Otome Game Rokkushuume 11

Chapter 11: One misfortune went away, and ten more came up

Our parent / child relationship changed dramatically after returning from the runaway that ended on schedule as planned.

Of course, in a good direction.

「Kirua-sama, isn’t it about time to go to work soon?」

「Orsseine-san, I will be ready soon」

「Take a rest today──」

「Hurry up and go foolish head」

The most strange one was father.

Before there was always a cold atmosphere around him, now there is nothing but a sweet look. For me he does not seem too different, but for mother the difference is like heaven and earth.

He changed too much…there are rumors flowing around like “Kirua-sama is broken” among the servants who thought that Father was cold-hearted. Orsseine-san was amazed from the bottom of his heart.

I had Orsseine-san tell me what happened after I ran away from home later.

It seems…the cause was a misunderstanding in thought. Although they were in love with each other, they seemed to have misunderstood that they were hated by the other.

Father who regretted having married without thinking about mother’s feelings.

Mother who had convinced herself that it was a politician marriage.

Father had cut off mother because he thought she hated him, and mother misunderstood that she was disliked because of father’s attitude.

I was avoided by mother because I looked like father and reminded her of him.

A splendid mistake.

This content is fitting for a shojo manga, but this isn’t a shojo manga it’s an otome game.

Two people went through a vicious cycle that would always end in divorce up to the fifth round.

But I do not need to worry about anything this time. I stopped the vicious cycle and the family and couple relationship were also good.

The servants who were watching father and mother who were acting “deredere” in front of me seemed to have changed their opinion of him, it seems the gap in his marriage and between him and the servants have disappeared after taking my advice.

I played with my mother, was watched by the servants, spoiled by my father, scolded by both my mother and father …… In such days, before I noticed, I had reached my sixth birthday.

The past of “Villainess Mariabell” where her parents divorced when she was at the age of five has changed. And I was able to break through the first barrier which was the most important to me.

To this fact, I was delighted heartily.

With this, the distance between the game and the character can be taken as far as possible, even if I cannot become completely irrelevant to the matter, I should be able to build a social relationship that seems to be gentle on the surface.

If I am not there, there will be no one that can act as the beautiful rival.

I will not stand out or interfere, and will just watch their love unfold from behind. At an ideal distance to listen to rumors again.

Simple……I  once thought. Yes, it is past tense.

× × × ×

The educational background of this world is a little strange.  it is not unusual for nobles and commoners to have a difference in academic background due to their difference in status and wealth.

In this world, nobles are unlikely to go to primary school. Every primary school age noble has a private tutor, and learns everything from studying to manners at “home”. And from junior high school students’ age they will go to Avuantoru Academy to learn magic.

On the contrary, the commoners and low aristocracy attend primary school, and in most cases it will be the final academic record.

And I will be six years old, and if I am a commoner, I am at the age of going to primary school. Children of nobility do not go to school, and it is said that one should “hire an exclusive tutor during the period from the age of six to seven,” so it is not strange that they may hire a family tutor soon.

I was preparing myself for this soon.

But, still, however! The person selected is…!?

「It is a pleasure to meet you for the first time, Maria ojōsama」

Platinum blonde hair and golden eyes. Still only someone in his early youth, nevertheless a beautiful boy is kneeling down in front of me.

「I am Greas・ Fani・ Sandoria」

I know.

One of my most recent memories, the person who broke Mariabell’s heart.

In other words, the capture target.

Why is this man here?

「From today I am supposed to serve as a tutor for Maria ojosama. It will be a pleasure to work with you」

「……Aa, yes」

I quickly shifted my expression and managed to smile, but my inner heart.

Someone please help me.

Or may I cry?

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