Otome Game Rokkushuume 06

Chapter 6: Keito Eirisu

I succeeded in interacting with my mother and I am progressing smoothly.
…… is what I wish I could say.

My excitement from the feeling of progress is starting to wane. I wonder why I am worrying about that problem now? Today I have a more important event than that.

「Maria-chan, are you alright? There are a lot of people around so are you tired?」

「E… a~, no it’s all right. Do not force yourself mother.」

Somebody praise me for worrying about my mother even though my own heart is pounding from fatigue and tension.

Facial muscles are complaining of pain. I believe this is a symptom called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.¹

Why do I have to endure such pain? Although I could avoid this by using the excuse that I am a child, this would neither be the appropriate time nor place to do so.

Because the main character today is me.

「Mariabell-sama, congratulations」

「Already four……children grow up quite fast」

Today is the party celebrating the birth of the Tempest Duke’s only daughter……That is my “birthday party”.

It is quite natural that the scale is not a cute thing like a regular “birthday party”.

My parents, and a lot of non-relatives at my 4th birthday….wow, is everybody that free?

I am satisfied if I just get a birthday gift, but I can’t open them till after the party…….I have not been here even an hour yet and I already want to return.

The delicious dishes and sweets are lined up in front of my eyes, but the dress is so tight I doubt whether anything would be able to reach my stomach.

The greetings that come in lieu are all really directed at my father, in reality father is the reason why nearly everyone is here.

But the thing that annoyed me the most was when a lady came over.

「Mariabell looks really like you Duke, I am looking forward to her growth in the future」

「Well, really …… though I wish the eye color would have been like mine too」

It is the “mother’s eyes” the lady’s eyes seems to say so.

Even fools would be able to tell the eyes are not friendly.

Even if I was a real four-year-old, I would have still been able to feel the unpleasant atmosphere.

Like my father’s copy, I also look alike to my father.

My face will change as it grows, if memory serves then ten years later Mariabell will turn into a beautiful girl who inherited the cold beauty of her father.

The only place that is similar to mother is the color of the eyes – a pastel purple. It is hard to notice the eyes because of the similarity to father.

I wanted to resemble my mother.

Pastel colors seems unusual even in a fantasy world where a wide variety of colors are allowed.

It would have been the perfect thing to say to that sarcastic lady from a little while ago.

I myself like it because it matches the violet hair of my father. Though if you ask me there is no big difference between pastel colors, and other colors like blue and green.


「… Mother, are you all right?」

「E-, I’m alright … Maria-chan, are you not hungry? You have not eaten the cake yet?」

「Eh……? 」

「Mother is doing the greetings, so if there is anything you want to eat go ahead」

The usual gentle smile wavered, and there was an atmosphere where I could not say whether it was a bitter smile.

Maybe because I’m still a child, mother did not want to let me see the ugly side of adults. Otherwise there is no reason for that gentle mother to have such a forced expression.

「…… Yes. I will have some cake」

I am worried about leaving my mother, but I can not do anything even if I am there. No, rather, if I am there it will only harm her.

When I thought so, it made it harder to resist, I just could not leave the spot.

× × × ×


As my mother told me, I went around the party and ate cake or anything … I was exhausted.

Like I believed, everyone’s aim was my father, the atmosphere around him was awfully sweet.

My father, Duke Asta Kirua, head of the Tempest, just looking at that status only you can tell he is high ranking aristocrat, the Tempest family name is among the highest in the country …… it can even be said that it is only second to the royal family.

Of course it can change if you take into account various positions and circumstances. With my knowledge further explanation is impossible so I will give up. In other words, it is a very great house.

And I am the only girl in such a house, moreover, I am doted upon by my father very much, anyone under those circumstances would become very special.

No, it is very annoying.

Moreover, I am only a 4-year old brat. Regardless of the inside, it is essentially giving a child diamonds.

The father who is oblivious to this…is happily greeting guests. Those guests with their impure motives, children with parents like those are likely to grow up to be like their parents, and their children like them and so on and so forth.

Human insincerity is unbelievable.

The ulterior motives that they hide scare me.

I was relieved when I came to the secluded backyard, here I could finally relax.

「I’m so full and my feet hurt……」

This is just once a year …… I want you to forgive me. Do diplomacy in another place.

「I wonder if it will finish soon …」

「What will? 」

「What …!??」

It’s deja vu.

