Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 09

Translator: Lyna
Editor: Neo

Chapter 9: Engagement with Aquasteed

On the night of the day where Tiararose and Aquasteed went out for a date……
In a state of unease and restlessness, Tiararose was waiting for the return of her father, Marquis Clementide.
Of course, to talk about her engagement with Aquasteed. There was the previous issue with the heroine Akari and Hartnight her past fiance.
So, it would be a lie to say she is not anxious. But Tiararose thought of believing in Aquasteed’s words.

「Tiararose-sama, was today’s date really that much fun?」

「Philline! That’s because it was my first time going out like that with a man」

Putting her hand to her mouth, Philline makes fun of Tiararose whose face turns red from embarrassment.
It is impossible to say that Aquasteed had done things like fed her a cookie with an 「Ahh~」Tiararose wishes her father would come home soon once that thought arose in her mind again.

――The fact that you have that hair ornament attached, does that mean I may expect a little?

When saying goodbye, the words whispered by Aquasteed does not leave her ear. The sweet low voice of Aquasteed, it had made Tiararose conscious to the point where even now she could not forget it.
The hair ornament on Tiararose’s hair, is a special product from Aquasteed’s country. It was the maid Philline who had prepared it, this was her method of cheering Tiararose on.
It would make me happy if the two of you would get together sooner, those were the thoughts of the maid.

「So how was it actually?」


「Mou, Tiararose-sama! I’m wondering what the kiss was like…..」

「W-W-W-What! I have not done such a thing!!」

To what Philline had been worrying over for a long time, Tiararose  becomes bright red and immediately denies it. Just from being fed a cookie her heart was stressed enough let alone something like that.
Such a thing is impossible, Tiararose shakes her head.

「Maa, what a shame. But His Highness Aquasteed does take very good care of Tiararose-sama, I feel truly relieved」

「Philline…… that is so, Aqua-sama is very kind and he dotes over me very much」

It seems like he could never come to dislike Tiararose, there was a conviction of that.
Aquasteed’s eyes were always looking at Tiararose with a firm confidence. It was not the kind with a concern for status, but instead it was gentle.
To Philline who was relieved from the bottom of her heart, she nodded in complete agreement.


「Somehow, because Tiararose-sama is even more restless than usual. I thought that it had something to do with the date――but it’s about the engagement, isn’t it?」


To the word engagement, the shoulders of Tiararose shakes.
The answer could be read from her reaction. Philline had been the maid of Tiararose ever since the beginning. For Philline, she could tell immediately with a look.
She was shy, but looking at the small nodding Tiararose, Philline smiles happily. Although she was hurt by Hartnight, to see her own master finally obtain happiness, Philline could find no greater happiness.

「In that case, it can’t be helped that you are restless while waiting for the Head to return」

「Ah mou! You realized already」

「Yes, ……Well then, it seems the Head has return」


Peering quietly through the window, a carriage could be seen. The horse-drawn carriage with the crest of the Marquis and Lapis, there is no doubt it is Marquis Clementide.
Her heart throbbing, but Tiararose quickly goes to the door to receive her father.

Elegantly, but quickly. She hurries through the long corridor and down the stairs gracefully.
Arriving at the end of the stairs, the entrance opens and the figure of Marquis Clementide appears. Finally arriving home, Tiararose hurried said「Father!」in a slightly raised voice.

「I’m home, Tiara. What happened, to be in such high spirits?」

「I-I am not that high spirited!」

Hurriedly denying it even though it was a lie, Tiararose stands gracefully.
However, such a lie does not fool her father, Marquis Clementide. Seeing his daughter who was somewhat red on the cheeks and slightly restless, there is no way he as a father would not know.
……And. Marquis Clementide who constantly dotes on his daughter thought.
And also, today was the date with Aquasteed, he instantly understood what his daughter wanted to say.
He feels a little lonely in the heart, but also he is truly happy.

「I know, This is regarding His Highness Aquasteed?」


「The matters regarding my own daughter, I understand. ……I will accept it, is that fine?」

「……Yes, Thank you very much, father」

Facing down while being embarrassed, but Tiararose smiles happily.
It is sad that his daughter will be married to another country, but for her to smile happily means more to him than anything else. With that in mind, Marquis Clementide nodded.

◇ ◇ ◇

「I did something that cannot be undone――……」

In the deep night, Hartnight was having a sleepless night in his bed. As for his punishment, it was handed down firmly by his father, King Alexander.
He also wanted Tiararose to be happy, of course.



