Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 14

Translator: Kitakami
Editor: Neo

Chapter 14: A Different Ending From The Game

Tiararose received explanations regarding the future from Aquasteed.
He will be returning to his home country in ten days. At that time, Tiararose will also be brought along to finish her bride training.
Feeling relieved, Philline immediately finishes the final check and started making arrangements carefully alongside Marquis Clementide.

Though there wasn’t really any need to be so particular. Tiararose thought that, but in truth she was really happy and excited.

――Aqua-sama wasn’t engaged to the heroine, what a relief!

Today was an exhausting day.
Tiararose was condemned by Akari and Hartnight so naturally she was hurt. However, it was only a game scenario after all.
And it had led to Tiararose becoming cherished by Aquasteed, that was how she thought of it now.

But those feelings of relief were brief.
A development that she hadn’t anticipated came at midnight.


As Tiararose was sleeping a bright light illuminated her room.
It was only for an instant, but the light had been more than enough to awaken her.

「So this magic can be used to teleport around within the country. How convenient …….ah, good evening」


In that instant, Akari who should have still been within the castle appeared inside Tiararose’s room.
She is a heroine of this game

「I have thought about it a lot」

――What does she mean?
Tiararose had called out Akari’s name, but she ignored it and continued speaking. With a look of confusion, Tiararose got up from her bed and faced Akari.

「Tiara-sama ――you’re Japanese correct?」


「Because you seem different from the Tiara-sama in the game after all. Hatnight-sama, Morgris-oniisama, Cliff-sama, even the teachers, and everyone else. It was even on the event. And yet, in the end it didn’t go well at all!!」

The conclusion that she had arrived on was that Tiararose had made the game different than it originally was.
Which indeed was the truth. But that shouldn’t have been enough to determine that Tiararose was a reincarnated Japanese.
Both her hair color and eye color were obviously not Japanese.

「Etto…… Akari-sama, I don’t understand what you meant by that」

「You don’t have to play dumb, I was initially satisfied with just marrying Hartnight-sama, but then my favorite Aqua-sama appeared. I was so surprised……! Because he is the main capture target of the sequel, I was thinking on settling with my second favorite Hartnight-sama.  But then I thought about marrying Aqua-sama and thought that would be even better!!」

In other words, Akari preferred Aquasteed over Hartnight.
And so she had come here to tell me to break up with Aquasteed. As Tiararose thought this, Akari looked quietly at Tiararose.



What’s going on? That’s what she had thought and a puzzled expression appeared on Tiararose’s face.
But the next moment, her body trembled greatly with Akari’s words. She was shaken.

「Does Tiara-sama also know a little about the sequel? About the cute heroine and Aqua-sama’s event?」

For Tiararose who didn’t know the contents of the sequel those were information she wanted very badly. Especially regarding the heroine that will capture Aquasteed.
Looking at Tiararose’s reaction, Akari laughed and said 「I knew it!」

「I tried setting up a bait and I am glad you were caught. However, Tiara-sama’s appearance is the same as the game’s Tiararose. What’s up with that?」

「……It’s reincarnation, I have memories of playing this game when I was Japanese. But that’s it」

As though Tiararose’s explanation was on-par with her thoughts, Akari gave a nod looking impressed.

「So you’re saying in your past life you were also Japanese? Hm, hm, hmー?」


「Did you die before you could play the sequel……?」


As if she were thinking about something, Akari then predicted what had happened in Tiararose’s previous life. It wasn’t something that needed to be hidden so Tiararose had nodded obediently but Akari was terribly surprised.
Placing her hands on her mouth she muttered「I can’t believe it」
Even if she acted so surprised there was nothing that could be done about it since I had already died. In the end nothing could be done.

――That’s right, I also really wanted to play the sequel and collect artworks of Aqua!!
She had really wanted to. There must have been lots of beautiful pictures and crushing events.
While throwing some murderous intent towards Akari who had played the game she dryly said 「Leave me alone」 ――But Akari wasn’t paying attention.
She suddenly grabbed Tiara’s hands and tightly grasped them. With a few tears in her eyes she began speaking rather rapidly.

「How pitiful! Tiara-sama, it’s so sad you didn’t get to play the sequel!! It was such a wonderful Otome game, there are no other like it! Of course, Hartnight-sama is also nice, but…… still, Aqua-sama is a much much better person. The heroine of the sequel had quite a formal name and she was such a good character. She is the daughter of the Duke of Marineforest called Aisira, after Aqua-sama was forced into an engagement decided by the country they met near the sea. The artwork was really beautiful, and I played it many times. Unlike me, who was initially a commoner but was later on adopted by an Earl, she lived a stable life from the start. Anyhow, I really wish I could be in the position of the sequel heroine! Hah……」


Akari had talked to the point Tiararose had nearly blanked out. She had kept talking on about how she loved Aquasteed to the extent she was gasping for breath.
But among her words, Tiararose was able to obtain the information she wanted. But that was the only fortunate thing.

