Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 15

Translator: Kitakami
Editor: Neo

Chapter 15: New Departure

There is a very large and beautiful lake in Lapis Lazuli.
On the lake side there is a white tower surrounded by colorful flowers, the so-called Princess Tower. There are flower relief carvings embellished around the walls of the tower, it was a national secret but it was in fact a magic tool.
It was judged necessary to seal a certain magic power here, it was a place where an important person lives.
Only a small part of the country’s upper aristocracy knows about it……

「……Why do I have to live in such a place?」

With her black hair fluttering about, Akari looked out from the tower’s top floor. The wind brushed gently against her hair as she looked outside from the window.
Initially she was being sealed in the guest room of the royal palace, but she was moved to this white tower after she tried using magic to harm Tiararose.

Originally, she should have been punished severely.
But because she possesses the power of the Holy Prayer and because Tiararose didn’t wish for a heavy punishment, she was instead sentenced to live in this tower for life.
For Tiararose it was an act of compassion towards the only other Japanese. Also, since she was coincidentally taught the name of the sequel heroine it could also be taken for as an act of gratitude.
Aquasteed had also agreed with Tiararose since fortunately she wasn’t injured. And above all, the country didn’t want to lose Akari the user of the Holy Prayer.

「Aqua-sama rejected me……. even Hartnight-sama didn’t do anything……. I am the heroine, how did it end up like this? I wish I could use magic and teleport to somewhere far away from here」

Words of despair leaked out one after another from Akari’s mouth.
She had enormous magic powers, and she could teleport―― Originally, it would have been fairly easy but she could only use a little magic when she was in this tower.
The flower relief carvings surrounding the outer wall of the tower were a magic device that sealed magic after all. It looks like plain fancy decoration but it is actually a special carving that has been meticulously calculated.

「The only thing I can do is use light magic to brighten the room, produce a little water, or use cooling magic to control the temperature of the room. There are other things that I can do, but I don’t really understand」

But she did understand one thing, which was she wouldn’t be able to escape from this tower by herself.
A special key is needed for the entrance, and there are guards inside and outside the tower. Furthermore if anything goes out of control, knights would also immediately arrive.

「If this were an Otome game, then a prince would come to rescue me…… well, this is actually also an Otome game」

But no one will be coming to rescue Akari.
There will be times where she is allowed out of the tower, but during those times she will be under strict surveillance so she still wouldn’t be free. At the very least she wished Hartnight was here.

「……Eh? Hartnight-sama?」

As if her wish had come true, Hartnight appeared at the bottom of the tower.
Akari’s face lit up as she welcomed Hartnight inside. She prompted him to sit down on the sofa and began preparing her favorite tea and cookies.

「I won’t be staying long so don’t worry about it」

「I want to do it, since I have so much free time here I cannot help it……」


――Because you won’t take me out anyways, correct?
In that case,「Please at least enjoy some quality teatime with me」 Akari gave a weak smile.

「Akari and I will get married and we will assist Sirius who is the second prince. This is the final decision and Akari is not allowed to deny it」

「……I understand」

「You nodded quite obediently, I heard that you admire Prince Aquasteed though」

Even though Akari did make a shameless plan, she didn’t want to remain persistent after Aquasteed since he had rejected her.
But Hartnight was misunderstanding something. That’s what Akari thought. Even if she were to be called shameless she couldn’t help it.
Akari loves Aquasteed.
That’s what everyone thought.
Of course, that is the truth though.

「――……But I also love Hartnight-sama as well」

Akari murmured and looked directly at Hartnight’s eyes.
Naturally Hartnight was surprised by this. He had thought that Akari’s heart only consisted of Aquasteed and nothing regarding him.

「…… Akari」


Did I say something strange? Akari thought as she stared blankly at Hartnight’s surprised face.
What might be normal for Akari is naturally not normal for other people.

Akari loves this Otome game world very much.
She didn’t dislike any of the capture targets that existed here. She loves each and everyone of them. Her pure thoughts suddenly dropped into Hartnight’s heart.


Hartnight felt his eyes slowly well up with tears.
Akari’s feelings, even now, he was still happy from hearing them……. The selfish Akari, who did whatever she pleased. The Akari who also loves Aquasteed.
But Hartnight still had his own pride. His heart was unable to accept everything immediately.

「……I am returning home」

「Eh! But Hartnight-sama only just arrived here……」

He immediately left the tower and quickly headed home.
He felt that if he were to stay at the tower any longer he would end up saying something incredibly outrageous.

