Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 12 Part 1

Translator: Lyna
Editor: Neo

Chapter 12: Awakening of the Holy Prayer

Just when Tiararose and Aquasteed pledged their love to each other, lights overflowed from the castle as if it were blessing them.
However, the unknown light soon brings about a state of alert.
One of the knights standing by immediately stepped forth to protect the two. Elliot also came back to the garden with Philliane.

「What is this……!?」


Everyone could instantly tell that the light was due to magic. ――But I have never heard of such a phenomenon appearing before.
Aquasteed pulled Tiarose close to himself in a protective manner.
There is a possibility of it being an enemy. There must not be any careless actions.

――This is…could it possible be the Holy Prayer that the heroine has!?

「It will be alright I will protect Tiara」


Tiararose had widened her eyes in surprise so he had thought she was scared. Aquasteed gently stroked her and gently promised to protect her.

However, Tiararose knew something about this light.

Holy Prayer.
This is an incredibly rare magic that only person could use in this world――.
A magic with absolute purification power and it was a setting where only the heroine of 〈Ring of Lapis Lazuli〉 could use that power.

――I forgot about it.

It was mentioned in the explanation as a prayer of a pure maiden, but because the heroine hadn’t used it she had assumed it couldn’t be used.
Furthermore, there was no way she could use it like in the game.
In the game, the power was shortly awakened after the conviction event.

But why was it awakened now? Tiararose thought and came to one conclusion.

Perhaps it was due to the actions of the villainess. Originally, the heroine’s power should have already been awakened. However, the timing shifted due to the actions of the villaness, Tiararose.
After her body took on an unreasonable amount of burden did it perhaps awakened her power and cause the castle to overflow with the previous light?


In the game the heroine was granted the title of Lapis by the country after awakening the power of the Holy Prayer.
This power that can purify evil, by shielding the country itself with that power……it could protect against evil. Hence for that reason the Lapis Lazuli Kingdom would grant those who possessed that power the title of Lapis.

Under normal considerations, ――there should be no exceptions.

「……The light seems to have died down」

「It would seems so, I will go confirm so Aquasteed-sama please wait right here」

Elliot sharpened his senses and left the garden to investigate the surroundings.
Although he was somewhat worried about leaving his master, he deemed this situation would require urgency. Besides, there is a knight there and furthermore Aquasteed is stronger. Thus he was reassured.

「Tiara, don’t worry Elliot will return soon with more information」

「That’s right, there is no need to worry about it Tiararose, please wait here with Aquasteed-sama」

Seeing the anxious Tiararose both Aquasteed and Philiane try to calm her. However, Tiararose was actually very calm.
The Holy Prayer is a power every country desires. Of course it’s a power that not only the Lapis Lazuli Kingdom desires but even the Marineforest Kingdom strongly desires it.
The owner of the magic would often be married into the royal family of the country they reside in.

――What if Aqua-sama also wanted the heroine’s power?

That couldn’t be. It’s impossible, Tiararose’s mind gave a definite reply. But if the scenario were to move like in the game……?
Currently the first part is almost over. What if we are currently transitioning to the second part?
As she thought about it a chilling sensation came about Tiararose.

It’s the light of the Holy Prayer. As if it were that easy to tell Aquasteed. However, how Aquasteed would respond was what scared Tiararose the most.


「……It will be alright, do not worry」

Tiararose had unconsciously squeezed Aquasteed’s clothing. When Aquasteed saw the trembling Tiararose he thought she must have been scared of the unknown light.
He repeated「It’s alright」many times over to Tiararose as he gently stroked her back.

After that, a knight serving under King Alexander came directly to report the current situation.
He bowed to Aquasteed and then immediately reported the situation.

「Pardon my intrusion, regarding the situation of the light, it was due to the malfunction of a magic tool. There currently seems to be no problems but it would better if Tiararose-sama were to return home once the inspection of the castle’s magic tools is over」

「……I see, understood」

The knight then left after briefly reporting the current situation.
Aquasteed seemed to be deep in thought about something but Tiararose couldn’t guess what he was thinking about.
The knight’s report is surely a lie. Although Tiararose was convinced of it, she didn’t possess any reason to step in.

「It seems it was the malfunction of a magic tool, I’m glad it was nothing big」

Aquasteed instructed a relieved looking Philiane to prepare a horse-drawn carriage.

「Tiara, I will escort you so let’s return to the mansion at once」

「……Yes, understood」

――To be truthful, I don’t want to return.

But she couldn’t say such a thing.

She would have like to see how the game progressed with her own eyes. Tiararose thought so, but for now she could only accept the report of it being a malfunctioning magic tool.

Was it decided by the king or was it the instructions of another in power…… Tiararose never thought that not understanding something could be so frustrating.

But hopefully.

――Aqua-sama doesn’t take the heroine’s hand……..

◇ ◇ ◇

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