Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 05


Chapter 5: Prince of the sequel



On the way home from the graduation party, the carriage was very quiet and calm. In the carriage interior, since soft cushions are used, there is not much vibration.
Tiararose glances at Aquasteed sitting in front of herself, but quickly averts her eyes. She thinks that he does not realize, but Aquasteed is aware.
Looking at the state of such a cute Tiararose, he could not keep his mouth from loosening.

Tiararose has never thought that such a thing is supposed to have happen in the second part – the sequel of the otome game “The Ring of Lapis Lazuli” on which this world is set.

――Why could I not live until the sequel released……No, at least until the details were released. It is very regrettable.

Prince Aquasteed did not come out in part 1.
But now, he is in front of Tiararose. No wonder, she cannot help suspect it.
Moreover, he proposed to Tiararose who is the villainess. This development is too different from the game after all, honestly inside the head of Tiararose is a big mess.

――Is it better to talk with His Highness Aquasteed, rather than worrying about it by myself?

Again, I glance at Aquasteed. As I am Tiararose, I did not want to be found out…..although it was meant to be secretly, I was smiled firmly at.
I was found out even though I had no bad intentions, I quickly apologized.

「Why are you apologizing? I am escorting you Miss Tiararose」

「No, that…… His Highness Aquasteed is an admiration for women」


Aquasteed is a little surprised after hearing Tiararose’s words with her troubled smile.
It was because he did not believe that such things would be said from Tiararose. Aquasteed gets even more pleasant as to whether he can expect more than what he thinks.

「After hearing those words, is it okay for me to hope a little?」


The words along with the passionate eyes of Aquasteed echoes in the chest of Tiararose.
The smile of Aquasteed, which is popular among ladies, is directed only to myself, and human beings are not made to stay normal in that condition. My heart starts beating, I take a small deep breath.



「Aquasteed-sama, why did you…?」

Propose to me, but I was too embarrassed so I could not continue with my words.

Tiararose began turning red and looked downwards with red ears.

「I always see Miss Tiararose reading books from the library window」

「Eh? Perhaps behind the library?」

Yes. I saw you reading under the shade of a tree and cutely changing your expression around」


As Aquasteed says, Tiararose usually spends her time reading in the shade at the back of the library.
It was not ashaming as a future queen, to obtain various knowledge that the teachers do not teach.
The reason why I do not use the library is because I wanted to read while eating sweets. In the outside under the shade, I can eat sweets and drink tea while reading.
In addition, there were no other students, so I was able to spend happy time freely. It was only a maid, Phyllene, by my side.

――To have been seen, it is embarrassing.

I read a lot of books that I can study, such as history books and foreign languages. However, at the same time I read a lot about stories of romance.
I wonder what kind of face he saw while I was reading, and shamefulness starts raising up. The feelings of Tiararose right now is that she wants to hide in a hole.

「You are reading a book with a serious face, then the next moment your face turns red and embarrassed. When I was filled with tears, I thought of calling you out unintentionally」

「…Pl….Please forget that!!」

To be told that by Aquasteed is too embarrassing, Tiararose covers her face with both hands. It’s embarrassing and I cannot show my face though it’s not very bad.
However, the hands which covered the face quickly was grasped by Aquasteed.


「I finally get to be together with you. Won’t you show me your face more?」


A sweet whispering voice, and a gentle smile.

「I-…..I did not think that I was being watched」

「No, I am sorry I was peeping without permission. But, to the you, who read almost every day in the shade like that, I was captivated day by day. Even now, I am surprised at myself」

Wrapping up the hands of Tiararose in a loving way and smiling why asked “If it was true?”.

「But, you were the fiancee of Prince Hartnight. As is expected, it is not possible to take the fiancee of the royal family of another country」


The fiancee of Hartnight and the future queen of Lapis lazuli. That was Tiararose. Even an application for engagement is not even possible let alone marriage.
Therefore, Aquasteed was forced to endure. So he had planned to finish his one year study abroad, and to return to his country and forget about Tiararose. Or so he thought.
However, a turning point for Aquasteed came. Yes, it is was the graduation party where the conviction event was held.

「It was a blessing. I could not afford to miss this opportunity, I was desperate too」

「………… Aquasteed-sama」

「Was it pathetic?」

「There is no such thing. For me who was standing there alone, Your Highness Aquasteed was very reassuring」

Even though I knew I was not bad, I was still nervous and there was great unease somewhere.
In such a situation, a loving voice reached out to help me. You have no idea how happy and glad I was.

「It was just enough to hear Aquasteed-sama’s greetings once in the evening party. So, I was very much surprised.」

「Yeah. I did not participate in the evening society so much, even if I went out, I would come home soon」

So, it is the first time that Aquasteed and Tiararose are speaking in a straightforward way.
Although it was almost close to the first meeting, the atmosphere was very calm and the inside of the narrow carriage was a comfortable space.

