Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 07

Translator: Lyna
Editor: Neo

Chapter 7: Tea party for two

I was invited to a date by Aquasteed.
Tiararose gets up early and preparations are carefully made by her maid. Because I have not heard the destination, I wear a dress with a light colored hue, it is a dress that can be worn anywhere without feeling embarrassed.
The hair is half up and adorned with a hair ornament made specially from Marineforest. As expected, Tiararose says this is overkill, but Phyline, her maid, did not listen.

Since the graduation party, Phyline essentially erased the prince from her mind. If someone so much as mentions Hartnight’s name, she would angrily reply「Such a man!」
Moreover, everyone in the residence seems to also think that, so nobody even tries to stop her. Thanks to Phyline’s influence, all the servants of the mansion bear no good feelings towards Hartnight.

「Well then, what will happen when His Highness Aquasteed arrives……」

Conversely, it is not an exaggeration to say that His Highness  Aquasteed is revered in the mansion. For Phyline, who saw how Aquasteed helped Tiararose at the graduation party, he was not just a righteous prince, but also a hero.
If you marry Aquasteed rather than Hartnight, you will absolutely find happiness, she repeatedly tells Tiararose with a sour look. It was repeated to the point where one’s ears became sore.

「Ma~a, are you looking forward to it that much?」

「Phyline, you are the one who is least calm」

「Ma~a! That’s not the case. Because to me, Tiararose-sama is very precious. How you were saved from that idiot prince, I think it is a very good thing!」

Phyline, who finishes putting away the accessories not used to another room and returns, quickly reveals her happiness. It is obvious from just looking at her that she really did not like Hartnight and Akari.

「Ma~a, let’s stop talking about that idiot prince! It’s making me feel sick」


Although Phyline was the one who brought up the topic, I seem to have already completely forgotten about it.
Even though Tiararose is her master, Phyline loves her like a younger sister, she truly wishes for her happiness and believes this marriage should not be missed.
You will be happiest if you marry the man you like. That was what Phyline thought. Of course, it was very difficult to be born as a noble…….
Even from the eyes of Phyline it was clear that Tiararose did not favor Hartnight.
When you are in front of Aquasteed you react differently than when with Hartnight. Your face reddens and you laugh cutely
Although Tiararose herself may not be conscious, it was clear to everyone’s eyes who she favored.
In addition, the Tiararose who came back from the graduation party with her face red……was absentminded for a while.
Phyline was convinced at that time that she must be thinking of Aquasteed.

「Ah! It seems His Highness Aquasteed has arrived, Tiararose-sama」

Phyline reports happily, after seeing the carriage from the window.
Because she cannot keep the prince Aquasteed waiting, Tiararose also finished her preparations so they could meet downstairs soon.

「Tiararose-sama, if you do not come back――I will cooperate in making an alibi!」

「Mou, what are you talking about Phyline! I will be back!!」

Tiararose went out with Aquasteed, and was sent off by a really happy looking Phyline who was covering her mouth.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Waaa~……! It’s incredibly beautiful, Your Highness, Aquasteed」

Escorted by Aquasteed, the destination we headed to by carriage was a flower garden on a little hill in the suburbs. Flowers of various color in full bloom calmed the heart of Tiararose.

「I am glad that you like it」

「Thank you very much」

――I did not know that there was such a wonderful place. It looks like a good date spot, as though it could appear in the game.
While thinking that it was unfortunate I did not previously know of this place, I was still delighted to be able to see it together with Aquasteed for the first time.

「I will prepare tea, so let’s take a short rest. Didn’t you get tired from riding the carriage?」

「Thank you for your concern」

Under a big tree, in front of Tiararose’s eye, a blanket is spread and tea is prepared.
Although Tiararose did not notice it, the excellency of a maid of the royal family is different from a maid of nobility. Everything is prepared on the field without being noticed by their master.

A maid and servants waited away from the carriage at a distance. And there are also knights serving as escorts. I did not expect such an elegant escort, and the heart of Tiararose throbs.
If I think carefully, I have never done such a date with Hartnight.

「Your hand, Miss Tiararose」

「Aquasteed-denka…… thank you very much」

To the outstretched hand, Tiararose gently places her hand on top of it. I was guided to where the blanket was, and sat down slowly.
Because fluffy grass grew on the ground, it was very comfortable and there was no discomfort.

「Is it not too cold?」

「Yes, it’s fine. The wind is comfortable and it is warm」

「That’s good, Today, I prepared the tea I like. I hope it will suit your taste Miss Tiararose……」

Aquasteed takes a teapot and pours it into a cup.
Because she did not think the prince would personally pour the tea  himself, Tiararose was very surprised. But at the same time, it left a good impression.
For Tiararose who has memories of her previous life, official business aside――it would be very stuffy if private life was also like that. I thought in the corner of my heart that I do not want that.

