Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 06

Chapter 6: The King’s Apology

Two days after the graduation party, Tiararose went along with her father, Marquis Clementide, for an audience with the King.
Tiararose who rarely met with the king was nervous, and had a stiff expression on her face since morning. I prepared my hair so as not to be rude, and chose a simple and serene dress.

Even though I believe that I did nothing wrong, the prince Hartnight announced the annulment of his engagement with me, and declared that I was to be exiled from the country. Perhaps, there may have been a game correction after the graduation party.

――What should I do if as soon as I arrived at the castle I am surrounded by knights and placed in prison? Perhaps it would be better to run away on my own for now……?
With her thoughts slowly drifting towards a negative direction, the face of Tiararose clouds over.

「What’s wrong, Tiara? Do not worry, I will be by your side」


「It will be alright. Tiara, I have put you through a lot this time I thought that the engagement with His Highness would be good for Tiara, but in reality it was the complete opposite」

「No. I do not mind it」

To her father who was distorting his face in anger, Tiararose quickly reassures him「It’s fine」
As anyone can see, Marquis Clementide cares deeply for his daughter. If you are a noble of this country, there is no one that does not know that.
Rather than courting the daughter, it is better to court the father first――. Some foolish nobles began saying, it was a famous story

「Ma~a, fine. It was good that I found out the nature of His Highness during the engagement period. I cannot let my cute Tiara to marry such a person.


There was a lot of comments I wanted to make there, but I decided to stay silent.
I wonder if my father understands that this is not the residence but the royal city…… Tiararose became flustered, but it is useless to say anything to her father who is the power of this country.
Drinking the tea prepared by the Court Lady, Tiararose waited for the king to arrive.
◇ ◇ ◇
The luxurious red carpet easily absorbs the gentle footsteps of Tiararose.
The walls of the long corridor are decorated with colorful flowers and adorned with the portraits of the successive kings. The current king is Alexander, the father of Hartnight.
A portrait of Hartnight will surely be placed next to his.


――But, why did we come to this place?

Tiararose, who was called by the king, was brought to this place along with her father.
The corridor where the portraits of the successive kings are decorated is located in the back of the royal palace where people rarely come. In addition, permission from the royal family is necessary to enter.
Not understand why they came here, Tiararose is filled with unease.

「Following the successive kings, now my portrait is displayed at the end」

「Well. Of course I know that」

Marquis Clementide responds to the king who had just arrived. The face of father was no longer the one I knew from a while ago, but the face of the one who is called the arm of the King――the Marquis who was granted the title Lapis.

「Miss Tiararose, I heard that you have been here with Hartnight?」

「Y-,Yes. When I was young, only once……」

――How many years ago was that? Even before entering the school.

「If recall……it was when I was 10 years old with Hartnight」

The 16 year old Tiararose and Hartnight were engaged to each other ten years ago when they were both 6 years old. After that he met my parents several times afterwards, but there was nothing like playing between the two people.
The first time the two young children held hands was when they innocently explored the castle at the age of ten. It is a cute memory. At that time, Hartnight brought Tiararose to this corridor and showed her the portraits of the kings.
Boasting about the portrait of his father, King Alexander, and then boasted that his portrait would be placed next to it while puffing out his chest in pride.
Even though he was so cute back then, why did you grow up to be such an idiot Hartnight-sama? Thus, how easy was it to say for Tiararose?

「――Here, was he saying how his own portrait would be placed here?」

「Y-,Yes. His Majesty also, he would talk about it very proudly」

「Is that so」

The king narrows his eyes and relaxes his mouth in nostalgia. Thinking that he was remembering Hartnight when he was young, Tiararose refrains from interrupting.
But the silence was soon broken by the king. He slowly turned his body towards Tiararose and touched the place of an unseen portrait

「But the portrait of Hartnight will not be displayed here」


「Miss Tiararose. I apologize greatly for what my son did this time. I am sorry」


Along with the words of apology, the back bends. The king deeply lowers his head to Tiararose.
To not display his portrait means to deprive Hartnight of his right to succeed to the throne.
Tiararose took in those words, but does not know what to say, she looks towards her father. However, his eyes told her everything.

――Father, you could not have been unaware of what was going to happen today……? But now is not the time to care about such a thing.

