Otome Game Rokkushuume 28

Chapter 28: I did not expect any turbulence

The practical lesson that I finally started was a lot of fun.
Originally to begin with normal studies is already dull, but it is fun to learn things you do not know. It makes me realize that in a real fantasy world subjects other than magic are just unnecessary.
I begin with making flowers bloom from the tip of the wand, to releasing light, moving light objects, the feeling is more closer of thinking of ways of using the wand rather than just simply casting a spell on something, it was the first time I did anything by myself and it was fun.
When I was in Mariabell, I could only watch, besides Maríabell seemed to have not been very interested in magic, and her amount of knowledge was small.
I am still not off the beginner’s mark so it cannot be helped but it is at least fun for me, but what was Mariabell doing? ……Ah, she was preoccupied with harassing the heroine. Go study.

Magic is very interesting, so far my sole relationship with the capture targets is only Greas-sensei. I have not met with Tuvalu or Prince Runa since that day.
I regained my peaceful days. The fear experience was like a lie, I have completely forgotten it.

They say that disaster comes when you forget it.

× × × ×

It was on lunch one day.

「……Father, could you please repeat what you said?」

「Mariabell, I cannot believe it this is already the fourth time」

「Once again thank you」

Four times? What is that, this is the sixth time in my life, I will ask however many times until I am satisfied.
Because, it is impossible. Why such a rapid development? Where was the flag? If not then stop joking around.

「This is the last time……Mariabell, you seemed to have been nominated as a fiancee for Prince Runa」


Wait, what, why, and how does such a thing happen? I did not even talk to Prince Runa since that time.
More than anything, there was never such a development in the game.
Originally we recognize each other properly since I started going to the same school……no certainly there have been many flows outside the game, like the encounter with Greas-sensei. But Greas-sensei eventually went to school properly……!

「But why so suddenly……we have not started looking for a fiance for Maria-chan yet? Even so to go out of their way to nominate her for the prince」

「Ah, I am also surprised. It is usually suppose to be someone close to the royal family even though consultation is not needed」

It seemed that both my father and mother were surprised at the sudden circumstances. The usual sweet mother aside, even the usually calm father cannot grasp the intention today and seems to be puzzled.
Me? I am already in a state where the thought has frozen over in a single lap.

It is still in the candidate stage, it seems that there are several other besides Mariabell……but it is said that Mariabell is to be brought at least once」

What will you do? Father asks with a gaze.

Whatever I am told, is there even a right to veto? The other party is not another noble it’s the royal family, furthermore I was even nominated.
Though the reason this time is entirely different from the letter of invitation to me for the birthday party.

「……It is better to just go, isn’t it?」

I do not want to go, but I also think that this is the fate of aristocracy.
What to do I am too calm and normal right now. It is probably the pattern of returning to sanity after fainting in agony.
I grasp my skirt and look down. I hate it, but the feeling is to give up because there is no choice.
Even if I despise it, there is no choice but to go……my stomach was in knots.

「You do not have to push yourself if you do not want to go」


「There are other candidates, even if they do not have Mariabell, it will not hurt」

That being said, father laughed gently.
Socially, I can understand that it is not a good idea to refuse. If it was another noble it would be different but the other party is royalty, it is also an important matter regarding the Prince’s engagement.
I do not think I can refuse. The stance is different if both sides can do anything, but if royalty asks you to do so, the nobles who are the “subordinate” cannot refuse so.
Especially the Tempest house whose relation with the royal family runs as deep as their history, it cannot be turn down so easily.

「……I will go」

「If you do not like it, you can refuse it?」

「No, I will go. I will go and talk to them to have me removed from the list of candidates」

Un, that’s good. The flag of refusing a fiance candidate will be even more terrifying if I wait until after entering school.
If that is the case it would be better to go and refuse it early.
It’s alright this is not desperation, just positive thinking. Hmm, was that Japanese?

「……I understand, I will inform you of the date as soon as it’s fixed. But if you really hate it you can still say it before then alright?」


When is it……I would like to ask if I can do it before my energy fades away.
Ah, the knots in my stomach are increasing even further….…

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  1. Hopefully she can nip that one right in the bud! One can hope…her father is so sweet though. I swear, how has she not ended up with ulcers yet?


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