Otome Game Rokkushuume 13

Chapter 13: Just a small mistake

Three days after talking with Keito, I confronted Greas-sensei
Though I say that, it is not a big deal as we were only talking about newly taught subjects

「Magic, is that it?」

「Yes…..ano, is that a no?」

What I chose was “magic”.
Professional teaching will be taught by teachers who are in the higher level of Avuantōru Academy, while the secondary level you can also be taught by a private tutor Magic history, magic theory, magic usage, and magic tools.
Besides, Greas-sensei is going to graduate from Avuantoru Academy to become a teacher after this. I thought that there is magical knowledge to some extent even at the present age though.

「It’s not a no … but I am an amateur about magic. I do not have enough knowledge to teach Maria-sama」


I did not expect this. It is a lie.
I was doubtful of the Greas-sensei who had a bitterly sorrow smile that said “I’m sorry”, but I vaguely felt that it was not a lie.

「If I was an ordinary tutor, I could have taught you about magic, but….due to my past history, I am not in a position that I can teach it to Maria-sama who is a noble’s daughter」

The real intention of those words lies in his past which becomes clear as you advance his route.
Greas the capture target is supposed to be a commoner … … in fact, he “Greas · Fani · Sandria” is a son of a former duke, so in other words a man of a former upper aristocracy.
And what that “past history” means, during a certain dukes time, the Tempest family and the Sandria family seemed to have a deep connection with that same duke, although there was no blood relationship. Details are not specified in the game, but Mariabell met with Greas because of that past history. Hostage of a political marriage…..bad personalites has no end. Something I am not fond of.

Un, I do not care about countdown memories for such a sad death.
What shall I do, magic. I thought that Greas-sensei would say okay, so I did not think of a second subject.

「Anyhow……is there something else?」

「Let’s get another tutor!」

「Eh……? 」

I thought of thinking about other subjects though. Its not that I am not keen on magic, it’s just I do not want to fall behind when I go to the academy.

「No, it is not necessary to get another tutor for a single subject … …」

「Instead of getting another one, I’m firing you and hiring a new one」

N? Why did I say that?

「I did not tell you but originally I was a noble, anyone can study….you can be taught even if it is not me. Maria-sama learns very quickly and I think that it would be better for you to find someone more capable instead of me」


To be honest, that is something I do not desire.
Originally I thought about the relationship with Greas-sensei, and Keito had said that I should try to do anything.

「… What will happen to Greas-sensei?」

「I……cannot become a tutor for other nobles without any relations, so I will look for other jobs」

Because noble households usually hire tutors, the job is pretty high paying.
Besides that, Greas-sensei is not just a commoner but a former noble. How difficult is it for a former noble to find a job as a commoner …… I can understand having lived as a noble for the past five rounds
There are not many people who have a bad impression on the nobility, but for a “former noble” one has to wonder what cause them to fall.
Even though he is a talented person, if not for that reason he would not have so much trouble.

「…… Ano, Greas-sensei」


「I would like Greas-sensei to tell me」

「… … Maria-sama, let’s take a break ─ ─」

「No, I am serious」

No, I certainly bothered somewhat. But it is not a lie that I want Greas-sensei to tell me. It is my sincere real intention.

「Learning magic is a good thing, I just thought that I could prepare before going to middle school. If I want to study seriously in the future, I will ask another teacher. That’s why … do not tell me that you will quit」


「……Of course, if Greas-sensei wants to quit regardless of magic, I cannot stop it」

It is awkward to say that after telling me. Though it may be permitted even if I assume a defiant attitude because I am a “6 year old child”, but I could not mentally do so.
Faced down, I heard a voice filled with emotions while holding my hands.
It seemed joyful, but it was a little suppressed.


Before raising my face to the voice, Greas-sensei took a knee and looked into my face.
I am wrapped by both hands while he was laughing.

「Thank you very much, Maria-sama. I am very honored that you feel that way」


「I am sorry about magic though …. I do not want to quit, either」

「T-thank you!」

「It is my pleasure」

Greas-sensei who laughed and laughed, and I was caught, and at the end the two of us were both laughing.
The lesson of the day was “national language” as usual rather than a new subject. I hope the level has gone up a bit … … It was a very simple thing to me.

× × × ×

At night, when I was alone, I took out the note from the drawer. It is an information note of the characters.
After meeting Greas-sensei, it also plays a role like a diary.

「I’m tired today……」

Of course I did not open the notebook to write such a thing.
The pen tip is writing different words from the voice.

『It is impossible not to be involved with Greas-sensei. You should toughen up』

This is extraordinary, but I cannot write anything else. If you make a choice that does not really matter, it is the other way around therefore in truth it is actually reversed.
When Greas-sensei told me he would quit, there was a possibilty that if I let him I will not get involved.
But I could not do that.
I know how hard it is for a former noble to find a job as a commoner, and I could not do that to him. Because he has absolutely no fault.
Learning magic and his job. It is obvious which to choose if you compare it. Even with the death flag you do not know if ten years later it will be the same.
Afterwards there is also a small possibilty that if I make a friendly relationship now, I can reduce the flag a bit.

「It was exactly as Keito said ……」

In the end it seems acting while thinking is most suitable for me.
Keito’s prediction rate is amazing. He must be an Esper or something along those lines.

4 thoughts on “Otome Game Rokkushuume 13”

  1. “If you make a choice that does not really matter, it is the other way around to stay therein truth it is actually reversed.” ???? what does this mean… i am bewildered….

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    1. I think it’s just a convoluted way of saying that a choice that doesn’t matter is no choice at all.


  2. I know this is incredibly late. But I just really want to ask why she needs to study magic when she has been doing it, albeit automatically, for the past five lives? That’s just dumb. It’s not like she’s wallowing in tears the whole time.


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