Otome Game Rokkushuume 34

Chapter 34: Impossible Difficulty

Even though I said I would come to the Juliano house to meet Niel……..but to be honest I don’t know what to do.
At that time I didn’t want mother to hear any unnecessary things so I automatically accepted, and most likely Rave-san and Iria-san are just overestimating me.
I have no idea how to improve his withdrawal state.

「Eーtto……about me」

「I heard from Rave-oniisama」

「Is that so……」

The conversation doesn’t continue. To begin with I’m not really good with people…….or rather it’s because of the people I get entangled up with. Such as Francia-sama or a certain yandere.

Why I wonder……is it because of my face? It’s true that facial expressions are getting tighter year after year, but since I am only 10 years old it should still be acceptable.

「I’m sorry……」


I’m sorry, I forgot you even existed for a while. He doesn’t really have much presence…….or I guess it’s actually because I was thinking about something else.
Hmm? I wonder why he apologized just now.

「B-Because of me……you had to go..out of your way..to come here」

「Please don’t mind it, because I accepted the request myself」

His voice kept on changing around due to fear, or is it just how he regularly is? If possible the latter would be better otherwise that would be troubling in it’s own right.

Hmm……should I change his way of speaking first?

I was asked by Rave-san to handle two issues.
One is improve his withdrawal state so he can participate in the higher society.
The other is to get him accustomed to conversing with others.

I thought that if I somehow managed to do the second one the first one would just naturally follow, or that’s what I thought but……first of all the second one was already extremely difficult.

「That’s right……first of all, Niel-sama do you not like going outside?」

「Eh……? …..ah, um…..t-that sort of thing」

「Please tell me your honest feelings」

「T-To be honest I don’t dislike it……but……I feel the most comfortable……inside my room」

If he didn’t like going outside I was thinking of searching for a way to allow him to overcome it inconspicuously, but there is still room for improvement if that wasn’t so.

His voice is small, he kept changing the way he talks but it can’t be helped so I will just have to get use to it, and he kept moving his head around while his eyes kept jumping around from place to place.
Along with his suspicious behavior and his face being hidden underneath his hair and glasses, he could easily be mistaken for a suspicious person.

「Niel-sama, if you are unable to look directly into the other party’s eyes you should at least look at their nose」


「From a while ago till now haven’t you been trying to look me in the eyes? But since you couldn’t do it for a long time you kept looking away」

I can’t tell for sure because I can’t see Niel’s eyes, but I think there were many times when he had tried to.
He had tried to look into my eyes, endure it, but was unable to bear it and kept looking away. That’s why his head kept moving around and it looked like suspicious behavior.

It’s true it’s better to look directly into one’s eyes when speaking with them but there are just some people who aren’t good at it. Because the eyes can also say as much as the mouth, it can make one feel like their mind is being read.

「If you look at the other party’s nose, it will seem like you are looking at their eyes」

Well with Niel’s case since his bangs and glasses covered his eyes you can’t actually tell where he is looking at.

「I-Is that so…..」

「Because it looks suspicious if you move your head around too much」


Even if he has a conversation in high society now it should at least appear polite for now. Only in appearance though. I can’t guarantee anything more than that.

Even then……how far should I take this?

To be honest, I know how to change him. Because I’ve experienced his route after all.
Cut the bangs, remove the glasses, and then lavish him with praises afterwards.

I might have summarized it a bit too much but the behavior of the heroine on his route is like this. Although from the surface Niel looked really easy to handle, the heroine must have tried so hard……or at least that’s what I thought.

But is it really fine for me to do this?

Because it’s the heroine’s job to make Niel confident…….more importantly I should actually be a person who doesn’t know anything about his family matters.

Interfering in this poorly might bring the opposite effect and may actually corner Niel more.

But I don’t want to be called over again. Also I don’t know how it would be taken by Count Juliano if he were to find out.

What should I do……..

18 thoughts on “Otome Game Rokkushuume 34”

  1. Mariabell ganbatte just don’t follow bakarina path.

    Thank you. All your series is really entertaining. Thank you for the update.


    1. Don’t worry Mariabell not dense like Bakarina. Even she almost going to Bakarina path, Keito will correct her…. Maybe?


  2. Thanks for chapter.
    Don’t worry Mariabell, it your fate to conquer him. Just don’t make him a yandere and you can friendzoned him.


  3. Thank you for the chapter! He seems to much of a wimp… But I really, really hate it when the MC says “Isn’t this the heroine’s job”. Otome and Gal game capture targets are, 99.99% of the time are messed up. Really, I pity ALL of them.


  4. Loved it can’t wait for more chapters after all this novel is so fun.please continue and thanks for your hard work


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