Otome Game Rokkushuume 29

Chapter 29: Yandere Schemer

In the end the day arrived a week after the shocking notice.
Both my father and mother came with me, but eventually they were stopped halfway and now I am walking alone with a guide down a long corridor.

I had also thought so at the birthday party, but now that I was walking through the corridor like this I was keenly aware of this castle’s splendor. Although I am not dishearten by the vast difference between the royal castle and my house, it certainly does make one restless.

When trying to refrain from any unbecoming behavior, I arrived in front of one room.
The distance from other rooms is too much so I cannot imagine what is inside this room. Thought it is certainly terribly wide.

「I have brought Mariabell Tempest-sama」


After obtaining permission from the person inside, the guide said「Please go ahead」before leaving.
No I would not like to go ahead.

Eh, just me alone? With the prince as the opponent? I was most certainly not told about this.

I absolutely hate this and I am very tense but…….I cannot just keep standing here like this.
Making up my mind, I open the door in front of me.

「It has been a while, Prince Runa」

As soon as I entered the room and confirmed it was the prince I held the hem of my skirt and bowed. First strike initiative! ……Though something felt a bit different.
It’s been a while since our encounter. But it’s not our first meeting.
When I raise my head, the prince himself was seated in the middle of the large reception room.

A ten year old ikemen with a beautiful perfection not doing anything but just sitting on the sofa and staring at me.

Please say something, the silence is scary.

「……Sit down」

「Excuse me」

A silent order. As expected of a prince, definitely dignified. But I cannot afford to get irritated from the tension.
Following the prince’s words, I sat down in front of him. The feeling of tension is completely different than when with Keito, though that is needless to say.
Aah my stomach hurts…..because I didn’t have an appetite I have not eaten breakfast yet.

「Since the birthday party」

「That is correct」



Conversation, not continued……!
But I cannot think of anything to talk about. Because it’s only been the second time, there is not really any good conversation topic from our first meeting.

Or actually, now that I am near him he really does have a beautiful face.

Sparkling silver hair with sapphire blue eyes, the face itself gives off a gentle and soft impression. Even as a person with the right to succeed the throne of a country, for a shoujo manga or otome game the appearance is still a masterpiece, he is essentially the classic example of a prince.

I cannot guarantee the personality though. I don’t know about the player controlling the heroine but for me who is confronted with the ultimate choice of ruin or death, I see it as nothing more than appearance and family social standing.

Even if he is attractive for the majority, he is just a terror subject for me.

「I was surprised by the sudden situation」

「That is right, there was no fla-…..previous sign at all」

That was a close one, I almost said flag.

「Ah, I was not informed of anything at the time of my birthday party too, I dare say the talk practically emerged by itself」

Eh, is that so? I was wondering if the talk had long been in place……and whether our meeting at the party ended up further advancing the talks.
But from the reaction of the prince, apparently the prediction seems to be off.

「Ano……then why? Nothing particular changed or happened after that party……」

We met. Yes, there were various troublesome things. But I think that should not result in me becoming a fiancée candidate for the prince.

I have not heard anything about Francia-sama being punished, my father and mother did not ask anything either. I cannot deny the possibility of hidden factors……but it could not have been confirmed without acknowledgment from my party.

In other words, that one incident was not conveyed to the king. But why would the King go out of his way to nominate me, there is no reason for the prince himself to choose me.

Then why, it is such a troublesome thing.

「Apparently Tuvalu……who was with me at the party, he seemed to have said some things to my father」

It was him!!!!!

Are you kidding me that yandere boy, he must have a grudge against me!

「She is such a wonderful lady, he said. Originally because Miss Mariabell is already very talented and after that was said you were made a candidate, apparently that’s what happened」

「Is that so」

I am not happy, even if I was praised, in the first place I wasn’t even happy to begin with.

I am absolutely 100% sure it was done with an ulterior motive! That last cold smile he gave only makes it all the more convincing!

「Also originally my fiancee is suppose to be someone we can strengthen our ties and social position through marriage. Although the Tempest family is certainly a perfect choice, it does not matter even if we do not get married due to our existing past history」

Even though I had on a very light smile my inner heart was filled with abusive phrases against Tuvalu, my thoughts stopped momentarily from Prince Runa’s remark.
What…..I have a feeling that I heard something that is convenient for me.

「Certainly you are a candidate……though do not expect too much」

「Etto….so in other words」

「It can be said it is unlikely that you will become an official fiancee」

To Prince Runa’s straight-forward answer, I held my breath. Otherwise I might accidentally cry out in response.

Hoorayー! Much appreciated!!
And probably get into a gut pose as well.

「I-Is…..that so, understood」

Ah, my voice is trembling. Without even meaning to my mouth automatically breaks into a smile. I try to clench my hands and tighten my mind but it does not go well.

Because, even though I was going to refuse I was prepared that it might be difficult, instead a refusal came from the other side!

While the likability for Tuvalu has dropped, the impression of Prince Runa is on the rise. I will refrain from the engagement with every effort.

「It cannot be helped, our fates just were not meant to cross」


「Please do not apologize. Prince Runa has done nothing wrong, correct?」

Rather thank you.

I would like to thank you with a dogeza, but I cannot do that.

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  1. She’s going to make him think that she wanted to be his fiancee with how she looks like she swallowed something bitter but trying to not let it show.

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  2. Hahahahaha! I love how happy she is at the turn of events. And she couldn’t stop herself from smiling. Either way, resist engagement at all costs!


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