Otome Game Rokkushuume 25

Chapter 25: Is god the abbreviation for god of plagues

Explain, someone, now, explain the situation!
There is no one who will hear no matter how much I shout in my mind.
But how, there was no shadow or shape until a while ago.
Just because I was absorbed in sweets and did not notice? That’s stupid.

「……Mariabell-sama, are you feeling alright?」

「Ah, yes. My name is Mariabell Tempest」

I was too agitated and had just stared at Tuvalu. Suspicious……or rather, I was seen with a troubled smile but finally pulled myself together.
I am currently unsettled, but before that I am a noble and this is a social gathering. It is impossible for me to disregard him after he introduced himself.
In a hurry, I brushed my dress lightly and lowered my head.

「I know. You are the daughter of the Tempest house, and a very talented person」

「No, I am……」

「You also handled that previous incident well」


I thought whether he meant the same thing as Francia-sama. About contributing to the discovery of an attribute. So I tried to deny it, but I couldn’t return anything to the next words he said with an ambiguous smile.
Did you saw what happen, a moment ago. I was aware of my surroundings, but I did not think that Tuvalu was nearby.
Maybe I should not count on my wariness so much.

「……Did you come to say just that?」

I do not know if it was in disgust or a praise, but if that is all hurry up and leave.

「No, I was just asked to play the role of mediator with you」

「 Mediator……?」

A mediator role. A person who acts as a go-between to resolve the conflicts of two parties.
…….I only have a bad feeling.

「Tuvalu, do not mind me」

「Runa……I told you to wait until I called」

A silver-haired boy with blue eyes appeared from behind Tuvalu.
In a place called a party where people dress up and gather, a person shining above everyone else, the person everyone is giving their blessings to and also today’s leading role.
Runa ・Vi・ Leonova


As a noble, when there is a prince before your eyes, the proper actions to take in this situation would be to lower your head and give your blessings, but I’m sorry, my head has yet to return.
It feels as if the air has been drained from the surroundings.
However, there is no doubt that it is quite a bad situation in my assumption.
While talking with Tuvalu, Prince Runa’s eyes does not leave me, and if I turn my back and run away I will surely be killed. Killed for Lèse-majesté or something; probably.

「Miss Mariabell Tempest」

「Wa, yes!」

Do not call me so suddenly, it’s bad for my heart.

「It seems one of my relatives said something rude a while ago」

「Relatives…….you mean Francia-sama?」


Tuvalu also, but how do you know? You were not near that time, were you?

「Those who were watching the scene told me」

What an unnecessary thing……!
I almost clicked my tongue unintentionally. I didn’t though.
In front of the prince, and I am a lady, there are many reasons why it would be bad if actually clicked my tongue.

「I apologize in place of Fran, I am sorry」

「No, it’s not a big deal……there is no need to bother Runa-sama over such a matter」

Or actually, I’m sorry but please do not do anything unnecessary.
It would attract even more attention if I let the prince personally apologize to me.
……no more attention please.

「It’s not a big deal? But……I heard that not only just Mariabell-sama, but also your mother was mentioned」

The person who reported to these two people, just how much did you say?
Francia-sama’s voice was not loud, but it was not small either, but she was aware of her surroundings though.
She is a branch royal family member, so even if she said some things it shouldn’t be that much of a problem…….why bother to even tell these two people. Choose an adult, though it would have been much better if you had just forgotten about it……!
Tuvalu and Prince Runa are turning their eyes in doubt…..but this feels like it won’t be resolved unless I say something.

「……I was told something about the color of the eyes」

Though I toned it down considerably it’s not a lie. In truth the main topic was about the color of the eyes. Something about lineage….but to be frank I wasn’t really paying attention.

「It is true that Mariabell-sama’s eyes are an unusual color」

「Even so, it should not be condemned」

……I wonder why, there is a great sense of incongruity when your targets of fear stand up for you. It is a nice thing, but somehow….it is surprising.

「I do not mind, so both of you please do the same」


「Values differ by person. Whether you see my eyes as beautiful or as eerie, I will leave it to you. I myself like this color, so it does not matter what other people think」

So please do not object, to be honest it is annoying how blown out of proportion this is.

「Therefore, Prince Runa please do mind either」

Keeping up this smile is getting hard. At the same time, my throat is getting dry.
If I drink the tea you brought…..Un, I feel useless. It seems to exist for me, but it is something Tuvalu brought.
Everything is fine so please leave quickly.

「Runa, how about leaving it 」

The one who threw out a life ring, Tuvalu
It was unexpected, but good job!

「If word gets out that a branch family member made an absurd remark to the daughter of the Duke……I do not know what kind of commotion it will make. Fortunately the King and other adults do not seem to be aware yet」

Good! Just like that! Put a stop to the feelings of Prince Runa!

「……I do not like leaving it like this」

「I know, however, if we continue it will be inconvenient for Mariabell-sama」

But do not mention me…..!

「Even if you judge Francia-sama’s actions, it should be done with the consent of Mariabell-sama. But she does not want it」

「……I understand」

Although he did not seem satisfied with how the situation ended, Tuvalu seems to have succeeded in persuading Prince Runa.
Thank you, I feel like my positivity has risen a little. But because it was already negative to begin with it now equals zero.

「Then this time we will leave it be due to the generosity of Miss Mariabell」

「Thank you very much」

I’m just lazy, not generous.
Francia-sama, even though she seems older than me, does not seem to be in high school yet. I think that she is about middle school level.
I will not be overwhelmed from the verbal abuse of such an opponent. It is cute if you think of it as something like puberty and rebellious stages.

「Tuvalu, I need to return to the greetings」

「Ah, I know」

「Good……then Miss Mariabell, excuse me」

The mantle on his shoulder fluttered as Prince Runa turned away from me.
I am glad that he gave up, but……

「……Ano, is Tuvalu-sama not going?」

「I have nothing to do with Runa’s greetings」

Next to me, there is still Tuvalu.
If it does not matter, why were you together…….I wanted to hear, but on second thought I rather not get involved.
Prince Runa, please take this person as well.

「A person like Francia-sama may appear again」

Apparently it seems he wants to be an escort.
Thank you, but for various reasons I would rather not be involved with you…….!

「The tea, won’t it become cold soon?」

「…….Thank you very much」

7 thoughts on “Otome Game Rokkushuume 25”

  1. She is kind of being dramatic, they don’t know anything about the future so it’s alright to hang out with them and etc. You arr making things bigger than it actually is. Just don’t do the same as when you were a villain, duh, getting annoying. What is wrong with teaching someone a lesson and getting getting a little attention my God. But then again, mostly all Mac’s in reincarnation mangas are like this. J wish there was a mc that had a nonchalant attitude*sigh

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  2. This chapter amused me. Especially the lines of

    “Thank you, I feel like my positivity has risen a little. But because it was already negative to begin with it now equals zero.” 😂 😂

    And the I’m just lazy, not generous.


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