Otome Game Rokkushuume 22

Chapter 22: Hope is easy, reality is lunatic

It will be such a thing to say that I am shocked. Prince Runa and Prince Soleil and now the other capture targets, my head hurts.

Tuvalu and Niel, both of which are capture targets, the contents of their route are the complete opposite.
Niel, the youngest child of the Count, his character setting is dark. A typical example of a bullied child who is always nervous, weak and easy to understand. A character with fluffy moss-green hair down and round emerald green eyes, a cute and good-looking bishonen, but hides behind his long bangs and thick glasses giving him an overall impression of a gloomy character.

The reason is because of his parents. His two older brothers who have already debuted in society are very talented, and Niel who was originally shy, grew up always being compared to them.
You are useless, completely worthless, a disgrace.
Being doused in abusive language almost everyday, Niel’s heart was broken apart and he lost all confidence.
Under those circumstances the heroine comforts him, cheers him on, and Niel gradually regains his brightness.
So far it seems like a bitter-sweet romance story of a tragic bishonen and a bishojo who healed his heart……but now enters the infamous villainess Mariabell you are all familiar with.

Seeing the beautiful appearance of Niel which became apparent after his restored confidence, she disliked the closeness of the two people and tore them apart.
Just about that time, Juliano succeeded in securing a relationship with the Tempest house……Un, Mariabell absolutely did something, the timing is too good.
And soon Niel married the heroine afterwards, breaks away from his parents and succeeded as a novelist and achieved a happy ending. And they lived happily ever after. In the bad end, Niel was torn apart from the heroine, and throws himself into the sea after he was forced to marry Mariabell.

Me? In the happy ending, my downfall is announced in the epilogue, in the bad ending, Niel’s older brother places various criminal charges on me and I am executed.

It is the set end path of a villain. But I do not remember feeling a sense of impending crisis for Niel.
It is true that her ending is not bright as usual, but his game route is somewhat gentler compared to others because of his personality. Though it was also said because she appeared the least in his route

And then Tuvalu’s route goes in the opposite direction.
To be honest, his route is really scary. I thought Greas-sensei was the one I did not want to get involved with the most, but let me correct that. He is the one I do not want to get involved with the most.
If Niel’s route is white, then Tuvalu’s route is black. No, it may be red.
Because his route is said to die the most, or have the most deaths. Of course, including me.

Tuvalu Miranda is the son of the marquis, or is considered to be the only son.
Actually, however, he is even lower than a commoner, so essentially a slave.
Tuvalu’s mother is a prostitute whom Marquis Miranda kept, and she gave birth to a girl two years after she gave birth to Tuvalu. The father of course is Marquis Miranda.
However, Marquis Miranda threw out Tuvalu’s mother as soon as the daughter was born. Parent and children who were thrown out of the household and abandoned on the roadside, their social position drop down to slaves. Forced to live in the slums, his mother died and his sister was also sick from the harsh conditions…..in such a situation, an incident arise that the sole heir of Marquis Miranda died.

Only one successor, his only son. Then Marquis Miranda remembered.
The existence of a boy given birth by a prostitute, Tuvalu. Tuvalu was his son, so he tried to make him his heir.
Of course, Tuvalu hated it.
Even if I can become a nobleman, I do not want to live with the culprit that caused us all this suffering.
However, Tuvalu has a sister who was sick.
In exchange for medicine for his sister, Tuvalu will enter the Miranda household.
And thus the Marquis’ son, Tuvalu Miranda, was born.

It is already pretty dark so far. And thus Tuvalu who was good in the past, became a twisted character.
What was it called……Yandere? I have never seen the “dere” part of a yandere but that’s just my impression.

After entering the Miranda household, he became something like the childhood friend of the prince, his meeting with Karen is also because she was originally a woman involved with Prince Runa.
Just because you are the prince, do you need to go that far because of your childhood friendship? I would not do such a thing for Keito.
I think that you understand that Tuvalu’s “affection” is heavy at this point.
Incidentally, Tuvalu’s route is derived from the route of Prince Runa. Because she is associated with Prince Runa to a certain extent, she appears like a sister-in-law to Tuvalu.
And from that point trying to capture Tuvalu……yes, it was a pleasant surprise.

Just when Tuvalu and heroine start to become close, Marquis Miranda orders him to be engaged with Mariabell. I absolutely dislike this idea, but only this me.
In Tuvalu’s route, Mariabell is jealous of his sister and plans to kill her and Karen. Although I did not believe she would, you seriously did it, Mariabell.
In the happy end the assassination failed, and Mariabell was arrested for attempted murder. In the bad end the assassination is successful, and she is murdered by Tuvalu who was taken over by revenge at the lost of the heroine and sister.

Really scary. I am scared of both the happy and bad ending. Even in auto mode there was still fear.
Besides, how did I forget such a troublesome guy……!

「I will die tomorrow……」

Of course, I mean mentally rather than physically.

× × × ×

It passes overnight, and I’m in despair.
I thought overnight, but I could not think of Runa and Tuvalu countermeasures. Thoughts about Niel have already disappeared from my mind.
Runa alone is difficult enough but now also Tuvalu……it is impossible, I hope the difficulty level is easy!

「Maria-chan, are you ready?」

「Yes, please enter」

「Excuse me……ma~a, as I thought it suits you!」

「Un, beautiful Mariabell」

Anne who changed my clothes and did my hair withdraws. After the knock, my father and mother came in when giving permission.
Both of them praise me very much, but from my point the two people are amazingly surprised.
Although it is a birthday party, the one being celebrated is the prince, the clothes corresponding to the level of the ceremony. Even the modest mother is dressed lavishly today.
Both of them do not seem to have a child of nine years old.

「Kirua-sama, the carriage is ready」

「I’m coming now」

I could not return a smile to father who said “Well then, shall we go”.
I wanted to cry at the recklessness of going to the battlefield unarmed.

9 thoughts on “Otome Game Rokkushuume 22”

  1. This girl is a complete idiot.
    People say: neither death can cure stupidity.

    The way these endings do not happen is to avoid doing things wrong, not just running like an idiot avoiding people.


    1. Since she’s scared and traumatized (of what happened and what will happen/fear of unknown etc.) it’s not an idiotic thing to want to avoid those said people and it’s not idiotic wanting to have a peaceful life. shallow-minded person who just reads words and not imagine the characters emotions, situation and personality should just read other more “so-called-intelligent-mc” stuff.


      1. All those things didn’t happen to her and she knows how avoid it,she is scared I understand,but nothing will change if she just run, she can change everything in a way that not hurt her


  2. A lot of the original otome game doesn’t make sense lol like y was Mariabell jealous of the sister? In the end she is just a sister XD
    Game Mariabell is a really reckless villain. No wonder MC is scared of what could happen if she goes “auto mode” again. That’s why she wants to avoid all the game’s characters, she is scared that “auto mode” will activate again and prevent her from acting the way she needs to avoid the death flags.
    Also some reader’s seem to forget that she doesn’t know everything that is going to happen, she only knows what happens in her second year of high school. That’s why she doesn’t know the basics of magic as well. She doesn’t know how to interact with the game characters in her present time to prevent the story so this adds more anxiety for her. Also she actually lived through all her bad endings, it’s not that she only played through it as a game in a previous life, so she obviously has trauma. Imagine dying five times because of actions you had no control of.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for translating!

    I agree. Her actions may seem unnecessarily overdramatic to some, but having had to relive five years and see it end in misery every time while being helpless to do anything… What a nightmare.

    It’s a shame, she can’t just run away, far away or reveal to her parents so they can help her steer clear of the capture targets.


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