Otome Game Rokkushuume 36

Chapter 36: Cute is justice

At the beginning of the “tea party” the atmosphere around Niel was tense, though I think gradually with each word the atmosphere around him softened as he became more accustomed.
Or rather it seems he was just surprised by the interactions between Keito and me or at least that’s the feeling I get.

「Maria, it’s going to spill」


「Here, aah, don’t wipe it with those hands」

It seems that there was cream on the edge of my mouth from when I was indulging myself with cream puffs. Keito tells me to wipe my own mouth but before I could wipe the cream Keito wiped it away with his finger.
I looked at my two hands after hearing Keito’s words, they were covered in powder and white cream.
Yes, thank you Keito.

「Niel would you like a refill?」

「Ah, no, I can do it myself……」

「There is a lot so you don’t have to hold back」

「T……thank you very much」

「Hm, you’re welcome」

…… Somehow, this is a good trend?

I am rather impressed with Keito’s my-pace attitude, at least he can now properly talk unlike before.
More than anything I can properly see his eyes……and when I look at them.
He is not moving his head around and I don’t see any suspicious behavior!

「Maria, if you space out it’ll spill out again」

「Eh? Ah, yes!」

I was to preoccupied with observing the two that I tilted the cup too much when I brought it to my mouth……that was close too close.



「The two of you, have……you known each other..for a long time?」

Because he was mumbling I thought he had something he wanted to say, but instead it was an unexpected question. Well originally his way of speaking is confusing to begin with.
Me and Keito unintentionally gave a blank look for a moment.

「Hmm…….since I was four, so about six years」

「I guess you could say it’s been long」

It’s not so in terms of years but it’s long considering our age. That’s right, I’ve spent half of my life with Keito.
When I think about it I feel rather indebted to Keito. Including this time.

「Six years, is that right……」

「Why did you ask?」

「The two of you seem very close……just like I thought you’ve known each for a long time」

He gradually lowered his head with each word. Is he…….depressed? His default personality is depressed to begin with so I am at a loss.

「Hmm……so what about it?」


「We’ve been like this since we first met」

Yes, that’s right. In our six years of being childhood friends it doesn’t really feel like our intimacy has increased but rather our time as friends. Of course the feeling of trust is much stronger now.
Or rather his attitude towards me is different now.

「Originally Keito had no respect towards me so my spirit was damaged」

He called such a hard-working kitten like me creepy, what a foul mouthed fellow. Though I was the one who revealed myself before that.

「I-Is that so…..」

「That’s why you don’t have to worry about it too much」

「That’s my line」

But it’s certainly right.

「It’s true becoming friends made us more closer, but it’s also true that we became more closer because we wanted to be friends」

When I look at Keito and me along with our six year history it’s even hard for me to believe it. Certainly our relationship was built from the past six years but Niel is a different story.

「That’s why don’t mind it too much, first let’s just start with what Niel wants and go with that. If you get angry or become sad or do something and apologize that is fine, if it turns out we aren’t compatible and you want to leave that is also fine」

……Why am I doing something like giving advice for making friends?

Aren’t I deviating away from my original purpose?
It’s true that I was planning to become friends with Niel, but somehow is it just my imagination that the reason changed……yes, it’s just my imagination.

Besides there is no other idea.

「For the time being please call me Maria」


「Give it up Niel, once Maria decides on something she will not let up」

Let’s first start with the appearance. If you change the way you call someone it will appear you are more intimate, it’s a very important matter!


「Not quite, the sama is not necessary」

「No, no, that is……」

「I call you Niel though right?」


He seems to be completely troubled.
Even so I will not concede.
I stared unwavering at him as if we were two people engaged in a staring contest. The one who laughs first loses, the one who breaks away first loses.
The results were decided in a few seconds.

Of course, I am the winner.


Niel’s face turned bright red as he shyly called my name in a small voice.
What should I do……it’s super cute.

Originally his character classification is under the cute category. I know because I know what his really face looks like underneath the hair and glasses.
More than anything else after that Tuvalu. My depraved heart heals after seeing Niel’s cuteness. On the contrary the negative points of Tuvalu are doubling but he brought that upon himself.

Now that I think about it, I am almost never involved with anyone younger than me…….all the other capture targets that I’ve met so far are older than me, even Keito who is next to me is also older.

The more I think about it the cuter he becomes……and at the same time, a little desire arises.

「Niel……would you please call me onee-chan?」

「Stop now idiot」

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