although the player had used the word henchmen to refer to the bad guys.
In other words, this word is very rude.

「Akari, what are you saying …?! Tiara’s friends, correct?」

「E? E-e, that is right」

On the other hand, Akari seemed to have no idea what was wrong with him, and she shrugged her shoulders.

「Akari-sama, they are my precious friends. ……Please stop calling them like that」

「Again, I did not say anything bad? But you, Tiara-sama are saying awful things to me again!」

「How awful……」

Akari, who does not understand the meaning like that, raises her voice towards Tiararose.

Tiararose cherished her friends and only carefully warned Akari. It is something the other students and guests who are in the party venue understand very well.

With that, noises, voices doubting Akari starts to arise.

「Your Highness, Hartnight, wants to annul the engagement because I did terrible things to Akari. So, is that it?」

「A-, a-aa」

「I do not think I did any particularly terrible thing……but the heart of Hartnight-sama is with Akari-sama isn’t it?」

Tiararose, who smiled lonely, was a poor lady who was hurt by Hartnight’s belief and love for Akari, no matter how you looked at it. Anyone watching, the Akari with no common sense, would say Hartnight is bad for accepting her story so easily.

Maybe it might be a different ending from the game Tiararose thought.

It is fine to annul the engagement here, but there is no reason to exile Tiararose from the country.

――If it ends like this, it may be the most peaceful route.

Thinking that, Tiararose becomes slightly happy. Marriage with royalty is a burden and I would also have less free time.

So, using this reason to not get married to Hartnight is for the best.

「H-however… but … because Tiararose did not explain so much, it is true that Akari was hurt. I annul my engagement with Tiararose and I will get engaged to Akari. In short, Akari is the future queen!」


「That attitude towards the future queen, is not acceptable. Therefore Tiararose, you are exiled from the country!!」

――What are you saying, this prince? Are you stupid? You’re stupid aren’t you?

This time I sighed an extra-large sigh, and my father trembling with a furious face started walking towards us as I was thinking of what to do.

This is bad, father will explode――

….. I tried to raise my voice to stop him but a completely different man’s clear voice echoed through the venue.

「That is enough, Prince Hartnight. Your words are far more terrible than Miss Tiararose」

――Hey, Miss Tiararose?

(Author Note: Finally it is the appearance of the hero!)

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  6. The way Akari spoke makes me think that she is also reincarnated or possibly transmigrated into the game. That would explain why she uses such terms as henchmen for Tiara’s friends. Also this would ask make Akari more sympathetic seeing as she was just playing out the scenario of the game. I mean no matter how dumb the reason, they were justified in the game so why would they be wrong when she reincarnated? That sort of reasoning would be likely.


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