Otome Game Rokkushuume 07

Chapter 7: A stone bridge that cannot be broken¹

Yes, my father is preventing me from making progress.

I had initially thought that mother could manage to do something for me.

I was naive…. I thought for a moment that it would be an easy victory.

「Your father…is the head」

「That’s right」

My father, Asta Kirua · Tempest.

It seems that he was the only son of the Tempest family and succeeded after the predecessor, my grandfather, retired.

He was the only son and originally had excellent taste, so he did not have any objections from his relatives.

Perfect family social standing. Lucid mind.

These are two elements that make him a prime target for those woman whose aim is to marry into a wealthy family. But aside from that there is another factor.

To put it bluntly, it is his appearance.

Well, he is the father of an otome game’s beautiful villainess after all.

But my father seems to be very cool even from a daughter’s perspective.

Dark deep blue eyes and violet hair. It is so beautiful that it’s actually quite blinding, but the eyes are cold like Mariabell. As expected of a parent and child. They are definitely alike.

With those three combinations it’s no wonder father is so popular.

Even then women would compete against each other and would target him like a capture target and try to become his wife and have his children, I wonder if actual victory exists in a harem.

However, even with those array of powerful weapons at his disposal, my father did not play around and fall in love and chose to live a serious school life, he married early at the young age of 23 and worked as a former secretary.

By the way, in the same year, he also later on become the head of the Tempest family at the age of twenty-three.

What to say …… those are some scary specs. But I knew.

This will be Mariabell too.

Although because her father is better than most men and because he dotes on her it cause Mariabell’s ego to become higher than Mt. Everest.

But if that ego is eliminated then it will not become involved in any love affairs.

「What, are you hated by the head this time?」

「No you are wrong」

Please do not damage my heart and spirit so lightly. If you were really worry about it, it was a fatal moral injury.

「My father loves and dotes on me very much, he is my kind and respected father」


「Father is a great person after all」

It is not strictly different, but if you explain it properly it will be unnecessary to know.

「Hmmm…..then, what were you thinking about now?」

「It’s not really a big deal」

Why is this child so interested in me.

No, if you see someone troubled in front of your eyes, you would be worried. It is common among girls, is not it? Although it would appear something is wrong but when you ask “What’s wrong” the response back is “It is nothing” even though it is obvious that something happened.

I dislike it, but … if it I do not answer here it will be the same thing.

In the end guess I will talk about it.

「Not me, but my mother. Somehow they do not seem to be getting along well」

Both my father and mother are very kind and gentle to me.

I think that it is a good parent-child relationship, such as reading my picture book by my father, eating a snack with my mother, talking with my father, taking a nap with my mother. They both care for me very much and I also love my parents.

But that is about parentage relationship, not marital relationship.

The relationship between a married couple …… I think that it is honesty dangerous.

My mother is no problem.

It would seem that my latest dark history that made me hide in my room worked and everything that happened before seemed like a lie. It also became a good laugh, now I am the idol of the mansion that is liked by all the servants. My mother is too cute.

The problem is my father.

It would seem that as mother’s mood rises father’s mood seems to drop proportionately to the amount mother’s mood rises.

I am anxious about a wrinkle appearing  on the middle of my forehead soon.

Lover’s ruin.

Originally father is not an amiable person. In actuality he is rather bad.

Just that beautiful look will do wonderful work without a smile. There seems to be no doubt that he can call it a talent and that his personality has never become a hindrance in terms of his work.

However, that is only a matter of work.

The husband-wife relationship does not go smoothly like his work.

「Father …… seems cold towards mother somehow」

「The head….?」

「E ~e,  I feel like my father is being avoided by the servants…」

Or at least that is what the general atmosphere feels like.

I am hesitated to declare it in front of a 5-year old child, even though I am only 4-years old myself. Considering what I am saying it it would be bad if in any case it was leaked to someone

「The head is kind to me though」

「He is also very kind to me」

「I know right?」

「But he is cold towards my mother for some reason」

When my mother left the room, that was not the case. Rather than that, the couple’s conversation itself was zero.

If anything……any hope I had was shattered at dinner on the day I first got angry and talked with my mother.

And the severe attitude towards mother seemed to cause distrust with the servants as well, and father gradually lost interaction with with many of the servants.

In other words, being avoided.

Now the there are only a limited number of people that talk to my father, perhaps the number of people can be counted with one hand. Of course, including me.

My father is alone …… like Mariabell, the similarity between the two is downright uncanny. I don’t like it.

「They do not interact with each other, the two are essentially never together….as a matter of fact I have never seen them going out together」

「Bad relationship? 」


That is what it seems like right.

Anyone who would hear about their relationship would probably think that. I am not pleased at all. It seems that I was not wrong in my review.

「Yeah … I think so too」

「I think that if their own child thinks that too then isn’t it plainly obvious?」

If this was a manga there would be many arrows stuck in my body.

In a sense this child is great. You are only 5-years old and you already know how to attack the vital spots of a person, it makes me anxious about your future.

「So, what shall I do?」

「No, I know the rules for this time」


「Just go for it, if it fails …」

In that case there is no choice but to proceed fully forward.

One year after five years old they will divorce. I do not know the exact date but it should have been around when Mariabell was 5-years old. I wonder if I can cheat and deceive until then.

Baby? Chicken? Call me anything.

Because I was in Maria Bell, I did not think anything about bullying, originally I am a person who “hits and strikes a stone bridge and finally finds other roads”.¹

If possible, I want to avoid dangers and annoyances in my life.

「If I fail it might become a bigger problem than before」


Yes, that is a problem.

What to do if I don’t make it in a year….what is more, there is no guarantee that the two people will not divorce after all beyond five years. Even if my recollections are correct, and things go according to the game  …… I cannot affirm things will go accordingly since my auto mode was turned off.

Also, it is not surprising that my mother dislikes father as it is now….father will not lack a candidate successor even if they divorce. In the game, it was a father-in-law family, and maybe there is no problem  to remarry even if there are children.

「.. what shall I do, it is only me who will be troubled」

The prevention of divorce between these two people is essential insurance for me to live.

I feel uneasy when auto mode is turned off again but when I return to auto mode I absolutely dislike it. In such a stress-filled life, I think that it is more healthier to just hide indoors so that I do not even meet the heroine and the capture target.

So it doesn’t resort to that, I would like those two to be in good relations.

「……Nothing but to do it」

「Do what?」

「Now that it is decided, I must prepare .… If I ask Anne…… 」

「So, what are you–」


I block out Keito’s voice of suspicion, and laughed.

Although I think even of myself of someone who is able to adapt quickly to changing situations, but still when I think about what I’ve decided, I again feel troubled and anxious.

I’m a baby and chicken, and I still think I should just avoid danger and trouble. I am a human being who strikes the stone bridge and finally searches for other roads.¹

「You will also be cooperating」

If there are no other paths, then you just have to find the courage to cross right through the middle of the stone bridge.

  1. Title drop and essentially means giving up or trying alternatives if the going gets rough or the issue becomes too complicated.

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  1. It’s kinda rare to see male character with combination of purple hair and blue eyes, so the best one fit this description is Munemitsu Murazaki from first love monster. I hope this can help you imagine how’s her father looks


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