Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Outaishi ni Dekiai Sareru 16

Translator: White Sky
Editor: Neo

Fairy Land Marineforest

Start of volume two.

Tiararose and Aquasteed, who are now officially engaged are very happy.

For this year, Tiararose will be having her bride training. Then after that, she’ll return home and perform a show ceremony in her country, the country of the bride.

After that, they’ll be a formal couple once they prepare a grand wedding in the country of the groom, Aquasteed.

Currently filled with such hope.
Tiararose was riding a carriage as she travels to Marineforest while the soft sunlight touches her skin.

It was a journey for 20 days, today was the sixth day. And they were already reaching the border between Lapis Lazuli and Marineforest Kingdom.

Tiararose touches her fluffy honey-pink hair with her fingers while she thinks of the future path.

「With this, we’re leaving Lapis Lazuli for a while. Are you alright?」

「Yes, I am just looking forward to Aqua-sama’s country.」

Worrying about Tiararose who left her hometown, Aquasteed gently smiles. When the dark blue hair in his neck tilts, it sways a little further yet it complements his well-ordered face more.

However, Tiararose was really looking forward on going to Marineforest.

The sea which contained many beautiful fishes and coral. The fresh air and beautiful forest. And then there’s the fairies.

All of them will be the first experiences of Tiararose.

Seeing Tiararose excited along the way, he felt relieved.

Nevertheless, she seems to have a somewhat lonely face again—be sure to protect her. Yes, Aquasteed thinks.

「Oh, is that the border?」

「Yes, it’s my first time seeing it too. You can see the flowers that Lapis Lazuli planted on this side, while on Marineforest’s side of the border the decoration is different」

「Amazing, this is also beautiful, but I’m looking forward to when we cross over the border」

Seeing Tiararose smiling happily, Aquasteed wants to show it soon.

The borders of this world are made with magic power, commonly called the border wall.

It is a thin transparent wall extending even up to the sky, it is even possible to emphasize the country with this. The generations of kings pour magic power at the time of inauguration, and they will rebuild their new borders.

The borders made by Alexander, the current king of Lapis Lazuli, had a motif of a rose, hence It was a beautiful border wall.

「The walls of the border are nice, but the gate is also very beautiful with its roses.」

「Because I have already notified them we can just through on the carriage.」

「It doesn’t need any inspections or anything else?」

According to Aquasteed, they will be in Marineforest once they pass through the gate, so Tiararose was doubtful.

Without inspection, suspicious people and spies can feel free to go in and out. Slightly concerned about the border, Tiararose frowned.

「Of course usually there is, but I am a royalty from the Marineforest, so if I notify them beforehand, I will be exempt.」

「I see, if it were me it wouldn’t work…..」

-Royalty is convenient.

In other words, when Tiararose crosses the border alone, there is still a firm examination.

Tiararose secretly thought that it was good they could avoid the troublesome border inspection.

Then, as Aquasteed said, the carriage crossed the border gate without stopping.

With that they stepped into the Marineforest kingdom, the motherland of Aquausteed――…..

「Wow, that’s amazing…!」

Looking at the side of Marineforest where the border wall is, Tiararose raised her voice in admiration.

The fluctuating border walls created a developing atmosphere like being surrounded by water. It was made with miraculous magic and could be done because the country was blessed with fairies.

「I am happy that you like it.」

「Yes, I like it very much, today was full of surprises.」

「Hehe, I will surprise you more-」



Aquasteed chuckles as he watches the cute and frolicking Tiararose.

To surprise her even more, he opens the window of the carriage and points a little farther. Upon looking, Tiararose further raises her voice with a「Wow!」

What she saw there was a beautifully clear ocean. It was sparkling as it reflected the sun’s light, like a jewel.

–The ocean! This is my first time seeing it in this world!

「Should we take a break for a while?」

「Can we? I am so happy.」

Tiararose places her hand in front of her chest and smiles, 「I’d like to take a walk near the sea.」


◇ ◇ ◇


The sea of ​​Marineforest is said to be the most beautiful sea in this world.

Within the sea, live the sea fairies. However, it is said that not anyone can meet them. Fairies only show up in front of people that they like.

–I wonder if they will appear before me?

Tiararose who was escorted by Aquasteed, got off the carriage and felt uneasy about that. The royal family of Marineforest is loved by fairies.