Leaking out of the mouth of Hartnight, was not Akari’s name but instead the name of Tiararose.
He tried to sleep by all means while turning around, but the face of Tiararose appears every time he closed his eyes. Hartnight shakes his head to clear his mind, but nothing works.

――He was suppose to like Akari, but the face of Tiara will not leave his mind.


Once again, he called out her name.
Then he closes his eyes, and the face of Tiararose surfaces again. Although the two people had often met, Hartnight had done nothing like what a fiancé was suppose to do.
At best, it was about an escort to an evening party.

――If he had just only, look more towards Tiara.

Even though it was too late for Hartnight to regret it, still, the feelings of wanting to rise up.
Troubled endlessly, he thinks about Tiararose and Aquasteed. Even after all that, nothing will leave his head.

At such a moment, a knock is heard from his door.
Although it is the time to sleep, he thought just what on earth could it be.
A knight waits in front of the room. Because the knight came at this hour it must be urgent.
That was what Hartnight thought, but it was just the usual court lady. .

「Good morning. Your Highness Hartnight, please let me do morning preparations」

「Wha-, morning……!?」

To the same usual words, Hartnight was surprised and looks out the window. The weather is amazing and the sunrise was very bright.
Impossible, he had been in thought all night until dawn.

「Is something the matter?」

「……No, please do」

Telling the suspicious court lady there was no problem, Hartnight starts preparations for today.

◇ ◇ ◇

In a relaxed morning time, Tiararose accompanied the maid Philline and went to the capital.
The reason is to meet Aquasteed who was staying at the castle.
Slight blush, and dressed in a light blue dress. Because Aquasteed’s hair is blue, Philline coordinated.

「But I wonder if it is fine to suddenly come like this……」

「It’s alright, The Head gave his approval」

It will be the first visit since the consent of the engagement.
Although it was sudden, in the morning, Marquis Clementide gave his consent and they headed off to the castle. If Aquasteed seemed to be busy, she was thinking of going home without seeing him.

「If it is impossible, a messenger will come soon. That there is none, means there is no problem」

「……I suppose so, But, I am still nervous」

Tiararose and Philline passed through the reception room reserved for Aquasteed in the castle. Currently, the court lady was in the process of confirming with Aquasteed.
Not knowing whether or not they can meet in this situation, makes the chest of Tiararose throb.

After waiting for about ten minutes, a young man who was an attendant of Aquasteed came over.
Bowing politely, Tiararose also returns the bow elegantly.

「Aquasteed-sama will be coming soon. Since we have prepared a place, may I ask you to wait there?」


Aquasteed knew that Tiararose would go to the capital and had already made all the preparations the first thing in the morning.
He had chosen the rose garden which he knew Tiararose would like, and had prepared delicious sweets and tea.

「I am an aide of Aquasteed-sama, if there is something, please do not hesitate to contact me」

「Thank you very much. I apologize for choosing such an unreasonable day」

「No, please do not apologize. Aquasteed-sama was very pleased」

Saying that, Elliott the aide of Aquasteed smiled.
Aquasteed, who came to this country as an foreign student, only brought his aides. King Alexander provided the court ladies and the rest so that Aquasteed would not be inconvenienced.
If Tiararose gets married to Aquasteed like this, the chances to talk with Elliot would increase. Relieved that he was a good person, Tiararose followed after the leading Elliot.

「Lapis Lazuli is a very good country, is not it? The accessories are also very beautiful」

While walking through the corridor, Elliot talks to Tiararose. In order to release her tension, that was consideration on his part.
To that Tiararose smiled, and talks about Marineforest which is the homeland of Aquasteed.

「Our skilled craftsmen are doing their best. On the contrary, in Marineforest, natural corals, pearls, and the likes, there are many jewels of the sea that are the admiration of women」

「Thank you very much. Aquasteed-sama will be delighted to hear that too」

An easy atmosphere arises, both Tiararose and Elliott are aware that the other is a good person, when suddenly a voice calling Tiararose resounds in the corridor.
It was from behind, three people turned at the same time――Hartnight was standing there.

