Otome Game Rokkushuume 17

Chapter 17: The bad feeling was right unfortunately

When I open my eyes, I am behind the canopy of a light purple bed.
It was a very pretty room that was decorated in pink and white in the past but…….I am sorry, because I felt too restless from the girlish decorum I renovated it.
Now both my room and bedroom are based on a white accent color with  diluted purple so it is not bothersome to the eyes, I think that it is a room that will not feel uncomfortable even if used by high school students.
Every piece of furniture accessories is elegant, but it is also refined, although the canopy bed I am using is neither normal or simple.
But it is within tolerance range than compared with before.

Anyhow, to escape from reality this much.
Why am I here?


How far do you remember?
Today was Oresseine-san’s last lesson, I had attend class with Greas-sensei without any problems.
So then Oresseine-san had us use magic with the simulated wand and Greas-sensei succeeded so it was my turn next ─ ─.


I remembered……no, I did not forget it actually.
As soon as I shook the wand suddenly strange things happened, I thought that this was bad……and fainted like that.
I did not think that such a thing could happen, but most of all the sense of delicacy of having fainted remained to me above all. Even though I fretted, I was not considerably injured.


Or actually, why am I completely unscathed?
I do not understand what that phenomenon is either. But that certainly had some “offensive power”.
I could not have avoided it when I fainted.

「At that time……」

Everything was a blur and a shock, I remember thinking that it was inevitable death just before fainting.

I feel like I was called by someone.
Someone had called me, and I feel like I was caught in the arms.
The voice that remained in my ears, sounded familiar. It was the first time I had heard such a rushed tone in that voice, but still no mistake that voice belongs to.


The voice was adult-like but much lower than my mother, and it did not have the dignified presence of father or Oresseine-san, it was still the voice of a child.
The owner of that voice that protected me was no mistake Greas-sensei…..probably.

「The voice called Maria…….」

I think that the last voice I heard was “Maria”.
But……Greas-sensei calls me Maria-sama.
Even if I am his student, I am the daughter of a Duke whose is also the employer to Greas-sensei. So it was impossible to abandon, it was refused when I asked Greas-sensei about it.
Even at the beginning the compromise “Maria-sama,” was shown to be difficult. Initially it was “Maria ojōsama” and took a long battle before the compromise was reached.
……So I suppose, it is not Greas-sensei? Or am I misunderstanding the words?

「Maria-chan! You’re awake!」

When I looked towards the voice of joy, my mother stood at the door of the bedroom.
Uーn, it seems that my mother came into the room while I was pondering inside my head. She thought that I was not wake up and did not knock. She always does that when she comes to call me in the morning.

「The doctor said that you were all right, but I was worried. Does it hurt anywhere? Are you feeling sick?」

「I apologize for worrying you worry, okasama. It’s fine, it does not hurt anywhere and I do not feel unpleasant」

「Good…..wait a moment, I will call your father now」

My mother touched my cheek and shoulders, raising only the upper body and gave me a kiss on the cheek before leaving the bedroom.
When I think of the beginning, it has got much brighter……it seems like a lie that I could not meet you.
Mother who went out with light steps returned shortly, but in the back was father and Oresseine-san with expressions of relief, and why is Greas-sensei also here?
No, there is no problem with Greas-sensei? He is probably worried about my injuries, troubled about the situation, and wanted to apologize, but……what time do you think it is?
When I was in the courtyard the sun was still high up and bright outside, but now the sky is pitch dark, the stars and the moon sparkling in the sky. In other words, definitely nighttime. Not evening, but night.
Do you not need to go home? Your parents, aren’t worried?

「Maria, good…..I was worried」

「Complexion looks good, I feel relieved」

「Father, Oresseine-san, sorry for making you worry. I am all right now」

My father stroked my head and Oresseine-san gave me a light palpation.
For some reason Greas-sensei is standing silently and keeping himself hidden behind the three adults surrounding me.
He will not talk and he will not move. I cannot see his face hidden behind father, but there was nothing that seemed to be injured on the body seen from the gap, so I felt relieved.

「Maria, are you really feeling all right now?」

「Yes, my physical strength has recovered as I was sleeping」

「Is that so……then, there is something we need to talk about」

「……Yes, what is it?」

「It’s not from me, it’s from Greas」

Even though I thought that it was about the incident earlier and put on a serious attitude to show that I was listening.
I have become speechless to father who backed away plainly, and Greas-sensei cautiously came forward from behind my father’s shadow.
Did you mean, I did something …?
I think that Greas-sensei was the one who helped me. If you tell me that there is something from that person, I do not have a good feeling. Because I don’t even remember what happened.

「Because we will take a seat outside, please tell me when it’s finished」

「Yes, thank you very much」

「Eh, ano, wai-……」

Why do we have to talk alone? Don’t ignore my opinion!
There was no way I could say those words, so in the end I could only watch my father and the rest as they left.

「Even though you’re sick, I’m sorry」

「No……it is fine」

Even though you say “sick” I only fainted. I am unscathed, I slept and I recovered a lot and my body is doing fine.
The mental aspect is reverse though.

「Ano……what did you want to talk about?」

「I will quit my job as a tutor today」

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