Otome Game Rokkushuume 26

Chapter 26: Be an umbrella that shields against the rain

This person certainly moves at his own pace. The character setting is essentially an evil-minded boss, so maybe it is better to be my-pace. Or is he only a my-pace boss because he is still young?


Silence hurts. But I don’t talk. I am concerned that I might say something unnecessary.
Although I tried to think of an good idea of what to do in this situation, in the end, I just decided to concentrate on the black tea before my eyes.
Iyaー, it’s delicious. It is very delicious. I am actually too tense and do not know the taste.

「It is unexpected」

Tuvalu who was sitting next to me in chair suddenly spoke up. Silence has its own pain, but also I do not want to be spoken to.
However, I could not ignore him, I placed the half-empty cup back into it’s saucer and then turned around to face Tuvalu.

「What is?」

「I was thinking that as a daughter of the Tempest family you would be more…….noble-like」

More noble-like. It is obvious that it is not a compliment. It was worded politely, but essentially he thought that I would be similar to Francia-sama.
It is true that is the general face of nobility. Also my original character setting would be like that, so it is no exaggeration to say that it would be within my expertise.

「Francia-sama said some pretty unforgivable things. in truth, that was all she pretty much did」

In that case, why did you forgive her so easily?
This is what Tuvalu is trying to say. Even without telling everyone, there are a lot of thorns at the end of his words, I think that his words are practically a sea urchin embodied.

The image Tuvalu has on nobles is bad. Since I know the reasons, I think that it cannot be helped.
Indeed, many nobles are more or less difficult, including my parents, of course. On the front pure, clean and pure people who live in their own special world called nobilty. Greas-sensei’s parents are a good example.
Because they stand at the top, they are a type of human who cannot see the same things as other people. Even if they are good at using people, they are not good at caring for people.
Though Mariabell is an overstatement, even as a noble, there are not many people with the type of low character she has.
In actually, most people hide it well, and they have a good distinction on what they should and should not do. Mariabell did not have that though.

So Tuvalu was surprised by my reaction to the branch family as someone from the duke family
It seems, usually nobles after being verbally abused like that would not stay silent.

If it is true, usually she should not be sympathetic towards someone who insulted her.
She would usually beat them to just beyond death. Even to the heroine who did nothing bad, she would torment and bully her unconditionally.

But the current me is not a villainess daughter, I am just simply Mariabell.

「I do not see the meaning in showing off my social position」


So far Tuvalu had been looking at me with a soft smile, but after hearing my response his expression changed.
His mouth is still smiling but his eyes are not. It is an impression that comes from my memory, but that doesn’t change it’s creepiness.
After saying that, I thought this is bad. It’s already too late, but there is no point in regretting it now.

「As a noble, and someone from the duke’s bloodline I think there are certain responsibilities. I must not forget the feeling of respect for the ancestors whose achievements brought about this position either」

I am part of the nobility right now, not because of myself, but because of the achievements of my ancestors and the successors who have protected the status so far.
One must not get lost in their own delusions.
But one must not also act as if it has nothing to do with them.

「One must not forget the responsibility and pride of living as a noble. But also, one must not use their social position as a shield and reason to look down on others」

As a person who stands at the top, do not forget about the ones below you. Do not forget that your position is higher than people. As a person standing there, do not forget the responsibilities.
Below the nobility are the commoners. Commoners are meant to be controlled. As a subordinate though, nobility should also be standing on.
But that does not mean they are disposable and should be made light of, that’s not what they are meant for.
Nobles employ commoners. And when there is something, protect them as part of their responsibility.
Using their power as a shield to protect them, and acting as an umbrella to shield them from the rain.
As a noble, that should be the case.

「At that time, Francia-sama said that my eyes are unpleasant. That is her personal impression, a difference in values. It should not be used to judge nobles as a whole」

That is not an abuse, just merely a difference in values. It is not something to break over. Just because the social status are different, doesn’t mean there is any need to respond violently.
……Though actually. My true intention is 「Do not touch that topic anymore」
Tuvalu is a childhood friend of Prince Runa, and there was a feeling that even Prince Runa himself felt that what Francia-sama did could not be helped, so it would be troublesome to think poorly of this person. So let’s stop here.



You were the one who started it, I just gave my opinion.
However, for an instant now for some reason……I felt a chill.
I stiffened at the unpleasant feeling that ran through my spine, but then that feeling suddenly disappeared.
Tuvalu’s expression is the same as when we met, the feelings are not transmitted but he is laughing.
Just now, was it only my imagination……?

「As expected, Mariabell-sama is very talented. Your way of thinking is far beyond your age」

「Ah…..no, it is just something I learned from the adults」

「But, is that not evidence that you are learning properly?」

「T-thank you very much」

Did you misunderstand……? I do not know, but I do not feel like talking back again.
Practically digging my own grave.
Although I was only nine years old, I said some difficult things and carelessly forgotten my age.

After that I tried not talking as much as possible, while answering only what was asked until the party ended.
Although I was just sitting, I was really tired……I can hardly remember the contents of the conversation.

5 thoughts on “Otome Game Rokkushuume 26”

  1. Wow… So deep but true. After all, if it weren’t for the ancestors they wouldn’t become nobles. Their ancestors were originally commoners who struggled to rise to the top. To become a noble, you have to own land for your territory, have great leadership to gather people to follow you, and to have knowledge to watch over your land and solve the problems that might occur. There might be more to become a noble but anyway, all nobles are commoners who only became nobles because of their ancestors. It is the same with royals too except they might be people who are strong, their bloodline, they found the land to build a country, their ancestors fought and created a country by war, religion, their ancestors are heroes, and etc. Well anyway, that’s enough rambling from me. I should stop my rambling right now or I might keep on going. ?

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  2. If all she bothered saying was, “Commenting about my eye color is not actually harmful, end of story,” then she’d be way better off.
    Tuvalu is a psycho who thinks she’s full of shit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nop he isn’t yet,he just hate nobles and he has a reason.

      Now she showed him that even if most nobles are shit not all of them are like that.

      He will fall for her lol


  3. She has certainly piqued his interest, especially given how he views nobility. Lol, she can hope all she wants but she only succeeded in drawing his eye even more.


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