「……Your Highness Hartnight!」

「Tiara, why are you here……?」

Hartnight’s face had an expression like he was seeing a dream, but Philline was the one who reacted first.
She quickly step forward to protect her master. Tiararose was puzzled by the sudden reaction of Philline, but it was true that there was the issue with the attempt to annul their engagement, so she decided to disregard it.
Elliott, the attendant of Aquasteed, bowed to Prince Hartnight and withdrew behind.

「……Iya, You came to see Prince Aquasteed?」

「Wa, yes……」

Hartnight directs his eyes to Elliott, and seemingly convinced himself to the extent that he did. He strongly grasped his fist and grimaced.
Anyhow the situation was strange, and it did not take long for Tiararose and Philline to notice.
Looking at Hartnight who seemed to have something to say, Philline moves a little and stands next to Tiararose. But she would never leave her side.
If anything were to happen she would immediately step in. Even if she contradicts the intentions of Hartnight, even if it was a disrespectful act, she would not back down.
Whether because he did not understand it or not, Hartnight did not say anything.



「For what I did at the graduation party, I am deeply sorry……!」


To the Hartnight who suddenly bowed his head vigorously, Tiararose, Philline, and Elliott all widen their eyes.
Nobody was expecting such a development. The three were taken aback by the sudden action, but the first to respond was Tiararose.

「Your Highness Hartnight, please raise your head! Because I do not mind.……」


「As royalty, you should not lower your head so easily」

「……Tiara, you always warn me to be careful with various things」

Narrowing his eyes in nostalgia, Hartnight stares straight at Tiararose. When she saw that, Tiararose felt relieved and smiled.

――What a relief. His Highness Hartnight, is finally able to think for himself. Maa, I think that ultimately it was because of His Majesty……

While Tiararose smiles wryly inwardly, she was glad that the character her previous existence liked finally got a grip on himself.
That’s why she was caught off guard. Hartnight’s hand had began to reach forward to stroke the head of Tiararose before she realized it.
Hartnight as if looking at a loving princess, had tried to gently touch Tiararose. Although Philline had noticed, she could not react immediately because she did not anticipate anything but attacks.



Different form usual, Hartnight’s voice contained a little sweetness.
Tiararose trembles from the sudden behavior, but as if declaring she did not like it, she shields her head with her hands.
That much, she had dislike the emotions directed to herself so much…….her body had trembled.
But she did not know what to do, other than to raise her voice and shout 「Please stop」 Feeling disgusted and closing her eyes tightly――but nothing touched her head.


She thought that she would be stroked.
So when she opened her eyes afraid, a low, cold voice entered Tiararose’s ears.

「Hey, Prince Hartnight, ――Just what are you trying to do with my precious fiancee?」

Sweeping aside Hartnight’s hand, Aquasteed pulled the waist of Tiararose and brought her tightly into an embrace to his own chest.
He would not give her to Hartnight, his eyes firmly stated that.

「……! A-Aqua-sama!」

「Are you alright? Sorry for being late, Tiara」

Hugging her tightly, Aquasteed gently kissed the forehead of Tiararose.

While smiling with a face that he had never showed to anyone until now, he declared「I came to pick you up」

(Author’s note: 3/25 I modified the scene where Tiararose shakes off the hand at the last second)
(Author’s note: 3/27 I tried changing it even further…!)

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  1. To be honest, I kind of feel bad for Hartnight :/ he was manipulated by the Heroine who is also a reincarnated person based on little bits of her words. But you would think that because he’s a prince, he was taught to be a little bit more level headed and perspective since he was a little kid… but I guess this is an Otome Game so everything that’s happened is fated to happen except for what’s going on at the moment, since we didn’t see the sequel lol.


    1. I agree, but at least Prince Hartnight is starting to to learn his lessons. It might be a bit late but at least he’s doing something about it. Starting by saying “sorry”.


  2. Too late for Hartnight boy!! I slightly feel for the dude for being tricked by Akira but, you have to wonder if he even loves Tiara in the first place. It’s nothing but a political marriage.


    1. I think he appreciates her company ever since but since Tiara is at his disposal he never truly valued her until now that she’s not with him anymore. Specially when he realizes that she is being snatched away. Oh yeah, let me correct myself, specially when he realize that there’s a man who truly cherish her and that man is not him.


  3. Yo it’s weird seeing your own name in a novel 😂
    Also, Hartnight just realized that he took her for granted. Too late for you to make a move dude so just back off and let her be happy.


  4. Suffer bad prince, suffer all you will, you don’t deserve her, go back to you “precious” Akira, how dare you touch her again!


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