Otome Game Rokkushuume 14

Chapter 14: Magic trick? No, it’s magic

I opened up ….. a few days after I decided my resolution.
Greas-sensei continues as my private tutor. It is natural because I said “Do not quit” and Greas-sensei agreed to it.

And one of the reasons is “magic”, but I got to learn it.

「Magic is divided into six attributes. Fire, water, earth, wind that is said to be four major attributes. Plus saint and darkness, six of them in total」

It is not Greas-sensei who is teaching in front of me now.

「There is a user of『Reinforced magic』specialized solely for reinforcement, but … this is rare among the rare so I will skip the explanation」

And this place is not my usual room.

This is my place of relaxation, you guys know it as the “Rose Garden”.
On a round table made by mimicking plants, normally would be sweets and a vividly colored tea set.
But now what is on the table is a study tool for two people.

Yes, for two people.

It is Orsseine-san who is teaching in front of me right now.
And now, taking classes with me … Greas-sensei.

How did this happen? Of course it is not my fault, not to mention.

It seemed that Greas-sensei talked to father.
Greas-sensei who thought that I wanted to learn magic, crushed himself, talked with father …… as a result of adding to my resistance,  Orsseine-san uses time between work … to teach Greas-sensei and me magic.

I cannot keep up with this development that is too overnight.
First of all, why Greas-sensei is receiving classes next to me … because my father was anxious about Greas-sensei’s future work.
Qualifications and professional skills are important for finding employment! I want you to do in a place I do not know if possible!

「Do you have any questions so far?」

「No, I am……」

「Me too. Orsseine-sama’s explantations are very easy to understand」

「Fu fu,Thank you very much. So far we are only in the Intermediate section, so it’s not a big deal」

It is said like it is nothing, but Orsseine-san’s explanation is really easy to understand.
Father seems busy…..it is only thd third lesson so far so if I do a bad job, father’s workload will increase, Orsseine-san would be able to earn a lot even as a home tutor, if he were to ever quit as secretary.
Although Orsseine-san no longer working for our house, such a future is rejected because it would cause many issues.

「Let’s end it here today, next time……three days later, we will have lunch at the end」

「Yes, thank you very much」

「Thank you very much」

Today is about thirty minutes, the lesson is over.
Since it is a schedule assembled based on Orsseine-san’s schedule, the time is different and the date is not fixed.
Anyhow I still have my own tutor, so my tutor is to have first priority.
To be honest, magic is more interesting ….recently I finally started to do classes of the upper grade, but still “math” and “language” is unchanged.
On that point magic is knowledge that I did not know at all and I enjoyed it more than anything. It is very interesting to learn. For me, I want to get to the Intermediate section early, so much that magic was my favorite subject.

That’s why I was looking forward to the next lesson.
I did not even notice that one leg was stuck between ignorance.

× × × ×

What happened was about a couple of months since Orsseine-san started teaching us magic and about a year since Greas-sensei became my tutor.

「── Today marks the end of learning the basics of magic of the intermediate section. Of course, in the intermediate section there is still the『Reinforced Magic』I did not dig into and instead we will learn more about each attribute in more detail」

「Yes, thank you very much」

「I really appreciate you taking a lot of time while you are busy」

To Greas-sensei who deeply lowers his head, I feel that my thankful words are extremely light. Orsseine-san also has a facial expression that I am not sure whether it is a smile or a bitter smile.
But well, I do understand his feelings.
Unlike me who had the original right to learn, Greas-sensei was given the opportunity from my father. Neither my father nor I, and of course Orsseine-san think teaching Greas-sensei is “charity”, but…what he thinks is another thing.

Anyhow, It wasn’t until today that I had Orsseine-san tell me.

