Otome Game Rokkushuume 20

Chapter 20: Dona, Dona

There is a main hero in this Otome game.
Like in any anime or manga likewise the same in this game, from the plenty of capture targets and individual routes, the story is made up of multiple routes of each person, finally, at the end is the extreme satisfaction of winning for the heroine. He is drawn largely on the promotional arts, or introduced as a character second to the heroine. The prince who has the absolute perfect and flawless specs. That is the main hero of this Otome game. See the cf. of Mariabell Tempest for more info.

And the main hero of “LinaLia” is Runa Vi Leonova. The person with the second highest succession rights in the Craine Kingdom, in order words yours truly the second prince
The thing that I want you to remember here is the birthday party of the second prince, which I will attend next week.

Second prince’s birthday party.
The second prince, Runa Vi Leonova.
The main hero “Runa Vi Leonova”.

The mere thought of him nearly reversing the contents in my stomach, please keep that a secret.

× × × ×

After speaking with my mother, my study session ended because I couldn’t focus anymore.
I sat on the sofa in my room and remembered the death sentence I just heard.

「The 10th anniversary party celebrating the birth of Prince Runa……」

In short it is a party commemorating Prince Runa’s 10th birthday. I hate how they have to talk in such a roundabout way. What’s with the 10th anniversary part? Do that when you are 20 years old at least. You could celebrate adulthood.

「Ojosama, it’s about time for dinner soon」

「Ah, yes, I’m going now」

I think that the Anne who speaks to the me who is muttering darkly under my breathe without any hesitation is a strong person. From the side it probably looked like something straight out of a horror movie.
Well it is a mystery whether she even has the feelings called “fear”.

There is a new fact that I learned from my magic studies.

The total number of servants in this house is 23 people. There are seven men including Oresseine-san, and the gardener Keito’s father, five women including Linda-sensei.
And all the remaining ten are classified as maids, but they do not have the concept of gender.
The ten people are not human beings but are magical tools.
At first glance they do not look any different from humans, but when they remove their clothes there was an indirect joint like an mannequin, when I first saw it I cried unintentionally and embraced my mother. Like a moving mannequin straight from a horror movie.
They wear dressed in maid dresses, have the same power as men, and can do the work without sleeping. Of course since it is a magical tool, if the magical power runs out, it will cause the battery to die.
And all of them are terribly beautiful, but also terribly unsociable.
Even if it looks human, there is no muscle or internal organs, in other words there are no facial muscles.

Do you remember when I thought that I was disliked by the servants in the past? Because the nomen maids kept crushing all opportunities to meet mother.
The reasons is because of them.
The three maids currently accompanying me “Anne” “Du” “Torowa” They would not fold no matter what I did and broke my spirit many times…….I will never forget the day I learned about them from Oresseine-san. It is trauma rather than memories.

However, I was glad that I could prove that I was not disliked. Above all, when I understood that they would overlook eccentric conducts……I was relieved from the bottom of my heart.
These girls, they are good at hiding their presence. The ability of appearing and disappearing unexpectedly.
When I thought that they were ordinary nomen maids, I could not voice any complaints even though it was in my room.
But now it is nothing even if I grumble about in my room!
…… It is better if there is no content to grumble about.

「Mother, father, I kept you waiting」

It seems that my father and mother were already in the dining room waiting for me.
They may have waited a long time since I took refuge from reality and it was quite late…..

「Fufu, I just arrived here as well so it’s fine」
「The food will not run away so there is no need to hurry」

「Yes, thank you very much」

The two smiled back as I sat down on the seat.
The dishes arranged on the table are as usual, everything seems to be delicious.

「Well then, let’s begin」


I put both hands together and start eating. Ever since my father and mother reconciled, dinner has always been very pleasant.
Today, it sounds like the devil ‘s voice inviting me to hell.

「By the way, Maria, did you hear about Prince Runa’s birthday party already?」

It cameー!

