Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 10

Translator: Lyna
Editor: Neo

Chapter 10: Building a foundation towards happiness

About one year ago Aquasteed came to〈Lapis Lazuli Kingdom〉 to study abroad.

In fact, as he said it was for future reference, he had been traveling around the country since several years ago. Finally to further his studies, he had transferred to the Royal Lapis Lazuli Academy to study abroad for one year.

However, the lessons were not very meaningful for Aquasteed who was already very knowledgeable from his travels. At the very least, he thought he could read a book not available in his country at the library. Thus this was essentially how he spent everyday.

In the silent library, only the sound of pages being flipped is heard.


From Aquasteed’s position, the seat at the back of the library――the window side.

When he looked outside, fluffy light honey pink hair entered his sight. That person is, he immediately remembers that she is the daughter of Marquis Clementide who was granted the title of Lapis.

Apparently it seems she was having tea under the shade of the trees, as it is a common thing he did not pay particular heed to it.

――Until a few days later.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Did she come again?」

「Looks like it」

The person who answered Aquasteed was one of his attendants, Elliot.

At his usual position, Aquasteed turns a page of the book and what he saw when looking out the window, as expected was Tiararose with her fluffy hair of honey pink.

It is unusual for a young lady to read a book in such a place. He thought that after unintentionally observing her.

The only two people there were Tiararose and her maid.
She was reading while enjoying black tea and sweets on the blanket under the shade of trees.


Aquasteed did not particular mind it much, but since she came to read almost every day she inadvertently always entered his view.
There were occasions where she read with a serious expression, but also occasions where she read with an embarrassed expression. It goes without saying that he gradually began to gaze upon her more and more.


「Do not think about any foolish things, she is the fiancee of Prince Hartnight」

「I know that but……」

The attendant Elliot felt irritated at Aquasteed who was always staring at Tiararose.

For Elliot, who normally only saw beautiful noble daughters try to approach and chase after Aquasteed, his current state looked pitiful.
He wishes his master’s love could come true but there is nothing that can be done, and that only made it all the more frustrating.

「……Ah! 」

「It’s raining」

Today as he read books while watching Tiararose, it began to rain after a while. Along with Elliott who unexpectedly raised his voice, Aquasteed also frowns.

――Although she was reading happily, this would ruin it.

As Aquasteed looks up at the sky, the clouds were beginning to cover the sunlight. It seems like it would not let up for a while.

Just a little should be alright, thinking so, Aquasteed puts forth his hand.


「If we leave it as it is the books will get wet. It is just a little so it will be fine」

Gathering his own magic powers to his hand, Aquasteed once again looks up at the sky. He whispers a small incantation, so that the rain will avoid Tiararose and only fall around her. Instead of rain, a small rainbow forms over Tiararose making a very fantastic scenery.

Magic exists in this world.

Aquasteed who is the crown prince of a powerful country, possesses enormous amounts of magic power. In addition to his interest in the sword, he played the active role of a magic swordsman.

However, Aquasteed prefers the sword and does not use magic very often.

Nevertheless, even if they had only just exchanged greetings once at an evening party, even if he had only just seen her from the window, he had used his magic for her.

「……I wish their fates could become intertwined」

Quietly, Elliot’s voice leaks out.


However, since Aquasteed was watching Tiararose who was pleased by the rainbow he misses it.

The fiancee of Hartnight, the crown prince of Lapis Lazuli, how could fate be so cruel, Elliot wanted to cry.

Everyone wishes for their own master’s happiness.

If only it would come true, he wishes that his thoughts would take shape. Looking outside at the rainbow, Elliot thinks alone.

This would surely only be the beginning of Aquasteed’s love.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Aquasteed-sama, did you prepare the letter?」

「Aa, take this to His Majesty」


It has been one year since Aquasteed started looking at Tiararose. It is nearing the end of his study abroad; and simultaneous with Aquasteed, was the graduation of Tiararose and Hartnight.

From then on, those two will begin marriage preparations for a year.
Everyone had thought so.

――That is until the graduation party.

「Fly, and pierce through the clouds!」

Elliot, who receives the letter from Aquasteed, casts a spell of change on the letter.

Then the letter turns into a bird’s shape and passes through the window and soars grandly into the sky. This magic is very difficult to master, but is also incredibly convenient.

It is not something a normal attendant would be able to use, but because it is the attendant of Aquasteed. Elliot had desperately mastered the spell.

「The country will not have any problems with this」


Today, was the day of the graduation party――and then it became night.

Aquasteed who had proposed to Tiararose was allowed to escort her home. Aquasteed and Elliot do not let this opportunity escape either.

Aquasteed, who came home, immediately writes a letter to his country and sets up future arrangements. His proposal to Tiararose, because he will definitely take her home, he arranges for the castle to set up rooms and personal items.

「Just as soon as it began to head in a good direction――as expected you work fast Aquasteed-sama. I was worried beyond myself like a fool the entire time」

「……That’s right, I was even surprised by myself」

――But it is true that he thought this was his only chance.

Tiararose was trembling a little and in front of her stood Hartnight with a glaring face. How could he leave the person he loved to stand alone like that in such a place? Aquasteed had taken her hand immediately, and he had given her a smile saying everything was alright now.

