Otome Game Rokkushuume 18

Chapter 18: Being a gate

「..……Eh? 」

Without grace or hesitation, the words thrown were too sudden to receive, I did not know what was said for a few seconds.

「J-, just now……」

「As of today, I will quit my job as a tutor」

The reality does not change after hearing it again.
However, I just realized that I did not misheard him.
I did not have a good feeling, but this is too unexpected.

「What …why…was it my fault?」
「It is different」

Could it be due to today’s situation? Did you get hurt somewhere? Did I became hated because of this? Did you feel responsible?
A variety of bad thoughts flowed into my mind, but it was cut short by Greas-sensei’s words. It was denied instantly.
I was relieved……but then why?

「It’s not Maria-sama’s fault, it’s also not because I am dissatisfied with this job. The reason is me」


Greas-sensei explained to me who did not understand without any trouble.
What happened when I fainted?.
The fact then became clear there.

「You have an attribute?」

「I also did an examination, there is no mistake. I have a holy attribute」

「Holy attribute……」

Certainly, the capture target Greas, who became a teacher has a holy attribute. It is not surprising that he has the same attribute like the him in the route.
But, I did not think it would become clear here.
When he became a tutor, I did predict the possibility of a different development from the time of auto mode….but this is another unexpected development.

「Since my attribute became clear, I decided to enter Avantor Academy. If I use the special enrollment system and scholarships, even I can attend without any problems……toshu-sama has already completed the procedures」

「……So, then tutoring」

「Yes. When I go to the school, in my case I will live in the dormitories.

Although Avantor Academy gathers students from all over the country, the Craine Kingdom is large. Yet the transportation methods are full of holes, there are trains and airships, but the number is small and the price is high. If you belong to the nobility you have a dedicated transportation method, but the commoners who enter as a special student does not have those.
Therefore, Avantor Academy is equipped with dormitories.
Of course not only commoners but also nobles can live in the dormitories, and although it is not a boarding system, most new students seem to prefer a dormitory every year.
I saw it when I was in auto mode, and it is a gorgeous facility. The eyes were cold, but Mariabell seemed to like it. It seems that you cannot judge one’s person reaction from just their body.
The story diverted. In other words, Greas-sensei is saying that he will quit his job in order to attend school. If you live at the dormitories you will only be able to come back during the weekends and you will not have time to be a tutor.
If that is the case, it cannot be helped. I do not intend to protest, I will not say anything once I hear reasons that are too legitimate.

「Is that so…..it is a little disappointing, but it is a good thing. Congratulations Greas-sensei」

「…….Thank you very much」

Whether he was nervous or not, Greas-sensei’s facial expression which was serious from the beginning relaxed. The same as usual, the face of a small child.
I wonder if he thought that I would lash out at him. If it is the Mariabell before, I do not know, but I will not do such a thing.



「I’m really thankful to you」

Lowering his head and words of gratitude for the second time. To me who kept my mouth closed because I did not know what it was for, Greas-sensei did not worry and kept on speaking.

「Thanks to Maria-sama, I got the chance to learn magic」

If you actually think about it, that’s not the case.
Disappointing…..may be bad to say, but certainly those words should not be directed to me.

「That is…..incorrect It is not myself, but Greas-sensei’s own power. I have not done anything」

The “cause” that revealed his holy attribute is because of me, but I should not be thanked by Greas-sensei for that.

「I am the one who was helped in that dangerous situation. I’m really thankful to you」

If Greas-sensei was not there, I do not know what would have happened to me. There are many unknown things about that phenomenon, but without Greas-sensei, there is no doubt that I would not be intact.
Besides, Greas-sensei is a key character next to the hero, who is a capture target and a hidden character. Even if it was not revealed this time, it would probably be revealed somewhere else. Though I can’t say that to the actually person.

And, as far as the emotional appreciation chapter is concerned.
I still have one thing to worry about.

「Greas-sensei, I still have one thing I am worry about」

「Yes, what is it?」

「When you helped me in the courtyard … did you call me by my name, Maria?」


Did you think I do not care?
It is definitely a trivial thing and I am not too bothered by it myself, but if he quits as my tutor, I will not see him for a while so I asked him now when I still had the chance.
Even if it does not matter much, just a bit, I heard a noise behind but before I turn could around I had fainted.
……Who else could it have been.

「At that time….it was very chaotic……I do not remember well」

He replied while avoiding my stare and his gaze wandered around, maybe he really does not remember. And I am impatient about him not remembering.
The reason…..I imagine. Is because he declined once already.

「……I am sorry if I did something rude but I really do not remember──」
「That is not it」

I managed to stop myself from holding my head, and interrupted his words.
Maybe I did possibly misheard or maybe not, and if not he possible could feel bad about breaking formalities.
But he does not need to apologize because I am not angry.
What I want to say is not that kind of thing.

「It’s not like that….while we are on the topic, I thought if you could call me that way from now on」

「Oh … that …」

「Will you call me by just Maria?」

He once refused, I would like you to call me “Maria” instead of “Maria-sama” if possible.
Honestly, ojosama or Maria-sama and the likes…. I am not good with them. Because I do not have enough consciousness as a noble daughter, it is not easy to get accustomed with it, and if that person is older …… I just cannot get use to it.
Even though I was with Mariabell for the past five rounds, most of the time was spent bullying the “unworthy” noble daughters, and afterwards from an oppressor to the one being oppressed.
There was not a chance to learn the qualities of a noble daughter. If there was one thing I learned from Mariabell, it is that there is such a thing called “divine retribution”.
As expected, Oresseine-san and Anne and the rest of the maids will not abandon the [formalities]. It seems that it would affect their work over there.
In comparison, I prefer Keito or anyone who does not get caught up with the formalities so much. Also Keito’s father calls me “Maria-chan”.

「But…..that is」
「Furthermore, you are no longer my tutor, correct?」

I am no longer the child of his employer, as my father is no longer Greas-sensei’s employer. I feel that gratitude has something to do with it, but that part is already through.
In truth, I should respect Greas-sensei who taught me as his “student”.

「Is it not okay?」


I am troubled. I feel guilty feeling that I am interfering with something really embedded in his conscience. I had no intention of doing that, but Greas-sensei seems to have deep feelings of gratitude towards me.
How long has this silence continued? In the end, it was Greas-sensei who broke it.




It was barely audible, but it was certainly my name that I heard.
I am happy, I held my breath, one more time to confirm. The second time I heard it properly, Greas-sensei himself is feeling confused. Although it did not make a sound, the mouth was moving “sama”.
But that’s acceptable. Compared to being downright denied, there is nothing wrong.

「……I am happy, thank you very much!」

「No, it’s not a big deal, but…..it did feel somewhat strange」


Although he was a bit troubled, Greas-sensei smiled happily along with me.
I am somewhat lonely, but I know that this is not a goodbye. My dark history will only increase if I cry and play the part of an emotional separation.
Calmly, but not coldly, he said, with an amiable feeling like going on a trip.

「Take care, Greas-sensei」 .

「……I’m going, Maria」

And in the end, Greas-sensei left for the school.
After I parted with Greas-sensei, I know the next time we meet we will have a lot to talk about.

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  1. Thank you for your hard work, I’ve just found this novel yesterday, and it’s very heartwarming, thanks for translating it


  2. Again how old is she? she didn’t talk like little girl and no one care about it .
    it’s only me who thinks the story is more interesting when someone tell the story and not herself.

    those chapters of Greas were better that the original


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