Even she, herself who soon would become the next queen should be liked by fairies… Tiararose became nervous.

「Are you alright, Philliane?」

「Yes, thank you for your concern.」

As she was becoming nervous with the thought of fairies, Philliane, the maid of Tiararose and Elliot, a follower of Aquasteed, showed up.

Elliot was concerned about Philliane being unfamiliar with the horse-drawn journey, but he then suddenly turned his eyes towards the sea.


「Oh, Elliot is liked by the fairies of the sea.」

Splashes could be heard. When the four people walked towards the immediate vicinity of the sea, cute little sea fairies showed up on the sea surface.

Tiararose and Philliane unconsciously said 「Cute!」

The sea fairies had the form of a mermaid. But the size of their body were only slightly larger than the palm.

「A fairy is so small…isn’t it?」

「This is also my first time seeing one, she was so cute that it surprised me.」

『Aquasteed, Elliot~~』

『Welcome home, welcome back~!』

While playing cheerfully, the sea fairies was pleased at the return of Aquasteed and Elliot. And the two who just returned replied with a 「I’m sorry」 which proved that their relationship with the fairies is good.

It was just that Tiararose was itching for an interaction. The desire to get along with the fairy is overflowing from her body.

Knowing how her master felt, Philliane called out to Tiararose,

「Let’s go.」

「Y-Yes… I wonder if we’ll get along well…」

「If it’s Tiararose-sama, then it will be fine」

What should I do if they dislike me? This thought crossed her mind—but she wouldn’t know until she tried. Aquasteed also nodded and urged Tiararose to go in front of the sea fairies.

Tiararose elegantly bows, then opens her mouth to say a greeting—but she was obstructed by the words of the sea fairies.

『No! I hate it! 』

『Do not touch me! 』


Without saying any words, the word, 「hate」 came out of the fairies’ mouth.

Tiararose was immensely shocked, while Aquasteed was surprised at the unanticipated development.

He immediately went beside Tiararose and followed up by saying「Because fairies are whimsical」……although it wasn’t much of a follow up.

Philliane also goes beside Tiararose and gave words of encouragement. —As if it was planned, the fairies obstructed their words again.


「I know, she was called Philliane ! 」

「Philliane? I-I love you Philliane~! 」

Philliane became frustrated upon hearing the fairies’ words. Because the fairies had said they dislike her master but instead like her maid.

With this, she was prevented from giving Tiararose encouragement, Philiane wished that the fairies would stop talking but the fairies didn’t stop just there.

The sea fairies gave Philliane a blessing and she began shining brightly. This is the blessing that fairies gives to those they like.

「Waahh! W-Why do you like me!?」

Why is it not Tiararose-sama! Philliane screamed loudly in her mind.

「Well……Philliane is gentle, it is natural that the fairies like you.」

「There’s no such thing, Tiararose-sama is much better than I…」

—-As expected, it must be because I use to play games all the time in my previous life and I am also scared of the sequel heroine, is that why they don’t like me? I wonder if I have an Otaku-like aura flowing out from me?

Outside of Philliane’s worry, Tiararose thought about such things during her shock.

However, while she was still surprised. Dropping his shoulder around hers, Aquasteed gently hugs the shoulder of Tiararose.

「Because Tiara just came to this country, it’s fine to take it slowly. Besides I am relieved that the fairies will not be taking Tiara from me」

「Aqua-sama …」

Aquasteed kisses Tiararose a lot of times. That alone made her feel happy and honed.

Although there’s no fairy’s blessing, if she haves the sweet and gentle blessing of Aquasteed, she will be satisfied with that alone.

As Philline and Elliot were looking at the situation pleasantly, a sudden splash was heard from the sea waters.


What appeared from the sea was a cute, adorable girl.

Tiararose and Philliane thought she was like the princess of the sea fairies. Her azure hair stretches to the bottom of her shoulder and the orchid’s eyes was full of pleasures that attract people.



It is truly a world of games. A Fairy Princess! It was only for a moment that Tiararose had such carefree thoughts.

Next to her, Aquasteed had said the name.


That’s the Otome game <Ring of Lapis Lazuli> sequel……heroine’s name.