No, it isn’t deja vu, is it deja vu? I do not care any more.

In other words, it is familiar. Why do I feel like I saw you before.

Ah but surely when you say deja vu it’s supposed to be something like “You never experienced it, but you feel like you have experienced it”, correct? Then this is not deja vu.

I had let my guard down because I thought there was no one around…. this was something I had experienced before.

Let ‘s make my motto “Hunter and hunted” tomorrow from now.²

「Can you hear me?」

「I do not want to hear it, but I can hear it」

While looking at the source of the voice while holding my head, the person who this voice belongs to is as expected.

「You again……」

The boy from before was standing right there. What is this encounter rate? Are mob character appearance rates that high? This is the most disgusting pattern to meet when you do not want to meet.

「I was here first」

「Is that so…」

Once again? Am I not looking around enough? No this boy is just too shadowy. I do not know whether I am just making up excuses.

「So, why are you so tired today, isn’t today your birthday, isn’t it?」

「E …..why do you know」

「“Today is Mariabell-sama’s birthday” that is what my father said」

「 ………father?」

An unpleasant sweat flows down my back.

From the tone I had thought he was a commoner, even if he was a nobleman, I thought that it was a lower rank…..what if he is actually a very important child. If you were invited to my birthday party, there is no way you would be a commoner.

If so, this is very bad. Because I am a ojōsama.

「The flowers at the arch in front of the the entrance, and around the manor. My father raised them」


Hmm? Arch? Flower?

「Keito Eirisu, my father is doing his best taking care of the garden」

「Wait a minute……..」

Garden, guarding…guard?³

No, no, it is completely different. It is alright, calm down.

「Garden……your father does garden care …..?」

「Isn’t it easy to tell?」

Is that so…

But I do not want you to look at me as if asking “What are you talking about”. It is painful for children to be stupid.

「Ah … so that is why you were in that rose garden that day」

「I was bored until my father’s work was over」

I see. And I am relieved.

This time and even last time, I have revealed my true nature to this boy. You might think it’s not a big deal, but it is a suicidal act to do in the upper class … it is plain foolish.

Otherwise the meaning of receiving a gifted education from a young age as a child of nobility disappears.

Me? I use the past five rounds (Mariabell’s) experience and the degree of manners I need for a 4 year old child is perfect.

Although my time as a child will come to an end, but … I think the foundation is at least complete.

Positive thinking.

「So… Eh, boy」


Hmm? What was that?²

「Keito Eirisu, I am five years old so I am older than you」

「E-…is that so」

To be frank, even if he is five I do not consider him older than me. In fact. Please consider my mental age.

No, even so, this is reality now isn’t it? Keito is definitely older than me since I am four years old today. He is five so he would be older.

「Keito-kun, what are」

「Keito is fine Suddenly calling me with -kun feels weird.」

「….Keito, what are you doing here, are you not going to join the party?」

「Because a gardener’s son attending the party would be troublesome in many ways, I heard that the head did not mind, but the eyes around me were..」

The child was a little direct…but I agree.

「You are today’s spotlight,  what are you doing in such a place」

「……I appreciate that everyone went out of their way to attend my party tonight and are having so much fun, regardless of any ulterior motives, but it can be a little tiring not to be able to say what is on your mind, whether you are frustrated or tired, so in other words」

「It was annoying and I ran away」

Even if people were going around conducting underhanded business, you can not say it easily. In fact, I say it is better to “turn a blind eye”….is that how you use it?

「Everyone is overreacting just because I am four years old. There are more important things to me …」

「Is it what you said that time?」

「.. Yes, thanks to Keito, I am on good terms with my mother, so thank you.」

「Oh, did I do something?」

「….. I am thankful, so that’s fine」

If anything……this child moves at his own pace. I say that the pace is a bit perturbing.

Are all five year old children like this? I wonder if I can interact with ….

「But, I am suffering from a new problem again…」

「Your mother? 」

「No, my father」


  1. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), also called muscle fever, is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise. So in her case I suppose smiling too much?
  2. Original line was 油断大敵 essentially meaning “The most frightening opponent is to relax yourself and carelessly”
  3. Original line was にわし、二鷲、鰯……?(Ni washi, ni washi, iwashi……?) Japanese wordplay so I changed it since it wouldn’t make sense in English.

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