Otome Game Rokkushuume 30

Chapter 30: I want to ban outbursts of anger

After that, with the conversation over I left the room. Apparently, there seems to be other candidates coming besides me today. Because of the situation I did not realize it before, but it was basically a slotted amount of time with the prince, so like a job interview? No not a job interview but a fiancee interview?

Anyways, my purpose was achieved. Thanks to Prince Runa, not me.

Let’s share this joy with Keito when I return home. It might be good idea to make sweets with mother. But I wonder if I should let out my joy in my room first.
Imagining what to do from now, I was in a cheerful mood.

Until now.

「Mariabell-sama, it’s been a long time」

It is none other than because of this yandere schemer.

「Tuvalu-sama……why are you here?」

「I came because of my father. Today is the day Runa’s fiancee candidates come」

In other words, he came to observe Prince Runa’s fiancee candidates. He is such a loving person, wouldn’t it be nice if he ran away with Prince Runa?

「Did Mariabell-sama also come to see Runa too?」

「……Ee, just to give my greetings as a fiancee candidate」

Even though he knows he is pretending he doesn’t, he really does have a twisted personality
I heard that I ended up in this troublesome matter because you decided to mention me for nomination. Though Prince Runa ended up cleaning up your mess!

「By the way, I heard that you recommended me to the king」

「Ee, As Mariebell-sama seemed to be the perfect example of a noble, I thought it would be an appropriate match for the prince」

With a calm tone, there is no thorn in the contents either. But it would end up exploding in my hands if I received it.
I should thrust him a mirror.

A mouth twisted into a distorted smile, at first glance the eyes look soft and clear but look a little deeper and it is murky and muddy.
Apparently I seem to be deeply disliked by this guy but I cannot investigate the reason. I do not know about the past five rounds, but this time I have not done anything bad?

「You are overestimating me, I am only a girl without any power」

「Ee……you are just merely a sheltered girl」

「Eh……wai-, that hurts……」

I was about to return his provoking as nonchalantly as possible, or I was supposed to.
He was certainly smiling but the next moment that expression disappeared completely from his face.
I was surprised by the sudden coldness and lost my voice, and before I knew it I was grabbed by the wrist and forcefully driven into the wall.

Kabe-don……somehow my chest is not throbbing. Both casts are about ten years old, so the atmosphere is awkward. (Ed: Kabedon in simplest terms, “kabe” (壁) means “wall,” and “don” (ドン) is a loud noise. So, kabe-don is loosely, “hitting a wall.”)

I had closed my eyes from the shock but when I opened them Tuvalu’s eyes matched mine.

「What you said before on what nobility should be like and how nobles use commoners without looking down on them, about how that’s the right way of aristocracy」

The expression of Tuvalu is distorted. Grudge, resentment, jealousy, hatred, a sneering smile mixed with feelings.

「But that’s only  just a beautiful dream, it is just a shallow ideal of a human who knows nothing, who only ever sees the beautiful side. A suitable thing to say for a clueless stubborn brat brought up in a greenhouse……nothing more than a mere fantasy」

I do not understand the meaning of his words. I do not know what he want me to do, what Tuvalu wants to do.
One thing is definite though.

「I want to force reality upon you, Mariabell-sama」

Apparently it seems that this guy wants me to get hurt.

I understood the cause behind Tuvalu’s words. It seems that the contents I talked about at the birthday party incurred his wrath. (Ed: This use to be “It seems that the contents I talked about at the birthday party triggered him” just thought I should mention that)

Because I was in a position protected as the daughter of the duke, he did not like that I talked about an ideal as if I knew everything.

It’s not like I don’t understand his feelings. If a human who does not know anything starts talking as if they did to my face, it would make me angry too. If one where to touch upon an ideal without any experience, it is natural to be frowned upon rather than leave an impression. Furthermore I am still only nine years old, so it is unlikely that I have seen and experience reality.

So he tried to force reality upon me.

To me who displayed such beautiful logic, he tried to involve me in the matters of the prince’s fiancee candidates. Tried to pit what I dreamed nobles should be like to what nobles are actually like.
What Tuvalu refers to as “nobility” against  actual “nobility”.

Because I know Tuvalu’s past, I can understand that feeling.
I can understand but I cannot convince him.

So essentially he is just venting his anger out on me.

「Stop joking around」

7 thoughts on “Otome Game Rokkushuume 30”

  1. People have their own ideals and opinions. Don’t force your own ideals on to her. She was just voicing her opinion and you just got angry for no goddamn reason when she doesn’t even know what you experienced. My favoritism for him is now -40. ?


  2. they have the same age right? then there is not much different in strength …..why she act like a weak woman against strong man ,when that crazy boy only have 9 years old


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