Perhaps it was because Akari was the heroine and Hartnight the capture target. Or perhaps there was another reason ――……

◇ ◇ ◇

「Tiararose, spend your time in good health」

「If anything happens, please contact us immediately」

「……Yes, father, mother, but there is no need to worry. I am very happy after all」

On the day of departure for Marineforest.
In front of the mansion, Tiararose reluctantly parts with her parents alongside Aquasteed. She will return home after a year to perform the announcement ceremony, but essentially she will be unable to return in the meantime.
And after they officially marry she will become Queen. Simply put it will be difficult to leave the country and return home. Of course, Aquasteed will consider Tiararose’s feelings but she wouldn’t do anything too selfish.

「Your Highness Aquasteed, I will leave my daughter in your care」

Marquis Clementide lowered his head to Aquasteed who smiled and said「Please stop」

「Of course I’ll cherish her, I will definitely make her happy. I am already as happy as I can be after all」

「Aqua-sama…… I am already very happy as well though」

「Hah, it seems I’ve been had. However, I’m glad that Tiara is happy」

Although they were in front of her parents, a sweet atmosphere had already enveloped them by the time Tiararose noticed. It was done unconsciously but she became embarrassed.
As she turned her face away in embarrassment Aquasteed began laughing happily.

「I look forward to hearing about all your fun stories a year later」

「Yes, father please also take care of yourself」

「Of course I will」

The distance from Marineforest will take around twenty days going by horse-drawn carriage.
As to not overdo it, they will be resting frequently in the cities along the way. In addition, Aquasteed’s wishes to relax with Tiararose are also included.

After a simple farewell, Elliot announced that the preparations for departure were complete
Marquis Clementide had a sad expression on his face upon hearing this and the words「You are leaving already I see, I will miss you」leaked out.
However, if the departure is delayed any further it will be late night by the time they get to the city they are planning to stay at. Tiararose’s father knew this and sent her off with a nod.

「Be healthy」

「Take care of yourself」

「Yes, father and mother as well. Please expect a lot of souvenirs in a year」

「Haha, that will be a pleasure」

Tiararose is tightly embraced by her parents and she becomes a bit tearful. She already knew they wouldn’t be able to meet for a very long time but didn’t expect to feel so lonely.
Marquis Clementide unexpectedly burst into tears and he quickly ushered Tiararose on with a「Hurry along now」 He felt very embarrassed to let his daughter see him crying.

「This is the first time I saw father crying」

「Stop saying such preposterous things, hurry up now. It will not be good if you arrive late to the city, it will be dangerous at night after all」

「Yes, thank you very much, father」

Tiararose’s father ushered her on while hiding his tears, his dignity as a Marquis nowhere to be seen. Only the figure of an ordinary father remains.
Tiararose was glad upon seeing this and smiled happily.

「Philiane, take care of yourself too」

「Yes, I will firmly support Tiararose-sama」

「Aa, I will leave it to you」

Philiane also gave her farewells and after that they departed.
Tiararose and Aquasteed are on the same carriage and Philiane gets onto the following carriage. Because Elliot is the escort he is leading on horseback.

――I feel so nervous.
Out of all her past uneasiness, today’s unease was an happy occasion for Tiararose.

◇ ◇ ◇

*trot *trot *trot The horse-drawn carriages proceed forth with a light melody.
The destination is Marineforest, the homeland of Aquasteed. After marrying Tiararose she will become the queen of the great country.

Currently the two are alone on the carriage but Tiararose is nervous on what to talk about.
As Tiararose was struggling, Aquasteed looked on in amusement but of course she was unaware.

「It will be six days until we arrive at the border of Marineforest. After that the scenery will change too. Since we have a lot of time, it would be nice to look at the scenery outside」

「Yes, I have never been to Marineforest before, but there are many fairies there correct?」

「Yes, if it’s Tiara, you will surely be blessed」

As Aquasteed suggested, Tiararose began looking out the window as she though about the existence of fairies.
In the Kingdom of Lapis Lazuli, the first part of the game, there are few fairies. It is the same for other countries, as the fairies usually only live in Marineforest.
If a person receives their blessings, they can benefit from learning new magic.