Aquasteed who talked and laughed joyfully had a different atmosphere than the time at the graduation party. Official and private affairs, I wonder if they can be divided well.

「My recommendation is milk, which is your preference milk or lemon Miss Tiararose?」

「In that case, milk. I often put milk in winter and early spring」

「Well then, we are the same, I do that too」

After pouring milk into the black tea, Aquasteed hands it to Tiararose.
After receiving it, the scent is very nice and it tickles the nose of Tiararose. Taking a sip, and slowing breathing out.

「Ah, that’s right」

「What’s wrong?」

To the sudden voice of Tiararose, Aquasteed replies while smiling gently.
Being so sweet, I think there was no one other than father who spoiled me this much.
Tiararose took out a cutely wrapped parcel from the basket she brought.
Looking at the parcel that fitted snugly into both hands of Tiararose, 「That is?」Aquasteed inquires with his eyes. Judging from the expression, it seems he did not expect this……Tiararose smiled as if it was a surprise.

「It’s cookies. As I baked it, I do not know if it will suit the taste of Aquasteed-denka……」

「Miss Tiararose did? You made cookies for me? I am overjoyed」

I held it out quietly, Aquasteed received it while saying「It has a good smell」
Tiararose who remembered her previous life, also remembered various sweets recipes. Because I liked playing otome games while eating delicious sweets, also it was a fun thing to make.
Truthfully, I wanted to bake a cake……but because I did not know today’s plan, I made cookies that can easily be taken along with me.
They were simple cookies though, two kinds of cookies using chocolate. Both of them are cookies that were Tiararose’s favorite in her past life.

「……Delicious, unbelievable, I did not know that such delicious sweets could be made」

Aquasteed who took a bite opens his eyes in surprise. And because it was made just for him, it doubled and tripled the deliciousness.
A cookie that a loved one made for him. And above all, it is a treat just for Aquasteed.
Taking out another cookie and this time Aquasteed brings it to the mouth of Tiararose.


「Here now, ahhー」

――W-w-w-w-w-w-what! Was His Highness Aquasteed such a person!

Tiararose looked at the cookie before her mouth, but was unable to open her mouth.
Of course I have never experienced this kind of situation before, I do not know what kind of face I should make while eating it. However, won’t it be disrespectful not to eat what Prince Aquasteed held out? My head is in utter chaos and confusion.



It was embarrassing to eat while being gazed at by Aquasteed, but because it was offered…….Tiararose closed her eyes tightly and opened her mouth a little.
Her appearance was like a small animal, Aquasteed suppresses a laugh. He placed the cookie into the mouth of Tiararose, seemingly satisfied with her bashful reaction.



After finished eating, Tiararose leaks out a small sigh, and Aquasteed’s heart skips a beat.
In actuality Aquasteed was really trying to make Tiararose’s heart flutter, but instead his heart had throbbed. But, this is what he think is very good, because Tiararose is so lovely it cannot be helped.
In truth, however, the heart of Tiararose was throbbing much…..much more than Aquasteed.

「The appearance of how you eat is also cute. Hey, Miss Tiararose――if you do not mind, may……」


「May I call you with just Tiara?」

「……Yes, of course, Aquasteed-denka」

「I’m glad, Tiara, then can you start calling me by just Aqua too?」

The name is whispered at her ear, Tiararose’s heart throbs even more from being called that for the first time.
Although I do not feel anything even when Hartnight calls me “Tiara”, when Aquasteed calls me by that name, why do I always feel so nervous. .

Aquasteed smiles when asking to also be called with a pet name……but that would be too rude. Tiararose thinks that, but she decides to have a little more courage.
He has shown so much goodwill towards Tiararose after all.
I already gave up on calming my heart which was beating nonstop, and I looked up at Aquasteed who is next to me.


「……! ――What should I do. I feel so happy, Tiara!!」


To call a man by a pet name, this is a first for Tiararose.
While trembling with a small voice, I was hugged by Aquasteed who smiled happily more than ever when I called his name.
With his body so close, I cannot help that my heart starts beating even more rapidly than before. Thinking that way, Tiararose tries to steadily calm her heart――but notices something.

――Aqua-sama, his heart is also……beating very fast.

It is not just myself that is nervous. While thinking so, the heart of Tiararose becomes light like a feather.
I stretch out my hand to the back of Aquasteed timidly. ……but as expected I feel embarrassed again, and I immediately pull back. 「Too bad」but I hear a terribly happy voice.

「A-As I thought I am embarrassed……」

「――Un, it is better to get use to it more slowly」

While the head is being gently stroked, Tiararose decided to ask her father to reply for her engagement.

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