Otome Game Rokkushuume 31

Chapter 31: If you want to act sick do it alone please

The aim is the toe, the little toe at the farthest is the best.


After a couple of exercises in the brain, I stepped on Tuvalu’s toes with no hesitation.
It was light but since it was a heel it was good enough. Although a pin heel would’ve been more ideal, a nine year old cannot wear it. Instead of applying the whole weight I think just a sharp pain is about right.

Tuvalu staggered a few steps back after the impact standing on one foot with his other foot raised. It seems like I got the ideal damage so I am happy.
With the body that was cornering me having separated, I stepped forward one step front this time so that I cornered Tuvalu.



I put up my arms and dropped the honorific title to his name while Tuvalu glares back at me undaunted.
Un, the horrible expression still suits you. I saw it over and over, on your route. In my heart I was always scared.

Mariabell seems to have not noticed though, so maybe Mariabell is duller than the heroine in a sense.
Such dullness seems to have disappeared or was I becoming stronger? Perhaps the latter, now I am not scared at all.
Because I am angry.

I just want to live peacefully as much as possible, it’s not like I particularly have a philanthropic spirit like a saint or anything.

「I know what kind of feelings you have towards nobles」

「Ha? Wha──」

「Listen to the end and do not interrupt」

Didn’t you do something like this just a while ago? Next is my turn, do not interrupt.

「You dislike nobles and the reasons for it I understand to some extent……however, I honestly do not care nor am I interested」

I think I feel sorry; Marquis Miranda’s treatment is indeed the lowest and I believe that divine retribution will fall upon that unorthodox Marquis one day.
But is that related to me? No, right?
In that case then why should I have to accept your outburst of anger. Compassion and tolerance are not equal; don’t mess with me.

「What do you know…..!」

「Right back at you idiot」

Ah, my true thoughts……well it’s fine.

「What do you know of me, I wonder?」

The daughter of the duke, idealist dreaming of nobility.
Tuvalu’s mind has those thoughts about me. Not only Tuvalu, I think father and mother’s thoughts are not that different either.
The Duke’s daughter, Mariabell Tempest.

From my perspective there are many places that are not normal but there are also many places that are normal.
A princess sleeping in happiness while being protected by the cocoon called the duke.

That is my container, shell, and from one side it is also a fact.

「You do not know anything, that’s why my words seem like mere idealistic remarks indulged in my dreams that do not see the reality」

I thought about all those times I restarted over.
I thought about all those lifes I had to experience without happiness repeatedly.
Even though I did not do anything, I also could not do anything, I thought about all those times I was abused by “you guys”.

「To see everything from one side and act as if you know everything, to be bent on running recklessly until finally venting out your anger」

The fear of the moment when I woke up for the first time.
The fear of noticing that there is no end.
The fear of knowing that there is no happiness on the other side.

「It is somewhat unsightly to a certain extent」

It is the respected truth that built me up.

「How you will accept my words is up to you, If you want to think that it’s just mere hypocrisy, that’s alright」

My thoughts that were cultivated through the many cycles.
If you do not receive it, that is still fine.

「It is easy to turn a blind eye towards matters. If you wish you can say anything you want regarding me, but……please do that without me alright?」

Whatever Tuvalu will be, I am not interested in the least. Whether he clings to or is dumped by the heroine, it does not concern me.
So please do not try and involve me.

After dropping that line, I abandoned Tuvalu on the spot and left.

I joined my father and my mother and came home as if nothing had happened. I did not report the conversation with Prince Runa.

The interaction with Tuvalu……there is no reason to report it.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    It was awesome seeing her stand up for herself and not putting up with his outburst and anger.


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