「Etto, so why is Akari-sama here?」

「Hm? Ah, that’s right. Actually, my engagement with Hartnight was officially decided」

――Yes, I already know.

「Right? I guess Tiara-sama also knows this but I can use the Holy Prayer」


「So, if I tell my favorite Aqua-sama that I love him I can get married to him without any problems. Does Tiara-sama know how important this power is in this world?」

As she nodded to herself Akari continued talking about her plans.
Then Tiararose noticed a hole in the information she knows.

――Aqua-sama, does he know that Akari can use the Holy Prayer?

When they were talking during the daytime, she hadn’t asked anything regarding that. Hartnight and Akari’s engagement had been decided but Hartnight wasn’t going to become king. She had only heard that.
She hadn’t heard any reasons to why Akari was made Hartnight’s fiancee. Of course, there was the possibility that he was just being considerate towards Tiararose who was anxious.
However, there was also the possibility that Aquasteed just didn’t know. Tiararose trembled with anxiety thinking about the two possibilities.

「So, Tiara-sama, please break up with Aqua-sama」


To Akari, who told her to break up frankly, Tiararose also instantly replied. Rather, Tiararose was surprised that she had replied so quickly.

「……! Why? There’s no point!! Because Tiara-sama hasn’t played the sequel right? In that case, you have completely no hope with Aqua-sama unlike me. I love Aqua-sama, I have even played the game over and over so many times!」

She suddenly raised her voice and barked 「This is just laughable!」
But Tiararose couldn’t stay silent after being told such a thing. What are you talking about, she then glared at Akari with harsh eyes.

「Aqua-sama is not a game. He is a living human being in this world!」

「So what? Of course I know that」

「If you know that then do not disregard Aqua-sama’s opinion」

「……What are you talking about? Aqua-sama is from the royal family, I possess the Holy Prayer. In this world to get married would be the common sense」

Tiararose bit her lip for a moment to Akari’s words.
Marriage of the one who possesses the Holy Prayer with the royal family was indeed common sense in this world. Akari’s words were ridiculous, but they made sense according to this world’s logic.

「See, you have nothing to say right? That’s because Tiara-sama also understands this. Since Aqua-sama is the crowned prince of a great country there is no doubt that he will pick me」

「……But Akari-sama is already engaged to His Highness Hartnight correct? Thus another country cannot just steal you to their side」

「……I have not yet agreed to the engagement. That was just arbitrarily decided by the king. So I will tell Aqua-sama about my power and ask him to protect me. That’s why, yes――……」

Akari plans on going to Marinforest in the form of protection and then marrying Aquasteed. It is not that easy to escape from this country but with Aquasteed, the crowned of a powerful country it would be possible.
The sudden development once again made Tiararose nervous.

With an unfit smile Akari then raised her hand and turned it towards Tiararose.

――What? This feeling is she trying to use magic…….?
She was startled, aside from that Akari who was the heroine possesses an enormous amount of magic power. Conversely, Tiararose who was the villainess doesn’t have much magic power.
Akari’s hand began crackling with electricity. Tiararose’s body began trembling as she stepped back a few steps. She had no way to protect herself.
Even if she used defensive magic, she still wouldn’t be able to stop Akari due to the vast difference in magic power.

「Tiara-sama became injured thus the engagement was canceled.  That is the scenario I am thinking about」


Akari smiled brightly as if saying that was a good plan.
Tiararose couldn’t think of any countermeasures and kept retreating until her back hit the wall. She was hoping to escape through the door into the next room, but she couldn’t turn away as she didn’t know when Akari would attack.

「Don’t worry, it will only be a slight injury. So please be at ease and stay asleep for several months for me and Aqua-sama」

「Such a thing, it will not be tolerated!」

「Because I am the heroine, in the true ending I will obtain a happy ending」

With crackling electricity a light shine greatly,「For the happiness of me and Aqua-sama, pretty please」 Akari’s mouth twisted as she said these words.

「Lightning, come forth!」


In response to Akari’s words, a huge bolt of lighting shot straight towards Tiararose’s head. With no means to stop it, Tiararose tried shielding herself with her hands even though she knew it would be futile.
Tiararose closed her eyes tightly in preparation for the shock――but the impact did not come.


Confused Tiararose then slowly opened her eyes.
What she saw was a magic barrier gently enveloped around her. Naturally, Tiararose was unable to cast such a magic barrier that could completely block Akari’s magic attack.
Then who――?

