Otome Game Rokkushuume 23

Chapter 23: Does not cover the characters?

Upon arriving at the venue I had a nauseating feeling….to put it briefly, it was disgusting.
It is the royal family and as expected there is a castle. My house is a mansion because I am part of the aristocracy, but compared to royalty it is inferior.
However, even so, I did not think that the venue would be wide to the point you couldn’t even recognize from end to end!


Dumbfounded, dazed, startled. My current feeling can be expressed in those three words. As if pushing away reality, the glittering chandeliers are too dazzling to be seen in reality, Is this bullying?
My father and mother are busy with greetings, and it seems that the other nobles are doing the same. As I notice children are children, they were settled in a corner with desserts and juice.
It is a buffet style, but seemed to be tailored towards the older guests, it is difficult for children to reach the food and adults are absolutely necessary. Besides, children like sweets more than rice, maybe. At least I got attracted to the cake.

As of now, neither Prince Runa nor Prince Soleil, and neither Tuvalu nor Niel have emerged yet. The prince will be busy, although there are less children than adults, the children are also numerous.
…….Cake, is it okay to eat?
Sweet and gorgeous, the delicious cake in front of me was very hard to resist. Because, Mariabell is nine years old!


The cupcakes I tried were very tasty. It was brilliant pink but…..it cannot be judged from its appearance. I am the one who chose it though.
As is expected of a royal party, there seem to be no flaws.
Cookies, macaroons, financiers, cream puffs. Because I cannot eat so much, I take them all one by one and check the condition of the dish.

「Is there no brownies?」

I want to eat something chocolaty. If there are this many kinds of desserts, it has to be here somewhere……I do not want to move around much if possible.
Because I want to avoid the dangers I’m going to meet by keeping a low profile.

「It is really a strange eye color」


My heart skipped a beat when I heard a voice nearby when I was looking for desserts……maybe, I think that it was directed at me.
The voice came from a group of seven girls staring at me with their arms folded. Rather than saying all seven of them, there is a feeling that the child in the center is keeping the other six people remaining.
What to say……it is a deeply familiar scene.
Mariabell, the high school student, also brought her followers around like this to scorn and bully Karen. It looked like a bad bargain sale. It is economical to say it is a bargain sale even though it is a noble. Of course it is ironic.

「Tempest household’s reijo, Mariabell-sama correct?」

「Yes, but……pardon me, who are you?」

The eyes of the surroundings rise to my words.
Eh, what, this is my first time meeting this person. Either way I am uneased that she knows my face and name, do not miss the question mark!

「My name is Francia Cetone Tigerson, a branch of the royal family」

Branch…..is it like relatives of Prince Runa? The face is not very similar, and the hair color and so on are also different though.
Prince Runa and Prince Soleil have silver hair, but this……Francia-sama is blonde. The curls do suit her well though.
Ah, the eye color is the same blue. But blue eyes are common, so it does not become a criterion of judgment.
The age may be older than me, no maybe even older than Prince Runa. It is difficult to judge from looks, but in terms of height, perhaps.
I thought quite carefully, but what does a royal branch family member want with me?

「I’ve heard about you. You contributed to the discovery of a natural-born attribute」

Natural-born attribute, the incident with Greas-sensei?
Attribute possession is rarely found before admission to middle school, I guess it can’t be helped that there was some rumors……I was the cause rather than making a contribution.
I feel like I’m being wronged.

「Not so……rather, I was the one helped by him」

「Ara, is that so?」

That’s right.
Rumors will not be entirely correctly, at least it must be corrected for the amount heard directly. I don’t really know how to explain it, even I can’t make head or tails of it.
Francia-sama who listened to my words nodded many times as if she understood, and then laughed.
Somehow……I know this laughter.

「Because everybody evaluated it very highly, but as I expected……a rumor is a rumor」

Ah……I remembered.
This expression, this tone, I also know it very well.

「After all, it is a person who draws blood from the Wimbuto family」

This is the expression Mariabell makes when she looks at the heroine, the tone of the expression when talking with the heroine.
When insulting and laughing at the person.

「It was someone who also has the same blood as the Duke, but I see it was wrong of me to get my hopes up」

From the center, Francia-sama approaches me one step.
Bending her waist slightly and aligning eyes with my mine, the mocking smile disappears, and a scornful look replaces it.

「Really, those are truly disgusting eyes」

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