Otome Game Rokkushuume 15

Chapter 15: Abnormality brings chances

It was a few minutes later that Greas-sensei and I recovered from the shock. Greas-sensei started looking back at me and the body clock that had stopped started moving.
Two people just stare at each other and share surprises and emotions. You can believe only at this moment.
Simply put, magic is amazing.

「How was it, try using it」

Clap*Clap*Clap* Hearing the sounds of both hands clapping we finally saw Oresseine-san
I’m sorry, I completely forgot about you.

「A …… ano, I as very surprised…but something, I was impressed….」

「Fu fu, it was my first time, but it was wonderful」

I do not know what I want to say, but apparently Greas-sensei seems to have been extremely moved.
I grasp the simulated wand with both hands and my eyes sparkle.
Anyhow, for the first time Greas-sensei acts suitable to his age…..
Because I am still a young girl, Greas-sensei will not say anything about my behavior, but now I feel like a boy to suit my age.

「Well, next is Maria-sama’s turn?」

「Ah … yes!」

U~u, I am nervous…!
I can see that I am sweating gently in the palm holding the wand.
I wonder if I will miss the moment to wave it. To fail because of hand sweat rather than grip strength….that is a subtle line for a young lady.

「Su~ … …. Hah…」

Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
Take a deep breath. It’s okay, I am normal. You can do it if you think you can. I am a child who can do it by all means.


I made up my mind and swung down with all the momentum.

── What happened in that moment.


Funny, it was too late when I thought so.
A shock I could not endure flowed through my arm with a flash of light and I let go of the wand and fell on my backside.
After letting go of the wand, it was like it had it’s own existence, Emphasis, it pulsated brightly as if saying that I should recognize it.
It’s as if it were alive.


Oresseine-san called out my name as I looked bad, but I could not react to it.
I was impatient. I was scared. I was confused.
I could not understand at all what was happening.
Just a single thought, why? Only doubt is running around my head.

I should have done the same thing as Greas-sensei, why was the result different? If this was an individual difference I could have laughed but from seeing Oresseine-san’s reaction, this seems to be abnormal, not individuality.
The wand is repeatedly beating as if linked to my heart that gets furious.

「Maria-sama, here…..」

Oresseine-san is reaching out his hand while approaching here. Desperately, me, to protect Greas-sensei.
However, faster than that, the light that gave pain to the eyes disappeared as if sucked in, and the beating stopped.
A momentary silence spread as if nothing happened, but there is no reason to be relieved.
Because it is always quiet before the storm.


A light is released that was too strong again, but I soon realized that it was not only shining.
For example, the moment before a bomb explodes and then the shockwave after the explosion.

Ah … this is a mess.

「Maria ……!!」


Someone called me before my body was attacked.
My body was warmed up by something warmer than when someone said that voice or reply.

Finally, my sight became dark.

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