The heroine whose name was called—Aishira looked over with cute eyes, and after immediately recognizing the person who called her, a wide smile appeared on her face.

「Your Highness, Aquasteed! It’s been a long time.」

「Yes, it’s been a long time, did you swim all the way over to this place…?」

「Yes, I had been swimming along with the sea fairies, just that…」

It is unknown where Aishira swam from, but from the surprise of Aquasteed it wasn’t a short distance.

Slowly rising from the sea, she came in front of the four people and bowed gracefully while she was in a bathing suit.

Although she was younger than Tiararose, her manners were very sophisticated, implicating her high status.

「Please do not leave again, Your Highness, Aquasteed, then….it is nice to meet you, I am Aishira Pearlland.」

「Yes, I’m now back, she is my fiancee.」

「…I am Tiararose Lapis Clementine, I am delighted to be able to meet you.」

While Tiararose greeted her with a smile, she was attacked by an uneasiness.

Aishira Pearlland. The encounter event with her, a sequel heroine, near the sea. Akari the previous heroine had told her this.

This was proceeding just like the game, Tiararose’s body began trembling, she didn’t know what to do, and she couldn’t stop the feeling of unease that assaulted her mind.

「Please come by again, I always look forward to Your Highness, Aquasteed’s visits.」

「Yes, I will be sure to visit sometime in the near future.」


And then she hears the voice of—Aishira who seems to be happy to see Aquasteed.

Aquasteed also returns a smile and the game progresses as if Tiararose is left behind.

–Maybe, I replaced the sequel villanous daughter’s position?

The role of the villanous daughter is the fiancee of the main capture target.

「Sorry, I’m going to rest in the horse carriage….」


Tiararose headed for the horse-drawn carriage. Acting as if she didn’t hear the worried voice of Aquasteed and ran without looking back.

She ran away, but she didn’t want to see those two having fun—! She wanted to go somewhere where she wouldn’t be seen.

As Tiararose ran along the sandy beach she saw an arch where trees were gathered. It was a natural tunnel called a tree gate.


◇ ◇ ◇


「…I am worried」

Walking to the middle of the tree gate, the tired Tiararose settled down on that spot. There was anxiety in her voice, but she was glad she wasn’t forced to stay at that place.

The leaves of the shining trees shook as if it were comforting Tiararose.

「I didn’t think the heroine would appear so quickly, but it was fortunate I knew the name of the heroine.」

She was grateful towards Akari for this. Even if she didn’t intentionally mention it she still gave Tiararose information about the heroine.

Leaning back on the trees, she sighs deeply.

Well, what should I do now? Tiararose didn’t know what kind of face she should return with.

Fortunately, her eyes weren’t red since she didn’t cry. However, she wasn’t confident she could maintain her composure.

Tiararose, being the Marquis’ daughter was good with keeping her appearance. But Elliot is very attentive, he may not have known her as long as Philiane, but he knew Aquasteed long enough to know that he would never stop loving her.

「This is bad…」

『Are you troubledー?』


A talkative voice replies to Tiararose’s self-talking phrase. Even though there shouldn’t be anyone here, when she looks around her surroundings—-fairies showed up.

Unlike the sea fairies, forest fairies who had green hair surrounded Tiararose one after another. She began shining brilliantly as she was blessed by them.

「I can’t believe it, blessings…?」

『Name, nameー!』

「Ah…I’m sorry, I’m Tiararose Lapis Clementine.」

『Nice to meet you~』

『I love you! 』

A number of forest fairies showed favor towards Tiararose and cheerfully chanted the name Tiara.

Why on earth was it like this? As Tiararose was confused a surprised voice echoes from behind her.

「Fairies of the forest don’t like humans, but she was blessed—!!」

「Elliot? Why, are you here…」

「Oh, I’m sorry…as an escort, I had been following you」

She was surprised that Elliot was nearby, though it’s true that leaving a foreign noble’s daughter unattended wouldn’t be wise. After some thought it was easy to figure that out, Tiararose thought to herself uneasily.

And Elliot caringly said, 「What’s wrong? Is there something bothering you?」

—-Although it was a heroine, she became jealous of a girl younger than herself and ran away…she couldn’t say that.

Even if it’s an event of the game, for example.

This was an extra chapter translated due to the courtesy of White Sky, we’re not continuing the translations. 

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