He then prepared a formal request of engagement on the day, and had it delivered to Marquis Clementide the very next morning.
Of course there is not much time before the return to his country, but beyond that Aquasteed wanted to put Tiararose ahead of himself.

And that wish came true, on the morning of the next day after the request was made, it was acknowledged by Marquis Clementide.
Aquasteed was delighted by the reply and thought that he should visit immediately, but that plan was shortly dismissed.

Because he then heard from Marquis Clementide that Tiararose was coming to visit him.

He apologized for the sudden visit, but there was completely no need for that. Because there could be nothing more joyous.

「Thank you, Marquis Clementide, I am very happy to be able to see Miss Tiararose」

「……If you say so, I am also very happy」

「Also regarding the engagement talks, thank you very much for that too. All preparations here are in order, so do not worry about anything」

「Is that so」

To the expected words of Aquasteed, Marquis Clementide nodded.
However, he honestly didn’t think that the arrangements were already prepared to this extent. Their part, as well as Marineforest, and the arrangements by King Alexander are also complete.

Why was his daughter loved so dearly by the crown prince of such a powerful country? Even though he thought about it, in the end Marquis Clementide accepted it as a matter of nature because she was his daughter after all.

Someone as lovely as Tiararose. He would not let anyone marry her unless they truly loved her. The matter with Hartnight was unfortunate, but it was definitely fortunate for Marquis Clementide.

「Well then I will excuse myself for preparations to welcome Miss Tiararose」

「Likewise, thank you very much for your thoughtfulness. My daughter will be pleased as well」

With a simple farewell, Aquasteed parts from Marquis Clementide to ready the preparations.

However, Aquasteed can only give out instructions and arrange the place. Meanwhile, he has to finish his own work. There are not many tasks but he has to finish them now so he can spend his time leisurely with Tiararose.

He issued basic instructions to Elliott and immediately went to his office.

◇ ◇ ◇

A few hours later, a court lady reported Tiararose’s arrival.
Because several papers were left, Aquasteed asked Elliot to act as a guide for Tiararose. Of course, he was about to finish soon as well.

He had prepared a small private rose garden.
The garden where yellow and pink roses were in full bloom, he thought would be a perfect fit for Tiararose.

However, when Aquasteed went to the rose garden, he did not see the figure of Tiararose. Because he also did not see Elliot’s figure, he assumed they were still en route.

――But even so, it was taking too much time.

The rose garden is much closer to the reception room where Tiararose was waiting than Aquasteed’s office.  Feeling doubtful, Aquasteed immediately heads towards the reception room.

Because it is inside the castle, there is not anything dangerous. Furthermore, Elliot who is acting as the guide is also skilled with the sword and magic.

――Is it possible, did she run into Prince Hartnight?

Such a thought crosses the mind of Aquasteed, but it couldn’t possibly be. At the graduation party, Tiararose had done nothing wrong. There could be no such thing as complaining about it here.

Yes, that was what he thought but――…….

As he walked through the corridor towards the reception room, Tiaraose and Hartnight came into sight.

Just when he thought whether she was being accused unjustly, he then notices the situation is strange. Aquasteed quickly heads towards the two people and just before Hartnight’s hand touched the head of Tiararose.

He pulls Tiararose who had her eyes closed in protest and her hands guarding her head tightly into a hug to his own chest. Aquasteed brushs aside the hand of Hartnight as it was, and at the same time, look towards Hartnight with a piercing glare.

――Don’t even think about it.

「Hey, Prince Hartnight, ――Just what are you trying to do with my precious fiancee?」

As Aquasteed declares that in a cold voice, Hartnight’s body shook.
Normally, Aquasteed and Hartnight are on good terms. But ever since the graduation party, their relationship had become strained.
Hartnight also did not think that he would be hated to this extent. And at the same time it was also clearly announced that they were engaged.

――Even though he was so terrible towards her, is he trying to chase her unfaithfully even now?

Aquasteed’s anger towards Hartnight began to rise and at the same time, he also brought Tiararose closer towards himself protectively.

「……! A-Aqua-sama!」

「Are you alright? Sorry for being late, Tiara」

Tiararose, who was surprised in the arms of Aquasteed, unconsciously called him by his pet name. It made him so happy that Aquasteed smiles gently and kisses the forehead of Tiararose. Because she was not use to it, the already bright red Tiararose looks up at Aquasteed shyly. The way she fits comfortably into his arms, was also extremely cute.

「Prince Hartnight, Tiara is my fiancee. Will you kindly refrain from touching her……?」

「…….! I-I apologize, to be formally engaged so soon……」

「――Yes, if you understand, I will overlook it this time」

So that Hartnight does not enter her sight, Aquasteed embraces Tiararose so that her face was buried into his shoulder.
He strokes her beautiful hair as to show off and advises Hartnight again.

「Well then, shall we go? I have prepared Tiara’s favorite sweets and tea」

「…….Thank you very much, but to visit so suddenly……」

「It’s alright, I had intended to come visit you anyways」

While puzzled, Tiararose walks accordingly with Aquasteed. Hartnight had been watching the situation for a while, but he then left the place silently.

In the corner secretly, Philline was doing a guts pose……but of course no one saw this.

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