Otome Game Rokkushuume 19

Chapter 19: This is the future festival

After the refreshing farewell with Greas-sensei, I had regaining my peaceful days.

The incident that made Greas-sensei awaken his attribute, no matter how much I used or examined my magical power, I did not know the certain cause.
However, as a result of examining my magical powers, it turns out it was different from normal magical power, it may have something to do with the constraint on magic, this reasoning seems to be the most plausible.
Actually there are rarely those who have some mutation in magical power, and in those cases it is more difficult to control magical power than usual. Such a person “seem to say”.
I myself thought that the cause is due to the fact that auto mode was disabled, but…I cannot say such a thing.
After all, I did not understand the reason clearly, I decided to begin with magic control, using a special magic tool.

The tutor that was hired in place of Greas-sensei was an aging woman named Linda Works.
The sunlight illuminated the hair and soft eyes of the oba-sama, and combining the generosity that comes from experience and the mother-peculiarity of women. She seems to possess immense knowledge not only in magic, but also in “Special magical powers”, she seems to be the ideal person to teach magic to me.
Even in her classes, she is good at teaching and has a wonderful personality.
If I were to raise one difficult point………it would be that she praises me way too much.
She praises me excessively for answering any questions correctly ……I am unable to be happy though. Because everything I solve is primary school level materials.
As I said over and over, my mental age is essentially 5x a high school student.
Even if you can calculate two figures, read short stories, even if you are praised just by remembering the history of the country……..it is hard to be joyful. It is rather painful.
She’s a nice person ……something like a sweet aunt to her niece. Though you can also say she is grandmother who is sweet to her grandchild, but she is not actually that old.

But this is trivial.
If you think of comparing this to death flags, l rather accept the exaggerated compliments from my aunt.
Now, apart from Greas-sensei, there is little fear of my death flag.
After my peaceful days were restored, several years passed.

Before I noticed, I was nine years old.

× × × ×

「It is so peaceful that it’s scaryー……」

「Do not say things that do not make sense, hurry up and finish」


I was dismissed immediately by Keito and I turn around to my notebook once again.
We are at the usual rose garden again. Like back then when it was Greas-sensei and me, I take out my writing utensils and am currently in the middle of a study group.
Even though I say that, Keito is only here to keep me company.

「Why do you always call me ….」

「Because if I did it by myself, I would not be able to focus」

「I do not understand why me being here would help you focus」

「Keito is just here so I don’t feel lonely」

「I am leaving」

Even though he says that, he is actually a pretty nice guy whom keeps me company while saying mean words. The face is also beautiful, I think I will be motivated if he would be more friendly and give words of encouragement.
Oops, this is bad. I’ll be scolded again if I think of bad things.
Recently Keito has become able to read my thoughts. I don’t mean in an Esper sense, it seems it is easy to understand from my attitude.
How easy is it to understand the thoughts of a child who hasn’t even reached 10-year old yet?

「… Maria, the hands have stopped」

「Ah … I’m sorry」

「If you are tired, should you do other things? Do you have any?」

「…..Something like that」

Although I am not really tired…… to avoid being caught that I was thinking unnecessary things, let’s keep it together.
I put away the writing utensils and took out a crystal ball that fits in my hands.
Of course it is not just a crystal ball but one of the magic tools.

「……Ah, I forgot the pedestal」



Keito has on an expression of disbelief, but I do not mind because I can do without it. I was called stupid by a child, but I am older than him, I do not care at all at all!
Breathe in greatly then breathe out, and put power in the two hands with the crystal ball. When there is a pedestal, I will hold both hands to the crystal ball, but now I do not have it, and to be honest this way is easier.
With a few seconds, the center of the crystal ball begins to shine dully.
OK, I will succeed today!

「……! 」

When you put more power into it, the brightness also grows along with it.
A little longer……!


When I thought I was just about to succeed, the light suddenly weakened and eventually disappeared.

「……Failed, right. Don’t mind」

「I thought that it was goodー!!」

Even though I struggled with all I could, the result does not change. This ritual that has been going on for half a year has ended again in failure today.
Since I knew that I had different magical powers, I began to learn magic thoughtfully. Beginning from the foundations taught by Oresseine-san and also about my “Special magical powers”.
And six months ago, Linda-sensei gave me this crystal ball as the final exam.
This Crystal Ball is a magic tool used by a human who have different magical powers like me … to learn control … … is it better to say magic teaching material?
By putting magical power in this crystal ball, I gradually learn control.
And if you perfectly acquire control, this crystal ball deforms as proof. If that happens, I will graduate from studying control, and I can start practicing magic in the open.

「I thought that I will succeed today …」

「Un, it was regrettable」

「I want to succeed before I go on to middle school……」

「Isn’t it fine? Linda-sensei also said that Maria is a quick learner」

「That’s right …… With no-attribute magic I can practice with Keito. It’s boring to do it alone」

「……Why does this involve me now?」

「That is that, this is this」

「Stupid, foolish, cat-like reijo」

「Wait a moment, where did you learn such words」

Has your mouth been getting worse year by year? Are boys like this? Even so, Greas-sensei was kind. These are violent words to be throwing at a young girl.
We exchange verbal insults. I say the same insults like stupid and foolish, there is no reason to carelessly hurt the other party because of such trivial matters.
I ended it at a suitable place and we began conversing normally again.

「Maria-chan, are you thereー?」

It seems that there are rare visitors today.



「As I thought, you were with Keito-kun」

The rare visitor who appeared smiling as usual was mother. Deria-sama, it is the nickname Keito calls my mother by. At the beginning he called her okusama, but my mother told him that she was fine with him calling her auntie, in the end it was finally settled on Delia-sama.

「I thought you would be here at this time. I am sorry that I interrupted your study」

「No, because it’s over」

「Because Maria couldn’t concentrate anymore」


Do not say unnecessary things! Close your mouth!

「Fufu, you two really are good friends. Maria-chan there is something I want to talk about though」

「To me?」

That is unusual.
It is not unusual to talk, it is unusual for mother to go out of her way to visit the rose garden to talk.
There is a rose garden at our house, the person who maintains it is Keito’s father, and the owner is my father, but my mother seems to like the courtyard better than here and comes only when we are with someone in the rose garden.
As we will have dinner together, even if she has something to say it could just be done there.
Is it urgent? She does not appear to be in a hurry then … what is it?

「What is it?」

「Actually, the date of the second prince’s birthday party was decided」


The second prince … … I found blood clung to that word.
The second prince, the number two prince, the second in line to succeed the throne. Such a person, there is only one person in our country. I know, I remember, I’m a person who wants to forget it.
I cannot help it because I want to close my ears to my mother’s words. I do not want to hear the words that follow.
The peace that I regained is threatened once I hear it.
I know, I undertand……that I cannot ignore it.

「It’s next week, but Maria-chan is going to join us as well because they invited you!」

「Is that so.……」

While making a smile only at my mouth I thought at that time somehow I need to find a way to fall sick by next week.
Sorry to say but I am scared. I will apologize so come back peace…….!

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  1. “The second prince … … I found blood clung to that word.
    The second prince, the number two prince, the second in line to succeed the throne”.

    Just to make clear guys ,he is the second Prince

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