Otome Game Rokkushuume 35

Chapter 35: I wonder if I can have one friend

Eventually a good plan for that day came unexpectedly. In the next five days, it seems Count Juliano will be traveling to other countries for business matters. That man is not really respected by his sons…..though it is self-wrought.

But more important than that, I have something I need to think about.

If I were to say it there is nothing I can do.
No, there is something I can do but it’s not a route I can take.

I know his family environment due to the knowledge from the past five rounds, though currently I should be a human who knows absolutely nothing about Niel.

I know how to change him, but then I must also address the problems surrounding the Juliano House.
If I do it in the present state and try to change Niel he would surely doubt me and in the future his distrust for me will only grow.
That is a problem. I dislike prolonging things.

「Have Niel go outside and get him use to conversing with other people……」

I thought of various methods but in the end practicing is the only way. Even with the knowledge sitting down and writing in my notebook doesn’t bring any other method.

「U ̄ n……」

「What are you worrying about?」

「Eh……Keito! What are you doing here?」

As I sat on the sofa in my room worrying I then heard a voice and before I realized Keito was behind me.
This is my room though! And when did he come in!

「Delia-sama was showing me around, I knocked, but there was no reply」

「Uu…….I didn’t notice」

「I thought so, you met the youngest of Count Juliano today didn’t you? I thought you might be agonizing over it」

As expected of a childhood friend, he understands me well.

「Judging from your looks is it perhaps worse than I thought?」

「Rather than bad……it’s just I don’t know what to do」

It would be ideal if I don’t mention Neil’s family environment and could still at least teach him how to converse with people.
Such a method, if it could only be so easy.

「……That’s it」


「I thought of something」

A way for Niel to learn how to converse with people or at the very least get him accustomed to people.
Of course, I will not mention the matter regarding the Juliano House.

Yes, with this I can do it!

「Keito, will you cooperate a little?」

「I am fine with it but what are you going to do?」

「It’s simple, I should just become friends with Niel」

× × × ×

Five days later, I called Niel to the Tempest house.
I thought that he would be a bit reluctant but surprisingly he simply accepted.

In the end Niel doesn’t want to leave his room or go outside of his house, or to the party venue……in other words where his family is at.
Sorry Niel, but that is not something I can solve.
It’s a problem that only the heroine or his family can solve


「Niel-sama, please become friends with me」


Upon hearing my words, Niel was surprised and opened his eyes wide.
Yes, it’s quite surprising. I am even surprised at myself for saying so.
I never thought the day would come where I would declare friendship with a capture target that I’ve been trying to avoid all this time…..I daresay I have become rather bold.

Perhaps it was because out of all the capture targets Niel can be said to be the least harmful. If it was Tuvalu even if heaven and earth were to be destroyed I still wouldn’t say it.

「It’s the fastest way to get use to talking with other people, it might be a bit sudden to ask to be friends but I thought this would also make Niel-sama feel more at ease」

Plus if I become friends with him now it might also be better off for me in the future. I thought it could be something similar as the time with Greas-sensei.

「That’s why, let’s go!」


He seems unable to keep up with the current situation but I don’t care. Because momentum is important with such things!
I pulled Niel’s hand and headed towards the rose garden that I am usually always at.
The courtyard or something would’ve also been fine but……if too many people come around Niel might not be able to do it. Almost nobody comes to the rose garden, even if someone does come it usually is mother.

「Keitoー, you thereー?」

「I’m here, it was Maria who said to come here and prepare first」

「That’s why I asked to see if you were ready」

「Can’t you just say that then?」

When I entered the rose garden, there was the usual round table set I use along with teas and sweets for three. There are usually only two chairs but since I ordered an additional chair in advance there are now three chairs.

「A-Ano I……」

Niel was clearly confused when the number of people suddenly increased.
He looked towards Keito, then at me, then looked down. He repeated it many times, it seems he was trying to think of what to say. He probably already thought of what to say but I guess he just doesn’t know how to say it.

「My name is Keito, I am Maria’s childhood friend……Niel is it? I am two years older than you」

「Ah, etto……I am Niel Juliano, Juliano’s house…….youngest..child」

「Hm, understood, you don’t have to be so formal. I am a commoner so like Maria you shouldn’t worry about it.


It seems he calmed down a little due to Keito’s lax atmosphere, it was as if a relaxing aura could be seen flowing forth from his body.
Just like I thought, calling Keito along was the right move.

With just me alone it would have been too uptight due to my social position.
Above all with Keito here it’s also more relaxing for me. With just nobles here the entire time we would only be able to think about mining our manners, but with Keito here he can act as a sort of buffer to that.
Well I guess Keito’s character itself can also be said to be very my-pace.

「Well then, both of you sit down otherwise the tea I went for the trouble of preparing will cool down」

Anyhow, we have broken through the first barrier……I think.

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  2. I like her attitude, she just mucks through it as best she can, eventually hopefully it will just be a natural thing for her to evade harm from incoming threats.

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