Otome Game Rokkushuume 38

Chapter 38: Countdown

It all started with Greas-sensei, then I became involved with Runa, Tuvalu, and finally Niel. Runa is still within the safe zone but the other three……especially Tuvalu the relationship is rather uneasy.

It’s different from a simple quarrel, instead there is a bad feeling of all sorts. I am not sorry about it but I do regret it.
Even so, the reason why I was somewhat saved was because the relation with them was only a temporary thing that remained within “social gatherings”.
After enduring a few hours, the relation could then be avoid any number of times.

But even that will come to an end someday.

Before I realized it was already near the middle school entrance ceremony…….half a year later.

× × × ×

「What should I do?」

I was crushed by the reality after seeing the calendar.

Because……it’s already been half a year? Half a year passed so quickly, from now on it would be six years of cohabitation​ won’t it? Keito won’t be there, and Niel is a year later, so it will be a triple-handicap against the fellow capture target classmates!

Because the Tempest House is far from the academy, I decided to live in the dorms. Yes, I was prepared since I had prior knowledge, I already experienced five rounds.
But before I was fine with it since it wasn’t actually “Me” but now since it’s my first time my heart is beating rapidly.

Of course, it’s not from excitement but rather anxiety.

「……For now, I suppose I should just get ready」

I should hurry up and prepare for the start of a new life.
Though since I am already prepared there is actually no need to hurry.

I don’t need to worry about the school supplies since all of it will be sent over and everything else will also be prepared by ourselves. Including moving into the dormitory. If it was an ordinary school, I would have gone to school for measurements of uniforms……but nobles are out of the ordinary in various ways.

「Maria-chan, the tailor has arrived」

「Ah yes! I am coming!」

Rather than coming, they came instead. Although I was surprised when I first heard that it would be custom-made, but because a tailor had come that time to make the dress too I ended up accepting it.
Well, normally one wouldn’t think that the same would apply for school uniforms.

「Sorry I made you wait」

When I arrived at the drawing room, my mother and the tailor were already preparing.
A person for measuring, a person for designing, and a person for accounting…..four people aside from my mother and me. In the meantime, a sample cloth is brought out of a file. There were also some tools which I was unfamiliar with.
I checked again just to confirm, this indeed was a measurement for a middle school uniform. Just that it became this absurd because it was a noble family.

「Well then, please excuse me」

A woman who was young enough to the point where it wouldn’t even be strange to call her onee-san wrapped me up to measure my body. I just stood there with my arms slightly spread.
Mother was talking to the person in charge of design during that time.

It’s customary to wear the uniform for Avantor Acedemy during the ceremony, afterwards it’s optional to wear if you like it. In other words, you can dress however you like.
The girl’s uniform is a white frill blouse with a dark blue corset skirt, paired with a white short cape, and an elegant navy blue ribbon.
Males are a white blazer with dark blue slacks, and a navy blue necktie.

By the way, this is the middle school uniform after going up to high school the skirt and slacks turns into a checkered pattern of navy blue and black.

However, there are few students wearing it as it is.
Even though it’s cute enough…….since customizing is allowed, people tend to modify it to their own taste.   Particularly nobles since things like『My own original』or『The only one in the whole world』are commonplace.

Usually they only change the cape and ribbon but…….I have seen a student of the high school division, aside from the standard uniform even the skirt was made from a pitch black fabric.
Truthfully I don’t particular want to make it different than the standard uniform…….but since we can change however we want.

「……Yes, it’s alright now, thank you very much」

After a few minutes the measurements are over, so the design is next.
Sitting on the sofa and looking at the many different kinds of designs that were brought in as examples, the standard uniform plus the cape and ribbon……along with cute socks and shoes.

「The skirt itself is cute and navy will match any color……so let’s make a variety of things」

Somehow my mother is more motivated than I am. It seems no matter what age it is, mothers will always like dressing up their own daughters.

「There are plenty of cardigans but it’s not a problem, change the colors and patterns…….oh, this is cute!」

「It’s a dolman sleeve」

Dolman sleeve, poncho, long cape, long cardigan. I take off one thing only to put on another as designs continued to come out one after another. My mother seemed to be even more pleased than me, adding this and that along with various other things.
Well I am a girl, so I do appreciate getting to wear all these lovely clothes.

But I do hope this will end sometime soon……..

……Ah, I forgot to think of countermeasures for after I enter middle school.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter. Is it just me but it felt short lol. Nevertheless I am sooo excited once the whole school thing started and her meeting with tuvalu again?


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