「Anything beyond this point must be taught by someone with the resources and position to teach properly, not myself. Although it can be done to some extent if it is a practical skill … 」

Everyone in this world has unattributed magical powers when they are born.
That magical power is polished at an Magic school and an attribute is determined. At Avantor Academy it will be divide into the Intermediate section and the Advance section, attributes are decided upon entering the Advance section and then learning specialized magic.
In other words, we are in a state of “no attribute”.
A magical enclosement instrument “Magic tool”, can be activated with no-attribute magical power…..we are “children”.
What I am trying to say is basically attributeless does not mean that it is dangerous just inexperienced.

If possible I would have like Orsseine-san teach me the overall experience of “magic”…….
Whether ending a magic study or hiring a new person, I do not think there is anyone more flexible than Orsseine-san.
Although it is too casual that I do not feel uncomfortable, originally it would have been impossible for Greas-sensei to be taking classes together here.

Unintentionally forgetting the place and being in a daze, Orsseine-san says『Open!』and hit my hands.

「Then for the end, let’s try using magic once」

「…… Yes? 」

Ah, your “yes” just now was the not affirmative yes, but the “what did you say” yes.
Eh, did you say use magic? I did not understand your current statement.

「Of course, attribute magic is impossible and magic tools are still early for the two of you. But would you like to experience magic if you can use it safely?」

Safely? I completely missed out on the meaning.

「Since this was something that Kirua-sama and I used a long time ago, let’s bring it out」

Apparently my question seems to have not been conveyed to Orsseine-san, but I called the nearest maid with a clap, and she whispered the meaning into my ear.
What I was concerned about was immediately resolved and the maid retreated instantly into the shadows. Do the maids of my house receive ninja training?

「This is a simulated wand. Here you go」

What was offered to us is a black rod.
Of course it is not just a rod, it gradually becomes thinner towards the end so it is understood which one is the end and which is the tip at a glance. A ball-like marble sticks to the point of the handle.
It seems that the model was not a fashion type thing but a mock wand. Misleading appearance.

「This is actually a simulated wand used in the intermediate section. The two of you can use it because limitation magic is placed on it, so it can be used safely even if an attribute is unstable」


Although it is a missed reply, the inside is pretty excited.
Just being able to experience magic was bewildering enough.

「Well then, please be patient. Ah, you must not point it towards the mansion or a person」

But as a beginner says if you do not do it will then you will really fail. Explanation is important.

「Arm straight out…… yes, please hold it tightly. When you wave it do not hesitate」

As I was told, I firmly clasp the wand in my hand.
It looks like a person drawing something. Or Homerun declaration.

「Well then, Greas-san. Please wave the wand from the top down」

「Ah, Yes…..」

Explanation became rough suddenly.
Greas-sensei also looked uneasy, but without swaying, he raised the wand, breathed deeply and then swung all the way down.


Before swinging completely down, just in the middle.
From the tip of the wand, light blew out.
For a moment I thought that it was seriously fireworks. A light trick using water, such a feeling.
There is no sound like fireworks, there is no smell, the place where the glowing light has fallen is not burnt. It became small before the surprised Greas-sensei pulled himself together and he was breathed deeply, at the end it was sucked into the tip of the wand and disappeared without a trace.



Greas-sensei stood stunned and stopped moving. I only barely muster out a voice.
I had started it but Orsseine-san seemed to be smiling from the bottom of his heart, or was it just my imagination? Either way I take it that you are happy.
Right now, I am too surprised to be able to play the hypocrite confidently.

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  1. I thought she went to the magic academy. Doesn’t she know how to use magic because she experienced this life five times when she was in autoplay?


    1. Perhaps she was busy laughing her ass off at Mariabell’s consequences so she forgot them all. Just like Keith said: she’s stupid lol

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    2. I think while autoplay, she’s in the backseat of the car. She didn’t/can’t steer the wheel, control the gear, etc. She’s literally powerless. I mean, in autoplay, you’re not in control in anything. Each of your five senses while you’re in the car is dependent on the driver.


  2. I really don’t think she’s actually stupid in the text like people are saying, it’s not like she’s portrayed as a bakarina or super dense protag? Her struggle’s make sense for her situation.


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