Otome Game Rokkushuume 09

Chapter 9: Safe Haven

In this way, the “Battle between parents and parents ~ and daughter running away from home” was decided.

While my parents were surprised and unable to react to my sudden declaration, I quickly turn around and run.

After my declaration, I would run to the safe haven, that was my role.

Although I was the planner I had fewer jobs…..if I interfere too much it will be the same as before. They may hide their true feelings as they are in front of their child.

I endured my desire to look back and sped up.

× × × ×
Although I call it a runaway, my destination is within the premises.

The place is a building where the servants live, the appearance is a fashionable apartment, with one room in it.

Reaching for the doorbell, “kankararān”, the bell sounded. I am glad that it was light outside now…..if I heard this sound at midnight it would probably mean that one of my neighbor’s house was on fire.


「It’s Mariabell」

The response was a child’s voice, it was as expected Keito when the door opened.

「You’re early」

「Thank you for your help」

My safe haven is Keito’s house. Of course, I got approval from Keito’s father with some help from Orsseine-san.

I have reported execution and whereabouts, I am a very reasonable runaway.

「My father is still at work, so feel free to relax」

「Pardon my intrusion」

I take off my shoes properly at the entrance, though there are no slippers.

The room is white with a country-style interior decoration, and it is more modest compared to my lavishly decorated house. However, this is what I was looking for. It is quieter and is all right ideally.

Simple is best, nicely said.

Since I started in my room the interior decoration was not familiar to the eyes, I thought whether it is the standard decoration of this world, but it is different.

What a relief, let’s have a make-over if the couple makes up.

「Is that all your lugguage?」

「E ~e, it’s only for a day so I do not need to bring much」

I said that to the Keito who was surprised that all I had was the bag I was carrying on my back.

He seemed to think that I would have brought more baggage because of my position as an ojosama.

Well if I were an adult…..there may have been more luggage the size of around a carry case, but I am a 4-year old child, neither cosmetics nor hair straighteners are necessary.

No, as a person suffering from a natural perm, a hair iron is essential … but I would not be able to use it no matter how hard I try since I am only four.

「I thought that someone will help you bring it, stuff such as dresses」

「Because I am running away from home for the time being, the only person who knows I am here is Orsseine-san」

「Running away?」

「Because my parents does not know that I am here」

A mug appeared on the table while I was setting down my bag, were you preparing that?

It is unexpectedly nice. Until now you have been pretty rude, so I will reevaluate you.

「Thank you」

「There is only tea though」

「I love tea」

After telling me that, the taste of tea which I drank was a taste I liked after all.

In this world, the mainstream of noble drinks is black tea. Therefore my search for various kinds and brands does not stop. I always drink milk tea before going to bed, and apparently various brands are used. But I never knew the difference.

On the contrary, tea is also popular among commoners. But the types and brands for them are limited and the taste is also average, as it is mass-produced goods. Normally this taste would not suit the luxurious tongue of an ojosama.

But I like this cheesy taste.

「This calms me down. Good things are delicious, but I am sick of it」

「You are an ojosama, aren’t you?」

「It’s because I am an ojosama」

You must care about manners and must take in differences in taste delicately, you cannot help but feel it is troublesome. Especially in regards to taste I am quite particular.

There are some things that even if they are high-class foods I still think they taste bad, and things like even though it is junk food I still think it tastes good. It is due to easy-to-understand seasoning, while delicate high-class dishes are honestly difficult to understand.

There would not be such a problem if it was Mariabell…..but it is not something that I can handle.

「It must be hard to be an ojosama」

「I cannot complain because I have it easy」

I will have no trouble with money, I will spare no investment for my future.

The background that can become a pressure if it is an adult is the strongest support for a child.

In order to do what is necessary to break the death flag, to build an insurance against the capture target, and to study to gain the knowledge that is necessary to profit afterwards, the current situation is serious but by no means is there dissatisfaction.

「…… Afterwards it’s hard to say whether father and mother will make up」

「It would be nice if they could solve everything by today」

「They will! Definitely!」

I will troubled if you say that!! Because I could only clear my father’s schedule for today.

Orsseine-san, thank you very much for your efforts.

The next day the anxiety in my heart was settled.

I was greeted by two people lined up with a smile and I was convinced of my success when Orsseine-san who stood behind them nodded.

3 thoughts on “Otome Game Rokkushuume 09”

    1. Tbh I forgot the dialogue but she told her parents that she’s running away because they don’t get along right? I’m positive that’d be enough to spur on a conversation between the two – considering they both love her, they’d likely at least try to ‘fake’ mutual affection in the case that there is none (for the child’s sake). So, while the plan is as childish as it gets, it’s a decent place to start.


  1. I agree, I think the plan was definitely smarter than it looks on the surface, it’s only because she has to keep it limited to ‘something a child can execute’ as well as ‘something a child can do without seeming suspicious’ that it comes over so questionable.
    Making it so once she was out of the way, Orseine could do the heavy emotional lifting with getting them to make up was very clever.


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