「Are you worried? Because you said many things to the lady that was there?」

To the worrying words of Aquasteed, Tiararose thinks.
However, I am not hurt even if anything is said to that selfish Akari. Because all the words of Tiararose were legitimate claims.
Besides, the other ladies, friends of Tiararose, also did not have good feelings for Akari. Even now, Tiararose has a feeling that they can still get along well.

「……I agree. However, there is no anxiety. There will be discussions in the future, but I am very happy just because I can return like this」

「Is that so. I was a little surprised, when Prince Hartnight declared he was going to banish you. Well, though――I intended to kidnap you if you were exiled」

Aquasteed smiled mischievously. Not expecting such a thing to be said, Tiararose is tempted and smiles.

「I was being serious. That’s right, Miss Tiararose. I’d like to invite you to a date, can I have some of your time?」

Aquasteed approaches and takes the back of Tiararose’s hand and kisses it. His abroad period is one year, and it will end.
Actually he could not afford much time because he had to return home soon.
Of course, Tiararose also knows about it. Besides, I think that I could not get away if Aquasteed was serious.

「Yes. The school has already graduated……as for bride training, I no longer have to go because my engagement with Hartnight-sama was annulled」

I continue it while smiling wryly saying “a lot of time is available”.
It is customary in this world that a lady who is married after graduation who is a fiancée undergoes bride training for a year. However, that is unneccessary as Tiararose’s engagement was annulled.
「Is that so. Then…… three days later, how about it?

「Yes. It will be my pleasure」

「Good. So, I will pick you up on the day so please wait」

Probably tomorrow is a meeting between Aquasteed and King Alexander. The day after that, it is likely that Tiararose would be called to the king so it was set three days later.
And both sides also need time to prepare. Suddenly with the Prince of the neighboring country, Tiararose is also troubled.

Suddenly, doubts arise in Tiararose.

――Is there a sequel heroine in this world that is a sequel?

The announcement only revealed that Aquasteed was a capture target. Including the heroine, other information was hardly disclosed. Rather it is more likely that it will not be disclosed.
Because the main is the character to be captured to the last.

――Your Highness Aquasteed, is it really fine to pick me?

I wonder if Aquasteed who is obsessed with Tiararose now, would still remain obsessed when the heroine of the sequel comes out. …… Like what happened to Hartnight.
Such insecurity arised in her mind, and the chest of Tiararose trembled in uneasiness.

「Miss Tiararose?」

「Ah, it’s nothing…… It is just still unbelievable that Prince Aquasteed would love me」

Because there is a heroine in the second part as well. ――Although it cannot be said. Whether the anxiety of Tiararose was transmitted, Aquasteed smiles with relief.
And his hands stretch forward and strokes the hair of Tiararose.

「To be so suspicious of me, so terrible. Even though I love you so much Miss Tiararose」


The lips of Aquasteed press against the forehead of Tiararose. It touched just a little, but it accelerated the beating of Tiararose’s heart more than the words.

「Cute. … but, regretfully. It seems we have arrived」


The carriage slowly stopped at the same time that Aquasteed’s lips left.
When I looked out from the small window, it was the mansion of Tiararose. I see how surprised Aquasteed is about the timing from his eyes.
But he does not say anything and just smiles.

Tiararose who’s face is redden is escorted by Aquasteed and returned to the mansion.

12 thoughts on “Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 05”

    1. Is that really such a logical conclusion? The original game had one girl who interacts with a number of capture targets while facing obstruction from other females, trying to win the chosen target’s heart.

      It stands to reason to expect something similar from a sequel, but in ‘reality’ there’s only the supposed main capture target aggressively making moves on her. It’s abnormal for a game that’s about winning love to start with the main capture target already in love with you, is it not?

      …Unless it’s the yandere stalker capture target where the happy end is about not getting stuffed, I suppose.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. That could work if the fans wanted it and devs approved the idea but usually they make another ‘protag’ for a sequel but same universe, meaning Tiararose could be the Villainess too on the sequel~


  1. Aquasteed is so–ooo princely a prince! but then, when his love and devotion is declared so early in the story, i can’t help buy go forshadowinggg! Is there anything unpleasant awaiting? Oh!


  2. I think Cyril is right though.

    Yes, you might think that in a game like that, the fact that the main capture target already love the heroine is “abnormal”, but there is a precedent for it.

    From the info we got so far, the sequel would probably goes with the prince kidnaps her after hearing the news of her being exiled. Sad and angry from the betrayal of her hardwork, she developed a distrust for male. Now not wanting for the same thing to happen again, she reject the prince love. But the prince keep trying to melt her heart, and in the course of that process, more people who come to love her but can’t move her heart. And so, the story will focus on how she slowly open her heart to the mr. right. At least that’s how i think the story will go. Not enough info to even predict.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Solid guess. My thoughts were she’s banished and takes the role of commoner girl going to prestigious noble school. Progress through that template while learning her tragic past.


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