Otome Game Rokkushuume 27

Chapter 27: After the fear I am overjoyed

A few months after the mentally exhausting birthday party of Prince Runa.
I was worried about the involvement with Tuvalu and Prince Runa, but the situation has not changed in particular. Just that when a bouquet of roses were sent to me under Tuvalu’s name, I felt shuddered, apparently it seems to be for the case of Francia-sama.
It was strange that it was not from Prince Runa, but it would actually be even more troublesome it was from him. When I think about it, perhaps it is better that it was from Tuvalu of the Marquis family.
Regardless of the giver, the roses are beautiful, and I left them to Keito’s father who placed them inside a beautiful vase.
Let’s place it in my room……but I then thought of the other party and was scared, so I decided to place it in the Rose Garden which I frequented a lot.

「……That’s a large amount」

「Oji-san counted ninety in total」

「Aren’t there usually a hundred?」

I thought about it, but roses have a meaning depending on the number sent, a hundred would be a problem. I do not know if Tuvalu knows it……but it would seem to me that he does.
A neutral and beautiful face, it seems that roses and flowers would match.

「But even so it is good, aren’t you overjoyed to receive such a thing?」

「……Do not remind me」

Keito’s words made me recall a fearful experience that I did not want to remember. Once remembered it will not disappear from the head.

「Okay Keito, say something funny」

「How unreasonable」

「If Keito had not reminded me」

「I did not know」

I heard an exasperated sigh as if he was tired.
I did no actually expect Keito to say anything funny……but at least say something comforting. I am sad that my childhood friend is so cold.


As I lowered my shoulders dejectedly, I heard a second sigh. Before I could respond to it, I felt a sensation on my head as my hair was ruffled.


「Good work, you did your best」

*washawashawasha (EDN: Japanese sfx for essentially ruffling one’s head)

The hair was stroked as if he were stroking a dog, and my hair was ruffled vigorously.
The tone is blunt, the behavior is sudden and too rough, it is a failing mark for how to cheer up a girl.
Though it is high score for a reliable childhood friend. Even more because he does not usually cheer me up at all.

「……Keito, you’ve grown up」

「Shut up」


Just when I was thinking that it was deeply impressive and nodded, I was struck on my head. I am against violence.

「Alright, you will do it today!」

It’s rare that the volume of Keito’s voice is louder than usual, but I saw it.
Through the gap of Keito’s hair his ears were red.



「Nothing at all, Okay! I will show you a success today!」

He would get angry if I pursue it so I changed the topic.
I took a deep breath and held the crystal ball I brought with both hands. I feel I will be able to do it today! There is no ground though!

As usual, when I put power on both hands quickly, the crystal ball starts to glow.
The light which flowed from the center gradually became larger and in my hand the crystal ball began shaking little by little.
Oh, is this……perhaps I can do it?


This is a much bigger response than ever.
My fingers had turn white from all the power I put in my hand, I thought.

Come, I………! am already nine years old, and I want to learn how to use magical techniques already!

To do well in school, after learning practical skills to prepare for middle school.
To do that, this is essential.

「───!? 」


Suddenly the crystal ball grew hot.
I suddenly let go of the crystal ball without thinking.
The crystal ball drop to the floor with a loud sound, but does not break and even trembles with light.
Keito came over to me worriedly, but I could not take my eyes off the scene.

This sight resembles that time.
That one day where Greas-sensei’s attribute was discovered.

「Keito watch ou-……」


Watch out, I intended to say so.
I couldn’t finish it, but I think it was transmitted properly. The expression of Keito changed to my voice, but…
the action taken by Keito was the opposite of what I intended.
I wanted you to stay away from the danger, but Keito pulled me into his arms and I was turned away from the light.
Like that time with Greas-sensei.


「Be quiet」

Keito pushes my face against his chest. The blue of Keito’s clothes filled my sight.
But I understood. The feeling of the magical power increasing, the light is getting stronger.
Just like that time.
The difference is that my five senses are functioning normally, unlike that time when I lost consciousness.

So feel it, the size of the bulging energy.
Like a balloon, it bursts when it reaches its limit.


It’s no use, it’s the limit.
I felt it so intuitively, that I buried my face into Keito while he pressed against me.

Two people hugging each other tightly, waiting for the shock……..though.


Nothing happened.
The bulging magical power keeps decreasing while maintaining the concentration, and it seems to be nowhere near the offensive power like a moment ago.
Keito also noticed, gradually loosening his grip, in the end he took his hands off my back and head.

「Maria, a little while ago……」


What just happened, we looked at each other with the same question on our face. For a while we were both still, but even if we stay here, we will not solve it.
Holding hands, we slowly stood up.
Walking lightly without making any sounds like a shinobi, we approached the crystal ball which caused the trouble.

But there was not a crystal ball.



The place where the crystal ball fell, a dark blue color stick with a piece of the crystal ball.
In other words, a magic wand.

「I did it……I did it! This is a success, right!?」

「Un, congratulations, Maria」

「Thank you, Keito!」

In a moment all the hardship of about a year finally came into fruit.
I can start practicing with this!

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      1. Individually, the ships are unsound and leaky. Doomed to sink.
        Lashed together, they can weather any storm.
        You know what must be. Harem ship is only ship.

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  1. Awww, so cute! I love Keito. He seems so cold to her but he obviously cares about her a lot. Also, magic wand!

    Thank you for translating!


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