「Your Majesty, please raise your head! There is no need for Your Majesty to apologize to me!!」

Royalty, and furthermore the king lowering his head――even if willingly, Tiararose cannot take it. I asked him to raise his head in a hurry, but the king did not immediately raise his head, and slowly waited 10 seconds before returning his line of sight.

「Such a generous heart, thank you. ……This case, I obtain the details and examined them thoroughly already. Miss Tiararose must have been in a lot of pain. I am very sorry」

「No. I should have talked more with Hartnight-sama」

「Really, truly speaking Miss Tiararose is too good for my son」

Tiararaose thought having not approached Hartnight more was her mistake and informed the King of her own faults.
Although her father has a look saying that is not the case, now is not the time to mind it.
Aside from that she still had to think over what the King said.

「Ah, ano」


「Not displaying a portrait of His Highness Hartnight here……」

「It is true. Hartnight is no good here」

As expected, it seems that the punishment is too heavy. Tiararose thinks so, but the intention of the king seems to be firm and he does not waver.
Certainly she is a noble, but even so it is unlikely that the opinion of Tiararose who is just a noble’s daughter will be heard by the king.
However, Tiararose is the victim this time. The victim should be able to provide an opinion on the matter, but both the king and her father does not back down from their serve verdict.

「His Highness Hartnight and I are both still 16. His Highness Hartnight will still be continuing to grow from now」

「……You are truly very gentle. Even though he said those things to you at the party, you still care about my son? But this is my decision. I will never overturn it」

「……I understand I will obey Your Majesty’s heart」

It is rude to tell the king many times. Tiararose acknowledges it and bows to the King. This talk is over, that was the finally verdict.
Regarding other decisions, I thought that I should ask father later on at the mansion. It is impossible for only Tiararose to monopolize the busy King’s time.
However, such consideration is in vain, and the king continues to speak.

More importantly Miss Tiararose. What do you think about Prince Aquasteed?


Tiararose raised her voice without thinking from the sudden question and covered her mouth in a panic.
In addition, the cheeks of Tiararose are flushed from the sudden surprising question.

――Why did you suddenly brought that up!?
Looking towards her father in a hurry, she sees him nodding in agreement「That’s right」 Wanting him to stop the king, but then realizing that it is impossible.

「I respect the intention of Tiara, but since Aquasteed will return home soon. Honestly, what do you think of him Tiara?」

「Father……his Highness Aquasteed would be a waste for someone like me」

「Fumu. In other words, you do not dislike him」

Marquis Clementide takes into consideration the words of the modest Tiararose, and nods with a smile. Next to him the king「Hmm~……」and laughed out with a happy voice.

――Somehow, these two people looking so happy makes me uneasy.

「The engagement between Miss Tiararose and Hartnight is canceled formally」

「And also, from the honorable Prince Aquasteed, I am officially receiving an application for engagement」


The development is too fast, Tiararose staggers unintentionally. I thought that more than a month would be necessary just to cancel the engagement formally.
And even more on the same day. I repressed the urge to shout out that they were proceeding too quickly.
Moreover, father tells me that he already formally received an application for engagement. Although Aquasteed most likely worked quickly behind the scenes after the annulment of the engagement, Tiararose does not notice such a thing.

「To be honest, I thought that he was a better choice than Hartnight. Protecting Tiararose at the graduation party, never wavering…..Prince Aquasteed will become a good king」

「And above all, he loves Tiara. If Tiara is fine with it, I will continue the engagement talks…… Ma~a, I will not say something cruel like decided immediately, but His Highness Aquasteed is waiting for you」

「……Thank you for your consideration. Even if I replied right now, His Highness Aquasteed will not consider it good. I will tell you again, when I have given it more thought」

To the words of Tiararose her father replied「Of course」and nodded.
Although he went for an engagement request, Aquasteed still wanted to hear the formal reply directly from the mouth of Tiararose.
Because he does not have much time, he made a request of engagement first, but it is also sincerity to Marquis Clementide. It shows that his actions are sincere and he was not just messing around.
That attitude of Aquasteed also left a good impression on Marquis Clementide.

The King nodded greatly and gave the words「I wish you happiness」
As if she were his own daughter, those words made Tiararose’s heart feel hot.
This country where the good King Alexander rules over, she will surely have to part with it. I have not replied to my engagement yet, but Tiararose thought so――……

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