Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 12 Part 2

Translator: Lyna
Editor: Neo

Chapter 12: Awakening of the Holy Prayer (2)

After escorting Tiararose, Aquasteed returned to his own room in the castle.
But Elliot had still yet to return.

「……? He’s late」

The peace in the castle had already been restored, most people had already returned to their usual routines.
There could only be one reason Elliott had still not returned even after all that.

The information the knight reported earlier to Aquasteed was all a lie.

Otherwise, someone as talented as Elliot would have long returned already. As one can see Elliot is good at gathering intelligence. There was even a time where he was employed solely for intelligence gathering.

――Did something serious perhaps happen?

He didn’t know. However, as the crowned prince of a neighboring country Aquasteed couldn’t just walk around the castle himself to investigate. If he handled it poorly, it might develop into something like war.

Unlike the graduation party, it’s not something as simple as two princes talking with each other. If there is something, King Alexander will also respond severely.

「So I can only wait」

Aquasteed reluctantly reached for the documents he was planning to do tomorrow.
It ‘s likely Elliot will return soon with more information. When he thought so, it’s necessary to secure more free time starting from tomorrow onward.

With that Aquasteed headed to his desk and looked through the documents for a while.
And occasionally recalled his time with Tiararose earlier. It seems it was her first kiss, as she had looked up at Aquasteed with slightly teary eyes.
Aquasteed thought about how he wanted to praise himself for not pushing her down right then and there.
When he thought about how they will be together forever from now on, his work also goes by quicker.



An knock sounded unexpectedly from the door. Aquasteed glanced at the clock; it was around evening already.
A Court Lady had brought food as usual just like how he instructed.
As the Court Lady prepared the meal like she usually did, he finished up his work and cleared it away. Aquasteed finished the meal and just like that it became nighttime.

As he drank the light wine the Court Lady prepared he began to think about what had happened. Just as he thought that, a knocking sound echoed throughout the room informing him that Elliot had finally returned.
As soon as he instructed「Enter」a tired looking Elliot entered.

「I have returned Aquasteed-sama」

「Aa, you’re late――what happened?」

「……Yes, surprisingly the girl named Akari-sama who was at the graduation party with His Highness Hartnight awakened the power of the Holy Prayer」


Aquasteed was astonished at the words of Elliot.
And he then started thinking about the one who possessed the power of the Holy Prayer from the last generation.

――If he recalled correctly, the last one passed away several years ago.

In that case, it’s not surprising that that someone who can use the Holy Prayer would appear in this generation. However, out of all people it turned out to be Akari――.
Aquasteed sighed greatly and then thought what a troublesome matter

「A girl who can use the Holy Prayer ――it is desirable」

「I agree, but King Alexander is unlikely to do something like let her go」

「――For example, even if there is a possibility of a war, he will not let her go」

Regarding one incident of the graduation party, Aquasteed recalled the King declaraing that Hartnight wouldn’t become king.
He doesn’t know what kind of decision King Alexander will make, but he could most likely guess what it will be.

「The report to me was that a magic tool had malfunctioned, so King Alexander will not reveal anything about the Holy prayer until the matter is settled. The fact that it took you this long to gather the information is prove of that」

「I agree, ――it’s likely that she will get married to His Highness Hartnight. But because it was already declared that he will not be the future king, it’s essentially a form of support towards the second prince, His Highness Sirius as the next king」

Aquasteed nodded in agreement to Elliot’s words and murmured「This is troublesome」
Regarding the school graduation party, King Alexander also apologized to make up for what Hartnights did, the incident was caused by his child after all. Worst case, he could have been cast aside.
However support will gather for the person who possesses the power of the Holy Prayer. Like the other day, there was no sweet words at all and the response was tough.

「The benefits of having someone who can use the Holy Prayer is great. Once you obtain it’s power the country can be peaceful」

「……If you use my power, intervention is possible ――but the demerits are great」

「Demerits, right」

As Aquasteed said so while thinking about it, Elliot responded happily.
By faithfully understanding the words of his master, Elliot can simulate in his brain what actions to take in the future. If he waits till after being told by his master to move, it will be too late.

「Of course, the merits are also great. If we can obtain the power of the Holy Prayer, our country will prosper」


Within the brain of Aquasteed, the calculations for the future are being done at a high speed. After thinking for a few minutes, he then quietly called his follower’s name.

「As you say, Aquasteed-sama」

As soon as he acknowledged the reply, Elliot once again disappeared into the darkness of the night.

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  1. ah, it seem like writer have a good skill to tease readers heart >_<"

    but as novel's name is I think this turn of event just to make readers worry (I hope it'll end up well)


  2. Before even talking about whether or not he falls for her and betraying Tiararose, if he chooses to bring Akari to his country Tiararose should leave him. After the humiliation she had to endure and having her life thrown upside down, even if he doesn’t fall in love having her presence there will only wear out Tiararose.

    The question now is, does he value his kingdom over Tiararose’s happiness? In choosing to bring Akari can he let go of Tiararose? As asking for both will only hurt Tiararose and we will see if he truly loves her to let her go.


    1. I agree, Aqua must choose one.
      We know he truly loves Tiara, I don’t think he will love another, and I ship them together, BUT if he decides to fight for Akari on behalf of his country then it’s totally not good for the couple’s relationship…
      They said “The owner of the magic would often be married into the royal family(…)”, so Aqua better not do anything stupid. What if Marineforest’s king forces him to marry Akari? No, no, no!
      I don’t wanna see Tiara suffer.
      They better solve it soon and have more sweet, cute moments together~!

      Thanks for the update! Can’t wait for the next chapter!


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  6. Of all the things I could hope for, the main thing that comes to mind right now is that I hope the “darkness” that the Holy Power can dispel does not depend on the users POV because if that happened, with that high power and conceited user the kingdom could only perish instead to prosper.


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