Otome Game Rokkushuume 24

Chapter 24: Perfect Skill

To those words, I remember words that Mariabell said to the heroine.
Retribution, what goes around comes around, serves her right She had abused and mocked in front of my eyes, I knew that she was the worst villainous daughter, that Mariabell had brought herself to the lowest.
In truth, she was doing such things very often.

「To expose such eyes in the public, If the blood of the Tempest family were inherited even a bit more, there would be no reason to show such things on Runa-sama’s memorable birthday」

She has a sharp tongue. A person who has no problem belittling others, she looks exactly like Mariabell.
A child grows up looking at their parents. I have already grown to a certain extent so it doesn’t really apply to me, but I guess they watched their parents.
Those earlier words were directed at mother and the Wimbuto house. In other words, these girls……No, Francia-sama’s parents disapprove of the marriage between mother who is the daughter of the Earl and father, the Duke. These “eyes” of mine, I often carefully observe my surroundings with them and learn.
Ma~a, I am a noble after all, though I think that the social status is annoying. Especially since father and mother have differences not only in their status but also in their appearances. I like mother, but if I think objectively she is definitely not gaudy and is very quiet. Because my father is showy, I can understand it very well.
However, to actually attack me.
Is it because she is a royal family branch……so the duke house means nothing?

Ma~a, it doesn’t really matter.

「I actually rather like my own eyes」

「……So your taste is also bad, how pitiful」

What kind of reaction did you expect?
I had neither started crying nor bawling, but on the contrary my face had not changed and it seemed Francia-sama was unsatisfied by that.
Did you wanted me to start crying or screaming, or did you want me to get angry? Anyhow, I think that she wanted to see some kind of reaction to her words.
But I apologize, I have lived five times as a villainess after all.
I do not know what you were expecting, but I will not break down from merely just that.

「Even if my eyes disgust Francia-sama, that cannot be helped. I cannot control how other people feel after all」

In fact, I think that it cannot be helped if I am disliked. If I did something I can apologize, but if you do not like my appearance, I cannot do anything about it. There is no way to change it, so there is nothing that can be done but to put up with her disgust.
This is not really a big deal if compared it to a death flag. I was surprised by her incomprehensibility, but that’s all.

「Anyhow, if my eyes are unpleasant, that’s fine. Please do your best not to put me in your sight」

Finally, I finished with a smile. With the meaning of saying this is the end.
It will become a fuss if I do not finish it quickly. We are in the middle of where children are gathered, moreover, my eyes have started becoming sore because it is one to seven.
My only goal is to finish today without drawing attention, so why should I risk it over such a trivial matter?

「If that is all, please excuse me」

Moving lightly, I turn my back to Francia-sama and her party.
Elegantly and quietly, like nothing had happen.
The feeling of glares behind my back must just be my imagination.

Ah, I forgot to find brownies…….

× × × ×

To avoid any gazes, I sit in one of the chairs lined up against the wall. In order to enjoy the snacks I picked, I chose a place not far from the gathering of children, but as unnoticeable as possible.
There is still space on the dish meant for the regrettable brownie, but there is not enough courage to return there.
Placing the dish on the side table, I start with a cookie, macaroons and financiers are also delicious.
As expected of a royal party, all of them are superb!
Since quantity and quality were not a problem I ate well, the last cream puff I ate was a double cream filled with custard and white cream.
It was delicious, there was no brownie, but it was still highly satisfactory.

But after eating so many sweets, I am thirsty.

「I wonder if there is any tea……」

If possible, crude tea is good, but that will not be here as that is said to be a commoner drink. Because juice was too high in sugar content, it seemed to make you even thirstier.
Straight tea would even be passably at this point.

「Here, please」


I wanted to dispense the dish and was about to stand up while thinking so. At that moment I heard a voice.
Because I was in the process of brushing off my skirt, I raised my face.
First of all, a pure white tea cup was in front of my eyes. Only the rim was bordered by a soft blue, it was a simple but elegant design.
Next, a light blue color.
A color reminiscent of water from the sky, the question of how my inner thoughts were known, had me at a loss for words.


「Because it seemed like you wanted tea, if you do not mind」

「No, ano, that’s not it……!」

Why are you talking to me so causally?
It’s the first time we met! And, if possible, it would have been better if we did not meet! Of course I meant for me.

「……Ah, I apologize, it was rude of me to not introduce myself first」

That person smiled and placed the teacup on the side table and brought his hand to his chest and lowered his head.

「I am the son of Marquis Miranda, Tuvalu Miranda」

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