Otome Game Rokkushuume 37

Chapter 37: Just When I Forget it Comes Back

The first tea party is a success.
Niel is still socially withdrawn, but at least he received some practice with talking to people.
I failed to get him to call me onee-chan……but it will definitely come true someday.

Because Count Juiliano returned the second meeting was delayed, but thanks to Rave-san coming up with excuses our tea parties managed to continue.
After two or three more times his visits ended up becoming customary, and today was once again the day where Niel regularly visits our house.

And today, counting from the one we had two weeks ago will mark the fourteenth tea party.

「We prepared macaroons today」

「Yesterday Maria suddenly said she wanted to eat them」

「So Maria-chan..likes macaroons 」

Fufu, Niel gave a light laugh compared to before his way of speech is a lot more smoother now. He sometimes will still get stuck but there is no weird pauses now.

It has already been more than half a year since I first met Niel and we have been holding tea parties at a pace of twice a month since.
Should I rejoice in the fact that he has improved so much in half a year or should I be saddened that he has only improved to this extent after half a year?

He still stays holed up in his room but at least he now comes out to attend the tea parties. Rave-san gave his thanks to me. With such vigor too, I was actually a bit scared.

「By the way, is it true that Maria-chan will not participate in the party hosted by Marquis Milanda?」


I thought I would spit out…….but I resisted it. The sudden Milanda remark shocked me.
It’s already been a long time since I last met Tuvalu, I haven’t seen him at all since then. I don’t want to see him though. We almost ran into each again at a party but I stuck close to my father and passed by him.

However, during this period an invitation arrived regarding the party Marquis Milanda was hosting.

I ended up screaming.

I seriously thought it was a curse letter.
I absolutely will not go, I couldn’t say that as I was already obligated by the duty of nobles.

So I politely declined it.

But why does Niel know that!?

「I met the son of Marquis Milanda at another party……he said it was such a shame that Maria-chan couldn’t come」

Lies! It’s a lie Niel! That schemer fooled Niel.

「I only decided to participate because…….I thought I would be able to go with Maria-chan」


Niel’s brows lowered and he had a regretful expression on his face so I quickly apologized, but Niel then hastily said「Please do not mind」and gave a laugh.

Yes, I’m really sorry. But even so no matter how much the cute Niel begged me I still will definitely not let up.
Meeting with that evil schemer is no joke.

When I think about how we had fought I don’t know what he will do to me. I don’t have a masochistic hobby of going to see my own fear subject.
Keito also said nothing because he already heard an earful from me regarding that subject.

「But I have never been to a party of a Marquis before……」

Niel even skipped out on the royal family’s birthday party so obviously he didn’t respond to invitations from other nobles. It wasn’t until recently that he finally started participating in parties and started to rehabilitate due to the small scale parties.

……But to even participate in a large scale party like the Marquis household’s. Although I am pleased with his growth, out of all people he had to choose Marquis Milanda.

It’s a rather complex feeling.

「The scale may be bigger but the manners are the same, so don’t be afraid and go as usual」

「Yes, thank you very much」

「But just one thing」


「……Be careful of the schemer」

You must not let your guard down, ever. Because he is even more terrifying than horror itself.


I just give an ambiguous smile to the speechless Niel.
I am not going to name anyone but still do be careful.

Then as we were discussing the date for our next tea party, Niel told me with a smile that he had become close with Tuvalu. Every time Niel praised Tuvalu my evaluation of Tuvalu dropped even further lower.

If he drags Niel into the darkness with him I will absolutely never forgive him.

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    1. Actually, better yet, change your mind about going, so you can protect Niel. I’m surprised she didn’t immediately consider that, with so many more years of scheming experience than Tuvalu.

      I keep wondering though, why ‘Tuvalu’? What did some innocent little Polynesian realm do to deserve having an evil schemer named after it?

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  1. Niel probably spill the bean about his relation with Maria, so the yandere try to rope him in as a way to get to Maria. I can already smell his scheme of intruding the party with Niel as surprise visit.

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  2. Thank you for the new chapter!
    I agree, why would she wants to meet someone horrible like him? Just avoid him like the plague, hahaha~ Well, even if Niel’s really cute, he needs to learn the puppy eye technique first to make her come~


  3. Thank you off the chapter! Maria… Just tell Niel directly about how terrible Tuvalu is. Stuff like that is meant to be told before the Peron starts praising the ass.


  4. Thanks for the chapter!!
    Awwww Niel has come really far! But– What is this?! The schemer has come back!!!! Lolol Maria just can’t get away. Mah, well, that’s what happens when you catch the interest of a yandere.


  5. All Neil needs to do is go puppy dog eyes and call her Onee chan, she will pounce on him and feel protective, she wont let him be alone with that Schemer sama.


  6. “You must not let your guard down, ever. Because he is even more terrifying than horror itself.” Seriously, her thoughts about Tuvalu are the freaking best!

    She really ought to go to protect that adorable Niel. He’s so clueless.


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