「……Yes, I heard」

That’s right, so this is where the talk will be heading, but I apologize father because I will divert you with my full power……!
Although it was impossible to do such a thing, so while crying on the inside I nodded with the pretense of serenity.

「So you want to go after all. I was going to wait till dinner to tell you, but someone ended up telling you in advance」

「B-because……I wanted to tell her as soon as possible」

What a heartbreaking thought.
Mother, thank you for always being so kind. But this time I am not pleased at all……!

「At the time of Soreiyu-sama’s birthday party, Maria-chan could not go because of her physical condition. That’s why I thought this time……」

Eh, sorry, what time are you talking about? Let me try to remember……Un, no memories.
Falling sick and being unable to attend Soreiyu-sama’s birthday party this is the first time I have heard of this.
Soreiyu-sama is Prince Runa’s older brother, the first prince. By the way he could be a source of destruction for me, he is a cautionary person equivalent to the capture target.
In Runa’s route, Mariabell collaborated with Soreiyu and tried to tear up the relationship between Karen and Runa. Soreiyu who had his eyes on Karen’s reinforcement magic tried to make her his bride and Mariabell who wanted Prince Runa for herself.
Accomplices with aligned interests, they formed a plan, the plan was carried out and their destiny sealed.
After they did so, Mariabell was exiled from the country along with Soreiyu, and then in end she would be betrayed by Soreiyu, and what awaits her next is death. Whatever happens I only have a one-way ticket to hell available.
I think it is only because I became Mariabell, but isn’t this too brutal for an Otome game? Or is it because of Mariabell’s excessive personality? Either way I am not hateful.

「Three years ago there was a ten-year anniversary party commemorating Soreiyu’s birth. But Maria-chan ended up getting a cold…..I felt sorry that you couldn’t go, so I did not tell you」

「That’s right」

To the me three years ago, good job. Although I did not know it was still nice timing.
Ah, is it possible I used up all my luck that time? So this time it is flowing in the direction of attendance?

In terms of not wanting to be involved, I do not want to be involved with Soreiyu, but that doesn’t mean Runa is within tolerance level either. I do not want to meet either.

「Ano, mother I──」
「What would you like to do for your new dress? Maria-chan also grew bigger and I think we should make it feel a little more mature this time」

「I will leave it to Belldelia. We can talk to Oresseine, so we should make arrangements tomorrow」

「Yes! 」

They seem to be having a lot of fun. I cannot say I do not want to go. Imagining my mother’s face the moment I say…….my heart dies.
While imagining the design of my dress, to the mother who is laughing happily more than usual,「I do not want to see Prince Runa because I do not want to go!」I do not have the heart of steel to bring myself to say that. In the first place if I had such mental fortitude, even if I met Prince Runa I would be able to manage somehow.
My heart is not glass, but it’s only about the strength of plastic.

「It will be fun right, Maria-chan!」

「……Un, that’s right」

For the first time I felt that I understood the feelings of the calf in Dona, Dona. (ED: Dona, Dona is a Yiddish song about a calf being led to slaughter)

4 thoughts on “Otome Game Rokkushuume 20”

  1. She is honestly being dramatic, you don’t have to not go to the party just to crush the flag, just don’t act the same way as before since you know what will happen, my God


  2. I learned the song Donna Donna in English for choir in 2nd grade and I still have the chorus and and first verse memorized without music. It’s a beautiful song, if you ignore the fact that the calf is being led to slaughter.


  3. And the main hero of “LinaLia” is Runa Vi Leonova. The person with the second highest succession rights in the Craine Kingdom, in order words yours truly the second prince
    The thing that I want you to remember here is the birthday party of the second prince, which I will attend next week.

    Second prince’s birthday party.
    The second prince, Runa Vi Leonova.
    The main hero “Runa Vi Leonova”.
    Just to make it clear its Runa Vi Leonova, the second prince.


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