In Tiararose’s previous life she died at the stage when Aquasteed’s information had just been released so she never played the game.
So in terms of knowledge she only knew what she learned during her time as Tiararose.
The fairies live in a beautiful country surrounded by a rich ocean and lush forest. Apart from that, the coral there are like natural gems. It was a country that all girls wanted to go to, Tiararose had heard many stories about it from numerous people.

「……I’m looking forward to seeing the fairies」

Tiararose giggled softly and looked out the window once again. She gazed towards the direction where the mansion is located and strong emotions emerged within her.
When she thought about the new environment she will be living in from now on, she began feeling nostalgic.

「……Father, mother, I am truly very happy」

Even though she whispered silently the words are heard by Aquasteed since he is in the same carriage.
He held Tiararose in a reassuring manner and gave her a gentle kiss. 「It will be fine」Aquasteed said sweetly to Tiararose.


She blushed from the sudden kiss but gathering up her courage she leaned against the shoulder of Aquasteed.
I’ll be spoiled! Tiararose thought. Of course, this was the extent of her courage.

「Ahh, as expected Tiara is cute」

Aquasteed grabbed onto Tiararose’s shoulder as he buried his face into her hair.
Just one more kiss. At the moment Aquasteed thought that and tried to do so――a small light shone in the center of the carriage.


「……A letter?」

An envelope wrapped in sparkling light had appeared.
Aquasteed reached out for it and it was instantly clear who it was addressed to as on the surface the words “To Tiararose-sama” are written.
From the cute round characters written it was easy to tell that a girl had written it. However, Tiararose didn’t have any friends that were capable of doing such a thing.
Besides, this was a special type of magic. Magic power and talent are also needed. While Tiararose was thinking so, Aquasteed broke the seal.


「It seems to be a letter for Tiara, but it’s too suspicious. Sorry, but I will confirm it first」

「No, that is fine but…… if it is dangerous, there is the possibility that Aquasteed-sama will be injured. Please don’t open it so quickly……」

It would be unbearable if a sudden explosion happens and Aquasteed ended up being blown away.
Aquasteed had thought that Tiararose wouldn’t like it if he opened the letter without permission, but became pleased upon hearing that she was worried about himself. 「Don’t worry」he said with absolute confidence as he stroked Tiararose reassuringly.

「Especially since it doesn’t seem particularly malicious ……it seems to be a letter from Miss Akari」


――What does she want? Is she perhaps unable to give up on Aqua-sama after all……?
Akari had tried to attack Tiararose. She knew how Akari felt about Aquasteed and since the letter was from her――this might not be good.
As she wondered what was written, Aquasteed began reading the letter aloud.

「Tiara-sama, this letter is the maximum my magic can produce from the white tower. I can only write letters, as it’s magic. I think I will do my best to be happy with Hartnight-sama. So, Tiara-sama please also live on happily.…………The contents in this seems rather pleasant」


When she saw the beautifully written letters, Tiararose had no choice but to smile bitterly. She had wondered what kind of letter would be sent, and thought it would be full of complaints.
But Tiararose then noticed.

――The last sentence on the stationery, was one sentence written in Japanese.

『If you lose to the heroine of the sequel, I will not forgive you!』



Tiararose laughed in spite of herself.
A look of confusion appeared on Aquasteed’s face, she replied「It’s nothing」as she took the letter from his hand. The letter is passed smoothly into Tiararose’s hands and she placed it back into the envelope.

――This seems to be that girl’s way of cheering me on.

「Aqua-sama, can I……have this letter?」

「……Of course that is fine, but it’s a letter from the Miss Akari who did terrible things to Tiara. Don’t you dislike it?」

「It’s fine, it will be encouraging to look at this whenever I am distressed」


How would that encourage her? Aquasteed who couldn’t read the last sentence was unable to understand it at all.
However, it was fine as long as Tiararose likes it.

I haven’t seen her yet but I will not lose to the sequel’s heroine.
Tiararose swore to her heart――……

Author: The first volume is now completed.
 Thank you very much for your patronage! It makes me very happy!

I received many reviews and bookmarks, so I would like to continue on with writing volume two. 
 Originally, I was planning to end it with volume one.

 Thank you very much.
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TL: Finally managed to complete the translations for volume one, I am rather sad that Lyna wasn’t the one who completed the translations of this series to the end as she was a more fitting TL for this series than me to be honest.

Nevertheless, I hope I didn’t ruin the series for anyone, this is actually the last chapter I am translating for this series as I  feel volume 1 is a good place to end on.

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