「I’m glad I made it in time」


Aquasteed tightly hugged Tiararose from behind.
Apparently he had entered from the door into the room, her father also appeared from behind.
Thoughts of why Aquasteed was here, or whether he would choose Akari, or whether she would’ve died from the magic attack had all completely disappeared.
Aquasteed had came to help her, that alone was more than enough.

「Just what in the world…… I never thought Akari-sama would actually be here」

「Miss Akari, you will explain of course?」


Akari was surprised at the sudden appearance of her beloved Aquasteed and Marquis Clementide.
It is true that with all the commotion, Marquis Clementide who lived in the same house would definitely rush over. However, Aquasteed lives at the castle. It should’ve been impossible for him to appear here.


Thus, words of doubt leaked from Akari’s mouth.
The two looked at her with cold eyes, but then Akari remembered her original plan.

「This isn’t what it looks like, Aqua-sama! I have awoken the powers of the Holy Prayer. But I am being forced into an engagement with Hartnight-sama……. Aqua-sama, please save me. I don’t want to stay in this country. Please take me to Aqua-sama’s country」

Akari was confident that she would definitely be useful and beneficial to the powerful Marineforest.
So if Aquasteed knew that Akari possesses the Holy Prayer he would definitely choose her. Akari firmly believed this.

「How selfish, doesn’t Akari-sama like Prince Hartnight? Even if you say such a thing now, no one will believe it」

「Marquis Clementide please be quiet. I am talking to Aqua-sama!」

Akari retorted bullishly to Marquis Clementide who had entered the room.
Confident in herself, Akari gazed straight at Aquasteed.

Meanwhile, Tiararose was overwhelmed with tremendous fear.
Aquasteed may perhaps pick Akari or might bring her back to his country under the name of protection.
Such unpleasant thoughts flashed through Tiararose’s head.

「Aqua-sama is probably unaware of this, but I awoken the powers of the Holy Prayer the other day. So, please take me with you to Marineforest. If I stay there, the country will develop further and prosper」

「No, that’s…….!」


Tiararose had instantly reacted when Akari said those words and reached her hand out.
She had quickly returned words of refusal and gently gripped Aquasteed’s clothes. Aquasteed then began gently comforting her and stroked her head in a soothing manner.

「I know」


Both the voices of Tiararose and Akari simultaneously leaked out to Aquasteed’s quiet voice.
The room grew silent towards Aquasteed’s words.

「Miss Akari, I already know that you possess the powers of the Holy Prayer」

「Then if you already know why don’t you make me your fiancee……?」

「――Unnecessary, you are too much trouble. I can develop my country by myself without relying on the powers of the Holy Prayer」


Everyone held their breath to those words.
The words of Aquasteed the crowned prince of a powerful country were heavy, quiet, yet dignified.

「Thus, Miss Akari is unnecessary」

Everyone was shocked towards Aquasteed’s clear rejection.
He had declared that he wouldn’t need the Holy Prayer. A power that every country desperately wanted yet Aquasteed had turned it down.

「I have Tiara after all, there is no need for any woman other than Tiara」


「I am sorry for arriving late to help you」

With a gentle smile, as if she were his dearest treasure, Aquasteed pressed his lips onto Tiararose’s forehead.
Then he hugged Tiararose and brought her close protectively. 「I’m so glad I made it in time」these words came from Aquasteed but they were too quiet to reach the ears of Tiararose.

「Lies…… that’s a lie. It’s impossible for me not to be chosen, such a thing…….」

「――Arrest her」

A devastated Akari sank down to the floor muttering deliriously, and Aquasteed gave an order in a cold voice.
Several knights immediately came into the room and arrested Akari. They attached a magic device that prevented usage of magic and took her to the castle.
Tiararose had thought she would struggle and resist but Akari had remained silent and went without any resistance. It seems the rejection from her beloved Aquasteed had been extremely hard on her.

「Thank you very much, Aqua-sama」

「I am glad you’re safe. Are you injured anywhere?」

「No, because Aqua-sama came, I have no injuries」

Smiling softly, Tiararose placed her head against Aquasteed’s chest. Her state of tension and tiredness then immediately disappeared.
Realizing she shouldn’t be doing this Tiararose tried raising her head but she was stopped by Aquasteed.


「Stay like that, since such an incident occurred it’s alright to receive even more pampering than this」

――To be held like a princess……it’s embarrassing but I’m happy.
Tiararose’s heart began throbbing and she thought about how she wanted to remain like this forever. Before she had been afraid of being selfish and causing Aquasteed to come to hate her.
Initially Tiararose was supposed to be exiled from the country since she was a villainess. So she was actually very scared of all her own actions.

But it was fine now.
Aquasteed had clearly chosen Tiararose instead of Akari in this incident. She wondered what this emotional feeling she felt was.

――Happiness, perhaps?

With that in mind, Tiararose was able to smile at last from the bottom of her heart.

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